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Fox News Freedom Files, 27 September 2011

"You can always say No to a right and choose another alternative -
En rätt kan man allitd säga Nej till, och välje ett annat alternative"
(Ylva Bergstad, Swedish Psychologist and Homeschooler)

...but not in totalitarian Sweden where nearly all family and educational "rights" are in reality "state rights" - in other words, Sweden is a Communist East German-inspired Marxist Social Dictatorship: there are few individual rights of choice in practice in the "Swedish Utopia" any longer. We - our families and children - are now owned, frequently abused, and no longer served by the state. For a good overview of the Swedish scene, please see Alex Newman's two articles below:

This and other linked websites unmask the Swedish Government's international propaganda machinery and reveals the many deprivations innocent homeschoolers are having to suffer including state theft of family wealth (crippling fines) in the name of an illegal educational law, imprisonment, exile abroad (half the homeschooling community has fled Sweden), and the kidnapping of their children for exercising a fundamental human right and liberty - see the Domenic Johansson page for an unresolved example of this horrific state abuse.

Sweden is the only country in the history of Europe that has forbidden homeschooling under democratic rule - all the others have been openly communist or fascist dictatorships. Germany is the only other West European country which forbids homeschooling on the basis of an unrepealed Nazi law enacted by Hitler in 1938 to ensure state indoctrination of the most vulnerable in society.

We are demanding family and educational emacipation from state tyranny in accordance with European Union Law and the United Nation's Charter on Human Rights, and are asking you, the reader, for your support. Please link us to your websites (logo available at bottom of page), Facebook and Twitter accounts, sign petition links, and spread the word, for this is not just a Swedish issue: the forces of totalitarianism are threatening all nations!

Read My Free Book on Homeschooling for a Complete Overview!

4 Questions for Swedish Politicians on Homeschooling
4 frågor till svenska politikkare om hemundervisning

Det finns många självutnämnda experter på detta område i Sverige som i själva verket inte vet någonting alls. Kanske kan de skollagen, men de förstår inte innebörden i vad den beskriver visavi hemundervisning.

Varje "expert" som uttalar sig i frågan bör testas genom följande frågor?

1. Nämn några studier på hemundervisningens akademiska resultat som du läst. Vilka var slutsatserna?

2. Vem gjorde den omtalade jämförande studien på hemundervisade barn och skolbarn visavi social förmåga? Vilken var slutsatsen?

3. Kan du förklara de psykologiska mekanismerna bakom hemundervisade barns goda sociala utveckling?

4. Vad säger FN:s särskilde Rapportör för Rätten till Utbildning om hemundervisning.

Kan ni inte svara på detta som en politikker >> ROHUS & FreeSweden

There are many self-appointed experts in the area of homeschooling in Sweden who in reality don't know anything at all. They may know the School Law but they don't understand the contents concerning what is written about homeschooling.

Each "expert" who gives voice to this question needs to be tested on the following questions:

1. Name some studies you have read on the academic results on homeschooling. What were the conclusions?

2. Who did the comparitive studies on homeschooled children and school children vis-a-vis socialisation skills? What were the conclusions?

3. Can you explain the psychological mechanism behind the good social development of homeschooled children?

4. What does the United Nation's Rapporteur say about the Right to Education and homeschooling?

If you as a politician can't answer these, >> ROHUS & FreeSweden

A Final Word to Politicians in This Segment

"You're entitled to your own opinions
but you're not entitled to your own facts"

(Daniel Patrick Moyniham)

Make sure you properly research homeschooling
before making public pronouncements on it because
homeschoolers absolutely do know the scientific facts

We are only a "problem" to those for whom
logic is an enemy and the truth a menace


Search Net Free Sweden


Welcome to FreeSweden, a party-politically and religiously neutral, non-profit, pro-(authentic) liberal democracy and libertarian/freedom website dedicated to the cause of homeschooling and the persecuted homeschooling community of both those left in Sweden, those refugees who have fled Swedish government totalitarianism for a life abroad as social and political exiles, and those homeschooling children (such as Domenic Johansson) that have been abducted by the state and their imprisoned or otherwise devastated parents.

