Something Rotten

in the State of Sweden

More Unbearable Psychological

Torture Against the Johanssons

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

The depths of cruelty of the Gotland Social Services and of the Swedish State that upholds and defends its abduction of Domenic Johansson seems to know no bounds. Having first seized this child and put it into foster care because his parents were legally homeschooling, and then - in a puerile act of damage control - having later made up pathetic excuses to justify this act of piracy by falsely accusing the parents of neglecting his health (because of some tooth cavities and vaccinations they legally refused), this criminal cabal of social workers and local politicians then, yesterday, decided to deny all parental access of the boy's parents (they were seeing him once every 5 or so weeks before), cutting off their last lifeline to their only son and putting them and their son through more agonising heartbreak. Their reason? It was "lawful" for them to do so.

And in this respect these sociopathic officials are absolutely right - Sweden's notorious LVU law, SOSFS 1997:15 does give Social Services the right to do whatever they want and without any sort of accountability to the people (see video below). As far as children and families are concerned, Sweden has now blatantly and unashamedly demonstrated that it is an anti-family, child racketeering POLICE STATE.

Foster Care in Sweden

The Johansson's can't defend themselves with their own lawyer because in totalitarian Sweden the defence lawyers are now appointed by the State, just as they are in dictatorships. They have been repeatedly refused their own lawyer with which to defend themselves. It wasn't always that way but the state kept getting defeated again and again by this human rights lawyer in other child-abduction cases. So they decided to put an end to proper independent representation by appointing their own less-than-motivated and often hostile lawyers. The Johanssons can't prosecute the Social Services either because the latter are now above any sort of law requiring accountability and they can't publically broadcast the hearings that do take place because, like other fascist states, hearings take place behind closed doors. As the Gotland Kommun (Municipality) Chief (now a member of parliament in Stockholm) admitted to an American reporter, these proecedings are a state "secret". And no wonder, because totalitarian states always conceal their crimes behind closed doors. So much for the Reinfeldt's government's promise of a more open Sweden. If they are still serious then there be an open, public enquiry into the Johanssons - now!. But no, I believe, as the rest of us do, that they were just lying as usual.

The Swedish state adopts an unjust paternalistic attitude - "the state knows best", a thought drummed into citizens from childhood so that when they become adults they unquestionaingly trust authority and regard those who challenge it as mentally ill. You are not supposed to resist the authorities - if you do, there is something definitely wrong with you.

There were never any grounds for taking Domenic away from his very stable and loving family and there are no suddenly discovered grounds either for denying all access to their one and only child now. This is a clear cut case of naked revenge being exercised by a state institution with far too much power against those who dare challenge their decisions. What is wrong with these state employees? They are either totally unqualified or too immature to be responsible for making the draconian decisions they do. What we are witnessing is reminiscent of the system of "justice" of the former Soviet Union, a system concerned only with power and not with human rights or the welfare of ordinary people.

Such an ultra-statist system, if it is not reformed, will eventually implode, as it tightens the noose it has around its citizenry. In the meantime, hundreds of thousands of children and families will continue to needlessly suffer in the Swedish Gulag and in those countries foolish enough to try and imitate it because of pipsqueaks in Social Services and Government.

Pipsqueaks (in case you're wondering what they are) are people who love to degrade and humiliate those over whom they have authority - and they have demonstrated the perverse pleasure they get in humiliating the Johanssons. Yet pipsqueaks are craven before those who have authority over them, and put on airs of humility before judges and others above them. Pipsqueaks walk with a swagger, they love to oppress others and see them suffer because of the psychological kick it gives them, but when someone more powerful than them approaches, they shrink and disappear back into the woodwork. Faced with superiors who are bigger bullies than they are (such as corrupt judges and politicians), the fearful, grovelling pipsqueak is quick to lick boots. He (or she) is your typical lackey or croney who, in the society of ordinary decent people, would never receive anyone's democratic vote - they are employees of autocratic systems such as the military, social services and government. Every dictatorship has them because without them that dictatorship could not survive - they are used to beat folks like you and me into submission by physical, psychological or economic violence.

Sweden is not, of course, the only Western country with Social Services abuses (their standards are being eroded everywhere) but it is one of the worst - it is so bad, in fact, that there seems to me to be little justificication in continuing to call Sweden a liberal democracy at all. It isn't, as has been proven again and again on our Politics page.

