Barbaric, Cowardly

and Corrupt

The Socio-Fascist Swedish State

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

"The longer justice is delayed, the more it is denied." As far as the Domenic Johansson case it concerned, this is undeniably true. But it gets worse. The other day I was informed that not only has the state abducted an innocent homeschooler from his loving parents, not only have they lied to justify their foul action, not only have they denied parental access for more than one short visit every 5 weeks, not only have they denied access completely now, but these barbarian social service officers now want to totally destroy every last vestige of the Johansson family by petitioning the courts to have Domenic 'legally' adopted by his new foster parents.

I titled today's report, "Barbaric, Cowardly and Corrupt" because that is what these Gotland social welfare workers and are. They are the scum of the earth, a plague on society, psychopaths and utterly without remorse. Stalin would have been proud of them.

Having got that off my chest - for, yes, I am enraged by these sociopathic parasites - I am now going to explain why this is happening. There is rhyme and reason for everything even if it is perverse. When sharks attack a wounded sailor floundering in the ocean, there's a reason they rip him apart in the water: they can smell blood. However, these social workers are more than sharks: they are cold, calculating humans who KNOW that what they have done is pure evil but who will NOT accept accountability because their profession never has. They will not admit they are wrong unless forced to. They're the kings and queens of their domain, they know it, they profit from it, they are drunk with power, and they revel in what they do. Their only fear is public opinion, which is why the cowards refused to be interviewed at the last Domenic hearing, but rather ran and hid themselves away. The tide of opinion has turned against them and it's going to become a tsunami.

If only it were so simple. Sadly it is more complex than that. It's the whole system that's rotten, the hellish Swedish "Utopian" idea. And Utopia's have a way of becoming totalitarian.

On 15 November 1977, spies from communist North Korea - the 'People's' 'Democratic' 'Republic' of Korea, kidnapped a 13 year old girl called Meguni Yokota after she had left school for a badminton practice, put her into a body bag, bundled her onto a rubber raft, and took her out to a waiting spy ship. She was tied up, knocked unconscious, and left in the storage room of the ship. Megumi cried for her mother and almost pulled her nails out scratching the metal walls and door. When she arrived in the Worker's Paradise and Utopia of North Korea the room was covered with blood along with the contents of her stomach and guts which she had voided and thrown up in her agony.

It turns out Meguni was not alone. Twelve other young children were similarly abducted between 1977 and 1983. Years later, after a brave and tireless campaign by Meguni's desperate mother, who even wrote a book, and involved the Japanese government in negociations, five of the thirteen were eventually brought back home. And it wasn't because the South Korean and Japanese politicians cared that much - it was because a devoted mother kicked up enough fuss to show them up. Sadly, Mrs.Yokota never saw her daughter again - Meguni had, according to the North Korean authorites, "committed suicide" when she was 19.

Why did the communists abduct these innocent children and traumatise them and their families? Because they wanted to use them for political ends, to learn about Japanese culture, customs and habits to assist in the training of their operatives in Japan. Meguni was promised that if she learned Korean and helped them that she would be sent back and reunited with her mother when she turned 18. Of course, it was a lie.

Not that the Japanese government was much better. It turned a blind eye to these terrified abductees for a long time in order to further its foreign policy with North Korea, not wanting to "rock the boat" with this very unpredicable and paranoid régime. In a complete dereliction of its duty to protect and champion the rights of the private citizen, the Japanese government deliberately allowed human suffering to go unpunished merely to score political points with the Stalinists in Pyongyang, and eight children died because of their dallying.

It seems most governments are predictable, including so called Western ones who are supposed to be champions of liberty, though it wasn't always so. The Swedish government, that faceless sea of politicians and bureaucrats who are supposed to be our 'parents' in the Swedish Socialist Utopia, likewise seems to be totally indifferent to the suffering of state abducted children and their parents, of whom Domenic Johansson has come to be the symbol of the tens of thousands that form what one German newspaper once called Sweden's Kinder Gulag - its "Children's Gulag". It doesn't matter whether the government is 'left', 'centre' or 'right', because they are all - with the exception of a few dedicated politicians with good hearts here and there in all parties - utterly indifferent to any pain except their own. That is why I absolutely do not believe Swedish institutions like Social Services are "caring" (what an ironic name for them). How can state hirelings ever be? The only people who really care are parents and the family, the very institution the élitists in their ivory towers are hell-bent upon destroying. As to why they are so adamant in insisting the family is a permicious evil that must be stamped out, that can only be understood by understanding their Marxist religion.

So why doesn't the Swedish régime in Stockholm, and its functionaries in Gotland, care one iota about the trauma they have caused the Johansson family, and all the other families that have been subjected to this brutality? Why are they so uncivilised? Why are they so locked into their abstract Utopia that they have become so remote to ordinary people's suffering and needs? It is because of a materialistic Marxist mindset (yes, even the current 'conservative-liberal' régime has publicly stated that it does not want to change the communistic system). People are but units of labour, disposable assets to be used in the construction of a new Swedish version of the defunct Soviet Union. Concepts of individual liberty have no place in this nightmarish Utopia because the ends justify the means - personal liberty is utterly alien to its Marxist creed.