We are demanding educational emancipation equivalent to that enjoyed by the United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Finland and France, an end to persecution of homeschoolers, cancellation of state-imposed fines on homeschooling parents, and liberty for any and all arrested parents and state-kidnapped children.

"The objective of getting all school-aged children to school and keeping them there till they attain the minimum defined in compulsory education is routinely used in the sector of education, but this objective does not necessarily conform to human rights requirements. In a country where all school-aged children are in school, free of charge, for the full duration of compulsory education, the right to education may be denied or violated. The core human rights standards for education include respect of freedom. The respect of parents' freedom to educate their children according to their vision of what education should be has been part of international human rights standards since their very emergence" (Katarina Tomasevski, United Nations Special Rapporteur, on Education in Europe)

Articles on this website are in English and Swedish with both an international and home Swedish audience in mind.

Scientist and homeschooler, Albert Einstein, once said shortly before his death:

    "Our situation on this earth seems strange. Everyone of us appears here involuntarily and uninvited for a short stay without knowing why. To me it is enough to wonder at the secrets."

The freedom to wonder as a homeschooled pupil, freed from the dogmatism and social engineering of the state school system of his German homeland which governments like that of Sweden seem to emulate and admire so much, led arguably to one of the greatest creative and scientific geniuses of the 20th century - a simple man with a moderate and unpretentious perspective of life, one who loved and treasured freedom dearly, which caused him to leave his German homeland, the first European country to outlaw homeschooling, in 1938, just as Sweden did in 2010. Einstein said further:

    "It is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle that the modern methods of instruction have not yet entirely strangled the holy curiosity of inquiry; for this delicate little plant, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom."

We want our children to have that same freedom too without having to become political refugees as Einstein was. That is why this website exists.

"Distance learning methods and home schooling represent valid options which could be developed in certain circumstances, bearing in mind that parents have the right to choose the appropriate type of education for their children, as stipulated in Article 13 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The promotion and development of a system of public, government-funded education should not entail the suppression of forms of education that do not require attendance at a school" (Vernor Muñoz, United Nations Special Rapporteur, on Education in Germany)

Introduction to this website

"Respect for the fragility and importance of an individual life is still the mark of an educated man" (Norman Cousins)

For Swedish speakers - a Summary

"Children become adults by learning and socialising with adults: parents and family, not insecure teenagers" (Anon)

"Even if Sweden came top [of the best schools] report (it came 21st) it would, or should, be irrelevant to the heart of the debate. Homeschooling or indeed freedom of choice in education should be the fundamental issue. The UK system may be very far from perfect but at least we acknoweldge that parents are children's first educators and the learning process begins in the home. How can the 'one size fits all' policy that dominates here in Sweden truly work? Both Finland and China come out on top, but how meaningful are such results when both countries use very different methods to achieve these 'standards'? If Chinese students study many hours of extra after-school tuition and are under immense pressure to succeed, then education is reduced to purely grade achievement and the student as a person almost becomes irrelevant in this process. The Finnish education system may not be perfect, but it has a student-centred approach to learning where class sizes are small, highly educated teachers remain with the same class for a number of years, so the student-teacher relationship is strong and although they do periodical testing of students, little importance is placed on these grades. But good schools are not a threat, we should never be against good schooling, it works for many students. I personally disliked school but there were a few good teachers during my school career that had a positive impact on my education and encouraged and fostered my desire to learn. Home schooling is about choice and not just in a situation where a child dislikes school or schools are failing, but because we are all different people with differing interests and styles of learning and we do not all fit neatly into one little rigid box for 10 years" (Naomi Houghton)

"To confuse compulsory schooling with equal educational opportunity is like confusing organized religion with spirituality. One does not necessarily lead to the other. Schooling confuses teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new" (Wendy Priesnitz)

