4 Questions for Swedish Politicians on Homeschooling
4 frågor till svenska politikkare om hemundervisning

Det finns många självutnämnda experter på detta område i Sverige som i själva verket inte vet någonting alls. Kanske kan de skollagen, men de förstår inte innebörden i vad den beskriver visavi hemundervisning.

Varje "expert" som uttalar sig i frågan bör testas genom följande frågor?

1. Nämn några studier på hemundervisningens akademiska resultat som du läst. Vilka var slutsatserna?

2. Vem gjorde den omtalade jämförande studien på hemundervisade barn och skolbarn visavi social förmåga? Vilken var slutsatsen?

3. Kan du förklara de psykologiska mekanismerna bakom hemundervisade barns goda sociala utveckling?

4. Vad säger FN:s särskilde Rapportör för Rätten till Utbildning om hemundervisning.

Kan ni inte svara på detta som en politikker >> ROHUS & FreeSweden.net

There are many self-appointed experts in the area of homeschooling in Sweden who in reality don't know anything at all. They may know the School Law but they don't understand the contents concerning what is written about homeschooling.

Each "expert" who gives voice to this question needs to be tested on the following questions:

1. Name some studies you have read on the academic results on homeschooling. What were the conclusions?

2. Who did the comparitive studies on homeschooled children and school children vis-a-vis socialisation skills? What were the conclusions?

3. Can you explain the psychological mechanism behind the good social development of homeschooled children?

4. What does the United Nation's Rapporteur say about the Right to Education and homeschooling?

If you as a politician can't answer these, >> ROHUS & FreeSweden.net

"Research on the question of socialization suggests that children are thriving in the home school environment and that much can be learned from looking more closely at what homeschooling families are doing" (Richard G. Medlin, Home Schooling and the Question of Socialization, Peabody Journal of Education, 75(1&2), pp.107-123)


Welcome to the main Home Education page of FreeSweden.net with its extensive materials on homeschooling in Sweden and to a limited extent elsewhere in the world as it touches upon the Swedish situation.

This website has grown considerably since it was started in October 2009 and will continue to grow to make it a primary resource for all of you who want to know about our situation and goals here in Sweden. We also hope this will be useful to both Swedes interested in homeschooling as well as foreigners moving to work and live in Sweden who may not be aware of our situation and think that homeschooling is 'normal' here as it is elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately, it is not - it is a war zone.

"All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth"
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

As of June 2010 homeschooling was made illegal (effective July 2011) and most of those homeschoolers who are persisting in the exercise of their human rights are being persecuted with fines and imprisonment, and some are having their children abducted by Social 'Services'. The rest are fleeing the country as refugees. Sweden does not honour its EU Treaty obligations and disregards the human rights code of the United Nations. So unless you are prepared to enter the fight and risk the well-being and cohesiveness of your family, you are advised not to come to Sweden. This is absolutely not a safe place for families to live whether you are a Swedish or a foreign national. The internationally accepted rights of parents are ignored.

"Homeschooling is not just about school - it's about life" (Anon)

The primary language of communication on this website is English as we are attempting to reach an international readership though there are many materials in Swedish and where possible, translations into both languages. We appreciate any and all translation services that may be offered to ensure both English- and Swedish-speaking audiences are reached.

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled" (Plutarch)

"Your failure to be informed does not make me a wacko" (John Loeffler)

"The respect of parents' freedom to educate their children according to their vision of what education should be has been part of international human rights standards since their very emergence" (The Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, 8 April 1999)

"Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon" (E.M.Forster)

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Articles & Links on State-Kidnapped Domenic Johansson

"Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is" (Isaac Asimov)

Click here to read this important academic study prepared for, but totally ignored by, the Swedish government

" We have come to realise that for most men the right to learn is curtailed by the obligation to attend school...Schools are designed on the assumption that there is a secret to everything in life; that the quality of life depends upon knowing that secret; that secrets can only be known in orderly successions; and that only teachers can properly reveal these secrets. An individual with a schooled mind conceives of the world as a pyramid of classified packages accessible only to those who carry the proper tags." (Ivan Illich)

Jonas Himmslestrand
Hemskolning i Sverige
(in Swedish)

Jonas Himmelstrand - Hemskolning i Sverige

from LvMI Sverige on Vimeo

"Much education today is monumentally ineffective. All too often we are giving young people cut flowers when we should be teaching them to grow their own plants" (John W. Gardner)