When a society stops caring about individual rights then it is a society that has fallen asleep. Those infected with the totalitarian virus know, moreover, that most people don't wake up from this state of apathy until the blade of the fascist knife is on their very own throats. With 5% of the Swedish juvenile population in state "care" (read incarceration), and the vast majority of them the innocent victims of state child trafficking, one has to wonder why so few are crying out. Most people are overwhelmed by the shere mass of the state apparatus, the overwhelming power that state authorities exercise, and know that it is hopeless trying to get any sort of justice. All corrupt totalitarian systems do eventually come to an end but not before millions have suffered unnecessarily. Sweden's problem, as I have stated elsewhere, is not a lack of democracy but a lack of fundamental human freedoms. It is one of the most advanced and sophisticated tyrannies in the West because it is expert at making itself appear to be a Utopia when it is not.

The Johanssons are, quite simply, the victims of a decision by a group of very sick individuals who have decided to make an "example" of them as a warning to others - whether homechoolers or families in general - not to oppose the state. It has partly worked - some of the homechooling community has fled (though hardly any have surrendered to the state schooling system, which is what the government wanted), but the rest have stayed to take the flak and to stand their ground. The government has a choice - to demonstrate its Marxist alter-ego by violently stamping out all the rest through character assassination and the like, or to yield to its libertarian alter-ego and admit a terrible mistake was made. If it chooses the former, it will rapidly slide into more open communist dictatorship and expose itself and so bring about its demise. If it chooses the latter, it can show that it is human like the rest of us, capable of making mistakes, but big enough to admit it was wrong and make ammends.

The Johanssons may never fully recover from their nightmare - the damage has been done. What the government has to decide - particularly those with any heart - is whether it is willing to repeat this on other homeschoolers or not. If it has any brains it must surely know that this tiny, "insignificant" community is never going to die, and that any and every attack against it will simply multiply the protest and multiply the number of sympathisers. The more they hurt us, the louder we will get until the storm of outrage and indignation pours on them like a tsunami and sweeps them all away.

The Swedish economic experiment, for all its faults, has worked to a degree, but its social experiment is an abysmal failure. It has not achieved the results that were originally desired either socially or educationally. Rather, it has first dumbed-down and enslaved the people. The same educatioonal mistakes are being repeated. Many abroad look up to Sweden and view it as a wodnerful rôle model to emulate but they have not been shown the reality of what is going on here. And had I not been a homeschooler, I probably would have remained in ignorance of the Swedish Marxist nightmare myself.

Sweden has a lot of wonderful traditions and Swedes do not need the murderous Marxist system to destroy them. The Johanssons have literally begged on their knees for mercy but this has only made the Marxist lords all the more determined to stamp them out. Marxism does not respond to the heart but to a deadly and unworkable set of principles - as Mao, said, "power comes out of the barrel of a gun" - and its overthrow must come by equally determined action on the part of the oppressed. We homeschoolers represent non-violence but we do represent non-silence. And unless they are planning to murder us, the government is going to have to come to terms sooner or later. Whether at home or as exiles abroad, Swedish homeschoolers are not going to roll over and die as cannon fodder for a diabolical religion of hate. Having seen the unmitagated evil unleashed on the Johanssons, we know that we have to fight back. We have no other choice. And because the government is plain wrong, it will lose in the end.

The arsenal of homeschooler supporters in Sweden and abroad, moreover, is rapidly expanding. We are organised and we have many good people in important positions in society both at home and abroad supporting us. Politicians, lawyers, journalists, academics, professional teachers, human rights campaigners, an expanding army of activists who are as passionate about this cause as we are, and many people of good-will who understand that when the rights of one section of the community get trampled on that they're probably next. We all agree with Einstein who said that "the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who won't do anything about it". And we intend to do something about it.

I wish you could all know the unspeakable mental and emotional torture and decimated health the Johansson family has gone through and is still going through because then you would, if you had any heart, be outraged. And we are very, very outraged because what is being attacked here is the essence of humanity itself, that which makes life worth living for - our families and our personal liberties. And that's why we are fighting - because we're fighting for all that which gives life value and meaning. The economics of all of this is last on our list of priorities.

As for those who have done this to the Johanssons, I will say this to your faces: You have violently robbed their lives, their hopes, their loves, their dreams, their future and their wealth. You are, unless you have a change of heart, criminals against humanity of the blackest dye.

All that's left for them now is to physically torture and kill them which some doubtless would like do if the law allowed them to. Sweden is not that far down the road of the totalitarian nightmare but it has definitely gone up a gear and is accellerating. Have we learned nothing from the communist and fascist horrors of the 20th century? Are we, as a nation, so insane as to allow this to happen again?. If you think it is impossible, visit the Johanssons and the scores of others who have suffered under this hellish régime and see for yourselves.

It is time for the libertarians in Sweden and the world to now say:



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Last updated on 29 August 2011