"I am entirely certain that twenty years from now we will look back at education as it is practised in most schools today and wonder that we could have tolerated anything so primitive" (John W. Gardner)

In the old Soviet Union
they collectivised
agriculture and industry

In modern Sweden
they are collectivising
education and child-rearing
I gamla Sovjet kollektiviserade
man jordbruket och industrin

I Sverige kollektiviseras
utbildning och barnuppfostran

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time" (Abraham Lincoln)

"There is a natural tendency of people not to see a problem until it appears to them in the form of a knife on their throats" (M.Kahane)

If you agree that the new Swedish Law banning homeschooling is wrong, please consider supporting us by signing your name to the National and International petition below:

If you live in Sweden, click here

If you live outside Sweden, click here

When freedoms become curtailed in one Western democratic country, the effect is often to persuade other governments who may fall under the totalitarian temptation, to follow suit. Sweden has simply imitated Germany which also has also been defying the United Nations and European Union by stubbornly guarding its 1938 Hitlerite anti-homeschooling law. Remember if Germany and Sweden go down a fascist road - as as they are now doing - it may be your turn next. So please show your solidarity with us and sign the petition above! Every little victory for freedom is a victory for the whole world!

Petitions by|Start a Petition »

"Home-schooling is a powerful method of developing entire communities among disadvantaged people" (Pestalozzi)

Latest News and Articles
as of 25 October 2017
Since February 2010 - for earlier articles, go to the Main Directories

October 2017

Impressed: A Swedish State School Teacher Observes a Homeschooling Family (CCMW)

February 2014

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August 2013

Fascist Twins: Germany & Sweden Perfect the Art of State Kidnapping in the EU (CCMW)

March 2013

Oikophobia: Sweden's Social Cancer and How to Save the Country (CCMW)
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December 2012

Swedish Nightmare: The Social Services Department, Long Arm of the Social Dictatorship (CCMW)

November 2012

Ivan Illich: On Deschooling Society (CCMW)
Deschooling Society (Ivan Illich)
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Parents shed tears over homeschool-crackdown horrors - Conference aims to unite community to fight fines, jail, loss of custody (Alex Newman)
In Berlin, Global Homeschooling Leaders Unveil Historic Declaration (Alex Newman)

October 2012

Gothenburg Breakout: The Consequences of a Recent Court Ruling for Homeschoolers in Sweden (CCMW)
Swedish Court Corrects National Law, Supports Religious Freedom, Human Rights (Baila Olidort)

September 2012

Borgarna har gått längre i socialism än (S) - The Conservatives Have Gone Further in the Direction of Socialism than the Social Democrats (Tomas Ander)

June 2012

Psychology of the Marxist Death Cult (CCMW)

May 2012

En fyrbåk mot oförnuft, osjälviskhet och ofrihet tänd och underhållen (Per-Olof Samuelsson)(Swedish)
Angels of Antichrist: Social State vs. Kinship (Peter Klevius)
From Sweden Without Love: Domenic Johansson, Homeschooling, Mother India and the Swedish Gulag (CCMW)

March 2012

Joint Statement on Swedish Human Rights (CCMW & Christer Johansson)
Fragrant Intestines: A Taste of the Swedish Utopia (CCMW)

February 2012

Fascist Régime in Stockholm Forces Homeschooling Leader into Exile (CCMW)
Hemundervisning: den bästa gåva du kan ge ditt barn - Home Education: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child (Berit USA) (Swedish)
Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution (Alex Newman)
Internationellt upprop för Sveriges hemundervisare - International Protest Over Sweden's Homeschoolers (Josefin Lilja) (Swedish)
Hemundervisande föräldrar lämnar Sverige - skandal! Homeschooling Parents Leave Sweden - Scandal! (Annelie Enochson) (Swedish)
Omhändertagandet av Domenic en skam för Sverige - The Abduction of Domenic a Disgrace for Sweden (Caroline Olsson) (Swedish)
Var fjärde hemundervisare flyr Sverige för utlandet - A Quarter of all Homeschoolers Fleeing Abroad From Sweden (Samuel Teglund) (Swedish)
A Letter Protesting Discrimination in the Johansson Case