German Child Welfare Agency
Sweden Has Practically an Identical System
and the Same Human Rights Abuses

Child Welfare Agency Echoes Nazi Germany? - CBN

Swedish Social Services Ten Commandments (English & Swedish)

"Everyone has the right to education... Education shall be directed towards the full development of the human personality... No person shall be denied the right to education. In the exercise of any function which it assumes in relation to education and to teaching, the state shall respect the right of parents to ensure such education and teaching in conformity with their own religious and philosophical convictions." (Article §2 of Protocol No.1 of the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Incorporated into Swedish law on 1 January 1995 and since 1 January 2010 and the signing of the Lisbon Treaty, the a priori law of Sweden - but ignored by Sweden)

If you agree that the new Swedish Law banning homeschooling is wrong, please consider supporting us by signing your name to the Rohus Petition below:

If you live in Sweden, click here

If you live outside Sweden, click here

We are not going away until the Swedish Government fully returns to us what it stole in violation of European Law and the UN Convention on Human Rights. We shall simply get louder. And if continues to persecute us, our words will speak a thousand times louder that had it left us alone, for everything it does shall be paraded for the whole world to see. This government has shamed a great country and tarnished the names of its great reformers. In the words of Winston Churchill, "We shall never surrender!"

"Parents have a priority right to choose the kind of education their children shall receive" (Article §26(3) of the United Nations Declaration of Universal Human Rights, 1948. Not a part of Swedish law but carries great moral and ethical weight - currently ignored by the Swedish government)

A. Main Articles by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.

Introductory Articles to FSN Sub-Sites

1. Introduction to FreeSweden.net
2. Introduction to Home Education
3a. Introduction to Politics: Libertarianism
3b. Introduction to Politics: Swedish Political System Exposed
3c. Introduction to Politics: The Second Battle of Poltava
3d. Introduction to Politics: A Society Without a Goal
3e. Introduction to Politics: Awakening The Sleeping Beauty
4. Introduction to Psychiatry
4a. Introduction to Religion: A Mental Sickness in Sweden
4b. Introduction to Religion: My Personal Agenda
4c. Introduction to Religion: The Swedish Story

1. The Warren Report on Homeschooling in Sweden

1a. The 30 Key Points of the Warren Report on Homeschooling in Sweden
1b. Covering Letter for the Warren Report on Homeschooling in Sweden
2. Homeschooling and the European 'Third Way'

3. Björklund's Way: Swedish Teachers as Mental Surgeons
4. Child's Right, or State's Right?
5. Britain Says NO to Regulation of Homeschooling
6. Letter to Gotland Kommun in Defence of Domenic Johansson
7. Scheller's Way: Conform and Be Content...or Else
8. Arvika Kommun: Our Swedish Municipality
9. An Open Letter to Swedish Politicians (2009)
10. Why Homeschooling Was Really Banned in Sweden
11. Refugees Fleeing From Totalitarian Sweden
12. The New Education Law: Regimentation and Suffocation
13. Hoffstedt's Dark Secret: Why a Homeschooler is a Prisoner
14. Why is the Swedish State So Cruel and Heartless?
15. Educational Research, School Learning and Real Life
16. New Swedish Refugees Seeking Political Assylum in USA
17. The Conformist Mindset: Origins of Swedish State Control
18. Karl Marx and the Communist Religion of Hate
19. Five Questions about Home Education from Swedish TV
20. Strange Goings-On: Sweden, Germany, EU and Home Ed
21. Swedish Government and Taliban United!
22. Swedish Government Abuses UN Education Rights
23. From Democracy to Dictatorship Using Democracy
24. 1 July 2011: Sweden's Day of Infamy?
25. Sweden's Final Solution for Homeschoolers
26. Something Rotten in the State of Sweden
27. Parental Love Forbidden in the Swedish Utopia
28. Science Inc. - The Politicisation & Corporatisation of Science
29. Barbaric, Cowardly & Corrupt: Socio-Fascist Swedish State
30. Swedish Perceptions: The Mass Psychology of Utopia
31. Flight & Terror: The Swedish Nightmare Continues
32. Wang Shi-wei: A Warning Voice from China's Past
33. The Soviet Union and Swedish Family Rights
34. State Piracy Inc. - The Liberal Party's Lotta Edholm Wants the Swedish State to Abduct ALL Homeschooled Children
35. The Coburg Factor: Between People and Nations
36. Fascist Sweden Forces Home Ed Leader into Exile
37. Fragrant Intestines: A Taste of the Swedish Utopia
38. Joint Statement on Swedish Human Rights
39. From Sweden Without Love: Domenic Johansson, Homeschooling, Mother India and the Swedish Gulag
40. Psychology of the Marxist Death Cult (CCMW)
41. Gothenburg Breakout: The Consequences of a Recent Court Ruling for Homeschoolers in Sweden
42. System Failure: The Latest Swedish State Educational Results
43. System Failure: The Future of Swedish Education & Family Rights
44. Ivan Illich: On Deschooling Society
45. Swedish Nightmare: The Social Services Department, Long Arm of the Social Dictatorship
46. Third Wave Feminism and Swedish Homeschooling
47. Oikophobia: Sweden's Social Cancer and How to Save the Country
47. Fascist Twins: Germany & Sweden Perfect the Art of State Kidnapping in the EU (CCMW)
48. SWEDEN, The Inhumane Land, Part 1 - Another State Kidnapping in the Swedish Utopia (CCMW)
49. Impressed: A Swedish State School Teacher Observes a Homeschooling Family (CCMW)

