The Final Solution

for Homeschoolers:

Sweden's Attempt to

Exterminate a Minority

by C.C.M.Warren M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

There is an alarming pattern that is repeating itself when it comes to the Swedish government's attitude to certain minorities like homeschoolers. I wouldn't have believed it at first but the more I have probed into this subject since my own rights - and the rights of others like me - came under threat in 2009, the more obvious it has become. And it is probably still unbelievable for the average Swede who for so long has naďvely trusted his Big Brother government to be a benefactor rather than an oppressor. At least that is what he is today.

In his article, The Final Solution to the Homeschooling Problem, Bob Unruh shows the unmistakable pattern of oppression used by the current German government (which the Swedish régime for some mysterious reason looks up to as Big Daddy) against homeschooling in its country and the way the Nazis dealt with Jews and others in the Third Reich. But who would have guessed that 'moderate' and 'democratic' Sweden would resort to the same Nazi-type tactics in its war against homeschooling? Following in the footsteps of modern Germany, still in thraldom to its 1938 nazi-era education law banning homeschooling, the Swedish régime - for reasons it has yet to explain - is now determined to effect a fascist-like 'final solution' on a small band of highly competent home-educators with an excellent academic record. In Swedish Hate Crime, the authors of a Touchstone article conclude:

    "The Swedish KKK (= Government) abducted Domenic [Johansson], who was only a few moments away from leaving Sweden forever with his mother and father, for the sole purpose of terrorizing every family in Sweden, particularly...homeschoolers, and bullying them into submission".

The terror against families is reaching a crescendo as the state security police (known as Socialtjänst or 'Social Services') today went into action yet again and state kidnapped a pair of 9 month old twins (Olle and Alva) because the mother was sick and had to be taken to hospital, falsely accusing her of abuse. The tragic story of Malin and Jörgen Almkvist (who are not homeschoolers - just an ordinary secular family) hit the Swedish newspapers today (see Socialtjänsten tog deras barn - Social Services Took Their Children in Aftonbladet). On this rare occasion, things backfired on them thanks to the media. So 2 more victims nearly fell to the Swedish Gestapo as part of their average annual cull of about 20,000 children, whose parents and most of whom are perfectly normal, in order to feed the grotesque Swedish state-supported child trafficking trade here that has become an epidemic.

Part of the problem is that Sweden has acquired the culture of political informing learned from communist East Germany. I have experienced it myself. Some years ago we had an old dog who was dying from a wasting disease. He had been treated by the vet and in the end we had to put him down. However, a neighbour had seen his emaciated condition and reported me to the authorities who suspected me of abusing the animal. Instead of coming and speaking with me and finding out what was really going on (if he or she had really been concerned), the neighbour reflexly went to the Big Brother state. To this day I do not know who reported me since it is treated as confidential information here.

This STASI-like spying in the Swedish Utopia against people is routine here and is encouraged as part of 'social responsibility'. Worse, there is no real justice system either since the judiciary invariably takes the side of the government against individuals in Marxist Sweden. Thus when a jilted young man could not get his way with a British resident Anne Edner in Gothenburg, he reported her to Social Services as abusing her child (which she absolutely had not) that resulted in her child being kidnapped by the state and put in forster case, just like Domenic Johansson and tens of thousands of others. The child industry is big business here for foster parents who are paid huge sums to 'adopt' children removed from innocent families.

As I take everything together, I am forced to conclude that there is a battle going on in Swedish politics between either transitioning into a full-fledged dictatorship (which the current government seems to be all in favour of) or reclaiming liberal democracy. Homeschoolers in particular are wondering just how far the Swedish régime is willing to use its social terror machine to get its way or whether it will relent and emancipate homeschoolers and the Swedish family in general.

The Jews finally woke up to the attempt by the Nazi régime to exterminate them and finally fought back in the Warsaw Ghetto and elsewhere but by then it was pretty much too late and millions had already perished. Today the extermination is not so much of the physical body but of the mind and liberty of the individual to pursue his own lifestyle, mode of education and family life. Today the neo-fascists are concentrating on destroying the right of our children to think for themselves, parental rights in respect of education, and the integrity of the family. They are kidnapping our children, imposing crippling fines on homeschoolers and driving homeschooling families abroad, just as the Nazis did the Jews before they started rounding them up.

The Domenic Johansson kidnapping was a maffia-like warning by the powers-that-be that this is what would happen to anyone who would not yield to the government's planned law - now in effect - banning homeschooling. Half the homeschooling community has indeed fled as they wanted but the rest is going far, far further than the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. They will not steamroller us and every move they make now against homeschoolers and families in this countries is being loudly broadcast abroad. I wonder when the German-type arrests and house-seizures will begin...?

The myth of the Swedish Utopia is over. Now the horrible facts about the Swedish Gulag are being exposed to the full gaze of the international community. What's important is that Swedes and the media now wake up from their political and social captivity and begin to resist!

Readers' Comments

Thank you, Mr. Warren, for this very important article. The reality of what has been happening in Sweden and other western nations needs to get out. There is even so much more to these events than what you have written. So many lives -- of children and innocent parents -- are being destroyed. There will be psychological and emotional effects experienced by all who go through these child abduction experiences that will be tantamount to post traumatic stress and will last a lifetime. The seriousness cannot be overstated. What most people do not know or realize is the profit potential in these abductions. The whole social services, the family court judges, and all the professionals they contract with (psychotherapists and psychiatrists) make a huge amount of money off of these children. Their careers and incomes depend on taking in and providing "services" to these children who are removed from their families. The laws governing child rights and the very Social Services Act itself are dismissed. On the surface they are only given lip service. Inaccurate and incomplete information is paced in social services' files on the children. Parents are denied their own choice of representation and professionals who can provide psychological testing and reports demonstrating the parents' fitness to be parents. Parents who homeschool, who have deep religious convictions, or who are immigrants have been especially targeted. The Johanssons fit all three of these categories. If there is a Swedish father and an immigrant mother, the social services and courts will side with the Swedish father disregarding a previous country's court ordered decision of joint custody. If the father happens to be wealthy and well-known socially and professionally, the courts will uphold the father and disregard the mother despite her fitness. There are just so many cases of injustice when it comes to children and parents in Sweden. Parents are charged as guilty even when there is no evidence -- actual or circumstantial -- that proves a parent's unfitness. And the children -- how much do the social services and judges care about the children? They just prescribe psychiatric drugs so the children can "cope" with being imprisoned and detained from their families. They do not care what the children are going through and how they will be affected for the remainder of their lives. After all, it's not the socials' or judges' lives that are being ruined. The socials also play games for three years, so that by that time the families have run out of appeals hearings to get their children back, and then the socials can legally adopt the children out. These are human beings -- the children and the parents -- yet the children are treated like marketable commodities and the parents as if they are manufacturers in a factory. God help us. God help even more the children and parents whose lives have been marred by this tragedy. Thank you once again for bringing this to the public's attention. Sincerely, Linda Ann Long-Moulaison (9 December 2011)

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First published on 8 July 2011 / Last updated on 10 December 2011

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