January 2012

Hemmet bättre än skolan - Home is Better Than School (Jonschimms, Hall & Fjellström)
Timeline of the Domenic Johansson Case (Christer Johansson)
An Open Letter from a Grieving Father (Christer Johansson)
The Coburg Factor: Between People and Nations (CCMW)
State Piracy Inc. - The Liberal Party's Lotta Edholm Wants the Swedish State to Abduct ALL Homeschooled Children (CCMW)
Swedish Politician to Social Services Minister: Take Homeschooled Kids! (HSLDA)
De har den enda hemskolan i Sverige - The Only Homeschoolers in Sweden (Vávra Suk) (Swedish)
"Vi är de enda i Sverige" - "We are the Only Ones in Sweden" (Vávra Suk) (Swedish)
The Soviet Union and Swedish Family Rights (CCMW)
The Dark Side of Government Schooling in Sweden (Pat Farenga)

December 2011

Wang Shi-wei: A Warning Voice from China's Past (CCMW)
Flight & Terror: The Swedish Nightmare Continues (CCMW)
Miscarriage of Justice Continues in Johansson Case - 28 November (Robin Phillips)

November 2011

Swedish Perceptions: The Mass Psychology of Utopia (CCMW)

October 2011

Barbaric, Cowardly and Corrupt: Welcome to the Swedish Socio-Fascist State (CCMW)
A Letter to Nicola Clase, Swedish Ambassador, United Kingdom: Swedish and Iranian Justice Compared (Nathanael Lewis)
Social Services Threaten Homeschooling Parents: Hearing to Target Family Whose Son Taken by Police (Bob Unruh)
Science Inc. - The Politicisation and Corporatisation of Science (CCMW)
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (Steve Jobs)

September 2011

Hemundervisning måste vara tillåten - Homeschooling Must Be Permitted (Alfred Askeljung, Benjamin Juhlin & Caspian Rehbinder) (Swedish & English)
What is Unschooling? (Prof. Peter Gray)
Homeschoolers, Not Unschoolers, Get A+ (Dr. Gwen Dewar)
Homeschooling Outcomes: How Do They Compare? (Dr. Gwen Dewar)
Vanvårdsutredningen: Myndigheternas vanvård av barn pågår än i dag (Daniel Hammarberg) (Swedish)
Parental Love Forbidden: Family Affection Inappropriate in the Swedish Social Paradise (CCMW)
The Legal Kidnapping of a Child (Toni Mascaró)
Leaving Home: New Law Forces Home-Schoolers to Fight or Flee (Alex Newman)

August 2011

Something Rotten in the State of Sweden: More Unbearable Psychological Torture Against the Johanssons (CCMW)
The Roots of Goodness: The Fulfillment of Basic Human Needs and the Development of Caring, Helping and Non-aggression, Inclusive Caring, Moral Courage, Active Bystandership, and Altruism Born of Suffering (G. Carlo & C. Edwards)
Letter of Protest to State Officials and the Royal Family Concerning the Kidnapping of Domenic Johansson
Psychopaths in Our Midst: When Heartless Politicians and Social Workers Rule (CCMW)
Child Welfare in Sweden - An Overview (Sven Hessle & Bo Vinnerljung) (RTF version)
Förbjud ger inget gott samhälle - Prohibition Does Not Make for a Good Society (Mattias Svensson) (Swedish & English)
Brottslig skola (Neo) (Swedish)

