Domenic Johansson

The State Kidnapping of

an Innocent Homeschooled Child

and the Destruction of His Loving Family

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9 September


Cruelly kidnapped from his innocent parents when he was 7 by a corrupt and vengeful Gotland Social Services Department and denied ALL contact simply because he was being homeschooled when it was legal and because his parents protested! Now everyone with a heart needs to protest loudly and put this vicious and criminal act of mental and emotional torture to an end.

"If I don't do my part and warn other countries that unwittingly may adopt the Swedish system, I'll become an accomplice to the crime"
(Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Swedish Lawyer)

Questions the Utopian Swedish Legal System Must Answer

- In what court, in this day and age, is it considered justice to deny the accused their choice of legal counsel, and the chance to offer witnesses and testimony supporting their claim of innocence?

- In what court is justice served when a sitting judge is presented written testimony as evidence from doctors and psychiatrists stating the mental health of the accused to be sound, yet this same judge ignores the expert testimony and instead accepts as gospel truth the testimony of child welfare workers, who are neither doctors nor psychiatrists, but who “diagnose” the defendant as having a narcissistic personality disorder?

- In what court is justice served when Eva Ernston, who is paid by the state of Sweden to “represent” Domenic’s interests in court, publicly and indiscriminately boasts to friends and strangers alike, that “Domenic is better off without his weird father”? So much for keeping secret the reason Gotland Social Services has destroyed a family. According to Ernston, it is because Christer Johansson is, in her own words, “weird.”

- In what court is justice served when Domenic’s foster mother tells little Domenic that he will stay with her regardless of what the judge decides, essentially telling the little boy she will break the law, if she has to, to keep him with her?

- In what court is justice served when this same foster mother tells child welfare workers what she told Domenic: that she will not give him back to his parents no matter what the court decides; and upon hearing this declaration, rather than reprimand, correct or otherwise protect Domenic from a foster mother untrustworthy enough to break the law rather than relinquish a child not hers to keep in the first place, the child welfare workers put in an official Gotland Social Services document, word for word what the foster mother told Domenic, then send this document to the Johanssons to further demoralize them?

from Miscarriage of Justice Continues in Johansson Case

Articles & Links on Domenic Johansson
The Child Abducted by the Swedish State for

Being Legally Homeschooled

"[The Government's] claims to democratic validity are based on that infantile demagoguery, the unsubstantiated 'Everyone says so!'"
(Nigel Farage)

1. Main Articles on (FSN)

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From Sweden Without Love: Domenic Johansson, Homeschooling, Mother India and the Swedish Gulag (CCMW)

"That which pleases the Prince has the force of law" (Sir John Fortescue)

2. Chronological Media Reports on FSN

Court Upholds State-Sponsored “Kidnapping” of Homeschooled Boy - December 2009 (HSLDA)
Swedish Officials Set to Review State Kidnapping Case of Homeschooled Child - 21 April 2010 (Peter J. Smith)
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Battle Escalates over Homeschooled Child Seized by Swedish Government - 28 June 2010 (
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Swedish Government Jails Homeschool Father - 6 December 2010 (HSLDA)
Homeschooling Father of State-Abducted Child Jailed in Sweden - 8 December 2010 (Hilary White)
World Outrage at Swedish Government Treatment of Johansson Family - 20 December 2010 (Daragh McInerney)
Father Jailed for Visit with Son Set Free - 'Released Today, After 2 Terrible Months!' - 22 January 2011 (Bob Unruh)
Social Services Snatch 2 Girls from Music Class - 'Psychological' Issues Claimed While Mother Levels Swedish Child Trafficking Accusation - 2 February 2011 (Bob Unruh)
Pro-Family Group Puts Pressure on European Court Over Notorious Homeschooling Case - 3 February 2011 (Hilary White)
While the Swedish Family Court Plans Another Hearing on the Domenic Johansson Kidnapping Case, Many Observers Ask, "Why Bother?" - 17 April 2011 (Friends of Domenic Johansson)
Abducted Homeschooler's Case Finally Advances: Police Took Child from his Parents Only Because of Education at Home - 17 April 2011 (Bob Unruh)
Appeal for 'Kidnapped' Swedish Homeschooler Draws Supporters - 11 May 2011 (Alex Newman)
Swedish Hate Crime - 16 May 2011 (Touchstone)
The Legal Kidnapping of a Child - 4 August 2011 (Toni Mascaró)
Social Services Threaten Homeschooling Parents: Hearing to Target Family Whose Son Taken by Police - 7 October 2011 (Bob Unruh)
A Letter to Nicola Clase, Swedish Ambassador, United Kingdom: Swedish and Iranian Justice Compared - 8 October 2011 (Robin Phillips)
Miscarriage of Justice Continues in Johansson Case - 28 November 2011 (Nathanael Lewis)
Omhändertagandet av Domenic en skam för Sverige - The Abduction of Domenic a Disgrace for Sweden - 19 December 2011 (Caroline Olsson)
Leviathan Groaning - 17 February 2012 (Anthony Esolen)

"Mit Geduld and Spucke fängt man eine Mucke -
With patience and spit you catch the gnat"

(German Proverb - only homeschoolers like the Johanssons are now the gnats whom the government wish to trap and destroy)

3. Articles on Other Sites

NCHR: The Domenic Johansson Case
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Dominics pappa häktad (Världen idag) (in Swedish)
Sjuåring hämtad av polispådrag (Mikael Carlsson) - the original news report of the state kidnapping of Domenic Johansson (in Swedish)

"When a government by its actions proves that it despises the people when all the while it claims to love and serve them, then you know that the government belongs to a totalitarian ruling class for whom people are totally irrelevant" (CCMW, adapted from Nigel Farage)

4. External Website & Blog Links

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Kids for Domenic Johansson

"In large states public education will always be mediocre, for the same reason that in large kitchens the cooking is usually bad"
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

5. How to Protest and Do Your Part

Letter of Protest to State Officials and the Royal Family

"Trial by jury is more than an instrument of justice and more than one wheel of the constitution: it is the lamp that shows that freedom lives" (Lord Devlin)

4. Support the Johanssons!

This persecuted family deserves all the help it can get. Why not drop them a line? I am sure they will appreciate all the support they can get!

Christer & Annie Johansson
c/o Rune Johansson
Alva Gudings 363
623 46 HEMSE

Be sure to check out the Friends of Domenic Johansson and subscribe to the newsletter. If you feel moved to help, then go to the How You Can Help page too. Be sure to SIGN THE PETITION for his release.


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