The trouble is - and you'd have thought that humans would have realised this by now after a disasterous 20th century of failed totalitarian Utopias (Bolshevik and Nazi) - the negation of individuality is the negation of life itself. It's a huge lie. And that is why Sakie Takota, after years of vainly trying to get Meguni back through the available political channels, finally came to this conclusion about the Marxist Utopia in North Korea: "I know that everything in that country is a lie."

You see, Marxist nations in particular specialise in prevaracation, invention and fabrication just as Sweden has done in respect of Domenic Johansson and all the other state-kidnapped children he has come to represent at home and elsewhere. Because the Utopian Dream overrides the basic needs of the private citizen, this particular class of cold and calculating politicians and their functionaries just don't care unless about people they're forced to by the people themselves - the ones they claim to represent 'democratically'. And even then they only start "caring" at the last moment to save their political hides, not necessarily because they have had a change of heart and see how cold and cruel they have become. Nearly everything the Swedish authorities have said about Domenic's family is a lie, and demonstrably so.

Sadly, it would seem, there is now only a small minority of the political establishment who have hearts any more. Some have valiantly come to the defence of homeschooling and of abducted children. Some have even prepared bills in defence of liberty and fundamental human rights that were thrown out by their collegues. These I salute and say: please step forth and be heard so that we can leash these wild brutes and apologies of civil servants and bring them to either see the truth or dimiss them before then can hurt more citizens. They are people too and need to be delivered from their Utopian madness. For the sake of all Sweden and for the sake of all those other countries who have swallowed the government propaganda about Swedish Heaven and want to imitate it, speak out, and speak out loudly. This has to ultimately be a partnership between the Swedish masses (who have got to overcome the school- and media-programmed conformist mindset) and the people at the top.

The reason, though, that so many have been fooled by the Swedish Paradise, so-called, is that it wears two masks. It isn't just a Marxist country: it's also a Liberal country. And the explanation for its unreal behaviour, as Swedish author Daniel Hammarberg has pointed out, is the contradiction of it being both totalitarian and anarchist! which is what inevitably results when you try to combine two irreconcilable systems. In a bizzare form of political schizophrenia, which sadly seems to characterise the "New Left" everywhere these days as it tries to distance itself from its Marxist roots without actually doing so, one half of it is tough on the weak (like Domenic) and the other half is weak on the tough (such as the courting of Muslim extremists and the softly-softly approach to people of violence). He really summarised it masterfully in that analysis.

This is Sweden - a massive, disjunctive contradiction. And the lesson is consistently missed: you can no more mix Marxism with Liberalism than you can mix oil with water. The result is a confused, precocious and sometimes violent (and vengeful) child.

Inevitably, this whole system - this Hellish Utopia - must eventually come apart under its own momentum and Sweden must then choose whether it wants to live in a full-fledged, nightmarish communist Marxist state, like the inhabitants of Eastern Europe were forced to under Soviet tyranny, or finally embrace libertarianism - true liberalism. The social experiment of Olof Palme is a failure as proved by the unaccountable Social Service Gestapo, bloated with power it has no idea how to handle responsibly, which runs this country as proxies for an indifferent government concerned only about its own survival and power base. Swedes are, in their heart of hearts, libertarians because all liberated humans are. The ones that aren't are enslaved by impossible dreams that only hurt and destroy innocents, and specifically the "gentle".

What I fear the most for this country is the bunker mentality of the social services and the government. They are going to hold out no matter the cost, just as Hitler did as his Reich collapsed around him and as people unnecessarily died trying to prop it up, and as all those of a totalitarian mindset do, because they're more concerned about themselves than they are about the welfare of the people. So we should take seriously the statement made by Kim Jong Il, the Marxist dictator of North Korea, who said without blushing:

    "If we lose, I will destroy the world!"

That, my friends, is the true and dangerous mindset of the Marxist Cult of Death and that is why Marxism has got to be extirpated from Sweden's social system, because far too many despotic people still think that way. The Social Services Department has not yet learned this lesson, it would seem, and it is there we must start, exposing the whole child-trafficking monstrosity and helping Sweden to squarely face the shame of it. Just as the German people had to face the shame of the extermination camps erected in their name, so the Swedish people must face a similar monster which their system has become and which was created in their name. There's no easy way out of it but for sure a lot less suffering will result if the guilty parties own up, for if they do, we will be more likely to embrace and accept them than if they don't. Forgiveness is a powerful healing balm but if the conditions for this are not offered, it will just perpetuate the cycle of psychological violence.

It really is time to say: "No more!" It really is time that justice be done for Domenic Johansson.


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(2) Daniel Hammarberg, Swedish Child Welfare: Tough with the Gentle, Gentle with the Tough

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