July 2011

Barn lär sig om livet i skolan - Children Learn About Life at School (CCMW et al) (Swedish & English)
De flyr den nya skollagen - They are Fleeing the New School Law (Samuel Teglund)
The Final Solution for Homeschoolers: Sweden's Attempt to Exterminate a Minority (CCMW)
Die Endlösung - The Final Solution to the Homeschooling Problem (Bob Unruh)
Plea from a Young State-Kidnapped German Girl (Irdial)
Persecution of German Home Schoolers (Hilary White)
Nazi-Style Education Still the Norm in Germany (Brian Farmer)
Swedish Hate Crime - 16 May 2011 (Touchstone)
Gender Madness - Sweden's Attempt to Emasculate and Defeminise a Nation (CCMW)
1 July 2011: Sweden's Day of Infamy? (CCMW)

June 2011

Back to Basics Reform - or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum? (Charlotte T. Iserbyt)
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - A Chronological Paper Trail (Charlotte T. Iserbyt)
The Death of Free Will (Charlotte T. Iserbyt)
The Secret History of Western Education: The Scientific Destruction of Minds (Charlotte T. Iserbyt) (Movie)
Institutionalization is Bad for Socialization (Rowan Fortune-Wood)
Academic Statistics on Homeschooling (HSLDA)
Cato Institute, Public Policy Sources #51 - Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream (Canada & USA) (Patrick Basham)
The Ministry of Love (Dennis Cuddy)
From Democracy to Dictatorship Using Democracy (CCMW)
Letter to the Swedish Government from the German Homeschooling Association (Jörg Großelümern)
Swedish Government Abuses UN Education Rights (CCMW)
Swedish Government and Taliban United! (CCMW)
United Nations Report on Education Abuse in Germany
Children Educate Themselves - a Psycholo-Analytical Report (Peter Gray)
Strange Goings-On: Sweden, Germany, EU and Home Ed (CCMW)

May 2011

Jan Björklunds skola borde inte vara facit - Jan Björklund's School Shouldn't Be So Test-Oriented (Eva Cooper) (Swedish & English)
Five Questions About Home Education as Asked by Swedish TV (CCMW)
Young Swedes Want to Know the Truth (Swedish & English)
Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked (Alex Newman)
Here I Stand - Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling, Coxsackie-Athens Valedictorian Speech 2010 (Video and Text) (Erica Goldson)
The Slide into Totalitarianism: Sweden Bans Another Human Right & the End of Conscientious Objection (CCMW)
Appeal for 'Kidnapped' Swedish Homeschooler Draws Supporters (Alex Newman)
Abducted Homeschooler's Case Finally Advances: Police Took Child from his Parents Only Because of Education at Home (Bob Unruh)

April 2011

While the Swedish Family Court Plans Another Hearing on the Domenic Johansson Kidnapping Case, Many Observers Ask, "Why Bother?" (Friends of Domenic Johansson)
Karl Marx and the Communist Religion of Hate (CCMW)
Unholy Assault: Psychiatry Versus Religion (Jan Eastgate)
The Making of Madness - Depression is Not a Chemical Imbalance in Your Brain (Dr.Mercola) (Movie)

March 2011

En familjepolitik som gör barnen psykiskt sjuka - A Family Policy that Creates Children with Mental Disorders (Annica Dahlström & Christian Sörlie Ekström) (Swedish & English)
Down Wiv School: Children are Best Educated at Home (James Bartholomew, The Times)
Hitler’s Ghost Haunts German Parents (Alexandra Colen)
Schools Kill Creativity (Ken Robinson)
Tvåspråkiga barn halkar efter - Bilingual Children Fall Behind (Sydsvenskan) (English & Swedish)
New Swedish Refugees Seeking Assylum in the USA (CCMW)
Why All the Swastikas and Hammers-and-Sickles? (CCMW)
The Smear Campaign Against the Johanssons (CCMW)
Awakening Sweden's Sleeping Beauty (CCMW)
The Conformist Mindset: Origins of Swedish State Control (CCMW)
A Fundamental Difference: Home Education in Sweden and Finland (Mischa Hammarnejd)

February 2011

Educational Research, School Learning and Real Life (CCMW)
Continued Battle for Homeschooling - Fortsatt strid om hemundervisning (Johanna Palmström) (English & Swedish)
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same - Homeschooling and Socialisation Questions (Pat Farenga) (movie)
Sweden - A Society Without a Goal (CCMW)
Your Choice: Freedom of Worship, or Freedom of Religion? (Mats Tunehag)
Why is the Swedish State So Cruel and Heartless? (CCMW)
Hoffstedt's Dark Secret: Why a Homeschool Child is Being Kept a State Prisoner (CCMW)
The Madhouse - Softcover Book by Daniel Hammarberg now in print

Hemundervisare samlas den 1-4 november 2012 i Berlin till Global Home Education Conference 2012. Det blir rörelsens kraftfullaste internationella manifestation någonsin. I konferensen medverkar internationell expertis på hemundervisning som forskare, pedagoger, psykologer och människorättsexperter. Medverkar gör också den finske statssekreteraren Timo Lankinen samt den tyske Bundestagsledamoten Patrick Meinhardt. Konferensen ordförande, svensken Jonas Himmelstrand, säger till Inblick att man kommer visa på hemundervisningens utmärkta sociala och akademiska resultat, som för många barn överträffar skolans.
– Den traditionella skolan kommer att leva vidare i kunskapssamhället, men den är ett barn av industrisamhället och blir i framtiden bara en av flera utbildningsformer.
– Genom Sveriges skollag från 2011, då hemundervisning i praktiken förbjöds, är Sverige tyvärr på väg att missa millennieskiftets största pedagogiska innovation.
– Ingen med intresse för skolfrågor, pedagogik, eller sina barns utbildning har råd att missa Global Home Education Conference 2012, avslutar Jonas Himmelstrand.

Home educators will be gathering on 1-4 November 2012 in Berlin for the Global Home Education Conference 2012. It's the movement's most powerful international manifestation ever. The conference brings together international expertise on home schooling such as researchers, educators, psychologists and human rights experts. Present will also be the Finnish State Secretary Timo Lankinen and the German Bundestags representative Patrick Meinhardt. The Conference Chairman, Swede Jonas Himmelstrand, told Insight that this will demonstrate home education's excellent social and academic performance, which for many children surpass the the performance of schools. - The traditional school will live on in the knowledge society, but it is a child of the industrial society and will in future only be one of several forms of training. - Because of the Swedish Education Act of 2011, when homeschooling was in practice banned, Sweden will unfortunately miss millennium's greatest educational innovation. - No one with an interest in school issues, education, or their children's education can afford to miss the Global Home Education Conference 2012, says Jonas Himmelstrand.

Freedom Conference for Libertarians, 12 May 2012, Stockholm

Several Hundred New Articles Will Be

Uploaded to This Website in the Days Ahead!

So please check back regularly

"Accusing a home school kid of missing out on 'socialization' is like accusing a work-at-home entrepreneur of missing out on corporate politics" (Perry Marshall)

"Children are being denied their freedom by keeping them in schools as batch numbers for society" (Anon)

"Having complete control over the education of the youngest members of state is always an integral part of

controlling the population" (Jason Clark)

Click here to read this important academic study prepared for, but totally ignored by, the Swedish government

"Freedom of teaching and of opinion in book or press is the foundation for the sound and natural development of any people" (Albert Einstein)

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Our Old Website

The old Homeschooling in Sweden website which launched our campaign in defence of home education in 2009 will remain online until further notice but is no longer being updated. Most of the materials from the old website, which date to the period before the new Education Act of 2010 banning homeschooling and principally dealing with that campaign, have been transferred here to FreeSweden where they have been refomatted, reclassified, linked and integrated for easier access and navigation and with the new campaign for re-establishment and liberalisation in the forefront. Accordingly, the new website, of political necessity, has different emphases and strategies to the old one.

Click the above to see the old website

"The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it" (Chinese Proverb)

"I have been slowly reading through [An Independent Study and Critique of the Swedish Government's Proposed New Legislation on Homeschooling] and although I'm only on p.70 I feel so overwhelmed. It's really quite incredible that an [Education] Bill would be formulated banning something that has demonstrably given such good results and functioned so well. I had never considered homeschooling before because you don't hear about it very often [in Sweden]. But after reading the Report, I was really interested. It was just a few nights ago when I was laying sleepless and counting how long it would be before my daughter would start school. My main concern is the poor social environment in schools, which CCM Warren addresses. Now if I could be the teacher of my own children that would mean an incredible number of things. Some things I thought were particularly interesting from the Report [were]: 'Jan Björklund, Swedish Education Minister, admitted in public that 'Swedish schools have the highest level of truancy, destruction and bad language in all the OECD countries'. Jonas Himmelstrand's observations are interesting: 'Untrained parents are more successful teaching their children than schools: Swedish family policies during the last 30 years have resulted in insecure children and youth, stressed adults and lower quality parenthood. As sevcurity in children is a strong social legacy, it is a negatice spiral...Parents have forgotten the folk knowledge acquired over generations about parenthood because they have come to believe and expect that the 'experts' in child day care centres and schools are better able to do a parenting job than they are, and so they leave the parenting up to them.''" (M, Sweden, 22 July 2009)

"I scanned your book and website - you have done an amazing amount of work, and I hope you are successful in your case" (Dr. Richard G. Medlin, PhD, Department of Psychology, Stetson University, FL, USA; researcher on cognitive, social, and moral development in home schooled children; teaches psychology, biological psychology, childhood behaviour and disorders. Graduated from the University of North Carolina. Dr.Medlin is author of the academic study, Home Schooling and the Question of Socialization; 20 June 2011).

"Great website and really scary content. Sweden is so often held up here as an example of an enlightened modern country. What an irony!" (KR, United Kingdom, 1 March 2011)

"I am so impressed [by this website]. All this is so sad, but I am happy I am helping from the other side of the ocean, but at least doing something to stop all these abuses from the Swedish State to its people" (VSL, USA, 11 July 2011)

"If half the allegations of this site are true then Sweden's political journey has taken a terribly sad direction" (CN, United Kingdom, 31 July 2011)

"You're easily one of the most fascinating and well-informed people I've found in Sweden" (AN - Journalist, USA/Sweden, 16 August 2011)

"This is a good site. It has a lot of articles on the history of the Johanssons' ordeal with the State" (LAL, USA, 8 December 2011)

"Thank you, Mr. Warren, for this very important article, The Final Solution for Homeschoolers: Sweden's Attempt to Exterminate a Minority. The reality of what has been happening in Sweden and other western nations needs to get out. There is even so much more to these events than what you have written. So many lives -- of children and innocent parents -- are being destroyed. There will be psychological and emotional effects experienced by all who go through these child abduction experiences that will be tantamount to post traumatic stress and will last a lifetime. The seriousness cannot be overstated. What most people do not know or realize is the profit potential in these abductions. The whole social services, the family court judges, and all the professionals they contract with (psychotherapists and psychiatrists) make a huge amount of money off of these children. Their careers and incomes depend on taking in and providing "services" to these children who are removed from their families. The laws governing child rights and the very Social Services Act itself are dismissed. On the surface they are only given lip service. Inaccurate and incomplete information is paced in social services' files on the children. Parents are denied their own choice of representation and professionals who can provide psychological testing and reports demonstrating the parents' fitness to be parents. Parents who homeschool, who have deep religious convictions, or who are immigrants have been especially targeted. The Johanssons fit all three of these categories. If there is a Swedish father and an immigrant mother, the social services and courts will side with the Swedish father disregarding a previous country's court ordered decision of joint custody. If the father happens to be wealthy and well-known socially and professionally, the courts will uphold the father and disregard the mother despite her fitness. There are just so many cases of injustice when it comes to children and parents in Sweden. Parents are charged as guilty even when there is no evidence -- actual or circumstantial -- that proves a parent's unfitness. And the children -- how much do the social services and judges care about the children? They just prescribe psychiatric drugs so the children can "cope" with being imprisoned and detained from their families. They do not care what the children are going through and how they will be affected for the remainder of their lives. After all, it's not the socials' or judges' lives that are being ruined. The socials also play games for three years, so that by that time the families have run out of appeals hearings to get their children back, and then the socials can legally adopt the children out. These are human beings -- the children and the parents -- yet the children are treated like marketable commodities and the parents as if they are manufacturers in a factory. God help us. God help even more the children and parents whose lives have been marred by this tragedy. Thank you once again for bringing this to the public's attention" (LLM, USA, 9 December 2011)

I don't know you, but have had a look at your site 'freesweden'. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say THANK YOU for your work, and for being a voice and a channel of hope for many of us who are wondering what will happen to our dear old home country!! Thanks also for what you are doing for Christer, Annie & Domenic!" (BW, Sweden, 17 February 2012).

"Thank you for your GREAT work! I am impressed [with] your site information. Very analytical and perfectly correct. See to spread the words about your findings to the Swedes" (BG, Sweden, 6 March 2012).

"I just wanted to express my support for your work. The position of the Swedish government on home schooling can only be described as Fascist. Best of luck you" (GG, USA, 7 September 2012).

"Thanks for making and keeping this site alive! Unfortunately, I fully agree with your points concerning the Swedish way to taking care of kids. Before a real interaction with the system myself 2 years ago, I was thinking (for 8 years!) that Sweden is indeed the best place in the World to live. It is not the case for families with kids... I was born in the USSR, so all these analogies you draw are very familiar to me. I am really happy to see that there are people putting these problems up. Good luck!" (IS, Sweden, formerly from the USSR, 10 September 2012).

"Thank you very much for your fiery spirit that sometimes scares some of us a bit but it also gives us strength" (M, Sweden, 23 October 2012).

"The evolution of culture is ultimately determined by the amount of love, understanding and freedom experienced by its children... Every abandonment, every betrayal, every hateful act towards children returns tenfold a few decades later upon the historical stage, while every empathic act that helps a child become what he or she wants to become, every expression of love toward children heals society and moves it in unexpected, wondrous new directions" (Lloyd deMause)

Vitally Important Public Issues

Shocking revelations about human rights
abuses in Sweden and Scandinavia

Please read about the cruel government destruction of
this innocent Swedish homeschooling family above

Read the terrible story of British national Anne Edner ...
one of thousands of state-abducted children in Sweden
See our Politics Page to find out what's going on...

Read my articles on Swedish homeschooling, society and
politics in this international libertarian newspaper

"It could be argued that teachers are the best people to teach our children as they have been specially trained for this. But just as equipment is only of value if the child learns through its use - it has no worth otherwise - the qualifications of the teachers are of little value unless the child is actually learning" (Jean Bendell)


This website is dedicated to the One who rules above, the source of all justice and decency, who is my inspiration and source of strength. Secondly, this site is dedicated to state-abducted Domenic Johansson, his once imprisoned homeschool father, Christer Johansson, his devastated mother, Annie Johansson, the thousands of other state-abducted children from normal families (like Anne Edner), the Swedish homeschooling community - and especially those currently being persecuted with crippling fines in Partille (near Göteborg), Uppsala, and elsewhere, the persecuted homeschooling families of Germany and elsewhere around the world, and to my political mentor, Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independence Party (which openly supports homeschooling) who has inspired me by his courage and great knowledge in the cause of libertarianism in my own country as well as Sweden and Europe as a whole - in the fervent hope that Sweden as a whole will come out of her political trance and


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