"There is no school equal to a decent home and no teachers equal to honest virtuous parents" (Gandhi)

B. Articles by Other Writers
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1a. General Homeschooling

The Keir Watson Memorandum on the Badman Report - A superb evaluation of state schooling and homeschooling by a British state school teacher at the time when the former Labour Government was trying to regulate homeschooling along similar lines to Sweden - one of the best and most concise summaries on the subject and well worth the read
Dangers of Homeschooling: What the Government Wants You to Believe (spoof)
The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same - Homeschooling and Socialisation Questions (Pat Farenga) (movie)
What is Unschooling? (Prof. Peter Gray) - a study of the 'unschooling' branch of homeschooling in Psychology Today
In Berlin, Global Homeschooling Leaders Unveil Historic Declaration (Alex Newman)
Parents Shed Tears Over Homeschool-Crackdown Horrors - Conference aims to unite community to fight fines, jail, loss of custody (Alex Newman)
Homeschoolers Flee Persecution in Germany and Sweden (Alex Newman)

1b. General Homeschooling - Academic Studies

Cato Institute, Public Policy Sources #51 - Homeschooling: From the Extreme to the Mainstream (Canada & USA) (Patrick Basham) - This paper has established that homeschooling is a thriving educational movemment both in Canada and the USA. It has also empirically demonstrated that the academic and socialization outcomes for the average home schooled child are superior to those experienced by the average public schol student
Academic Statistics on Homeschooling (HSLDA) - A summary, with references to other materials, of the proven effectiveness of homeschooling in the country with the greatest experience of it, the United States
Institutionalization is Bad for Socialization (Rowan Fortune-Wood) - Empirical evidence from British institutions that pre-school and school pose the greatest threat to the emotional and social development of the young, and not families
Homeschooling Outcomes: How Do They Compare? (Dr. Gwen Dewar) - Empirical academic evidence that structured homeschooling scores higher than instituionalised state schooling
Homeschoolers, Not Unschoolers, Get A+ (Dr. Gwen Dewar) - A comparison of structured homeschooling vs. unstructured homeschooling or 'unschooling'
Complete Book: Deschooling Society (Ivan Illich)

1c. General Education & Society

Education is Self-Organising (movies)
State-Controlled Consciousness (John Taylor Gatto) (movies)
Schools Kill Creativity (Ken Robinson) (movie)
Children Educate Themselves - a Psycho-Analytical Report (Prof. Peter Gray)
The Makers of Modern Schooling (John Taylor Gatto) - a guided tour of the history of modern schooling...it is not at all what you were probably taught (external link)
The Underground History of American Education (John Taylor Gatto) - this ground-breaking book is now available free chapter-by-chapter online and/or you can purchase a copy of the book at the link provided. Many other resources are available at this link too. Prologue: "The shocking possibility that dumb people don't exist in sufficient numbers to warrant the millions of careers devoted to tending them will seem incredible to you. Yet that is my central proposition: the mass dumbness which justifies official schooling first had to be dreamed of; it isn't real" (external link)
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address - the founder of Apple/Macintosh Computers shares anecdotes about life and education, and the importance of being free to choose the way one learns (movie)

2. European Union - Germany and Sweden Ignore Its Laws

German Homeschoolers' Political Asylum in America Exposes the EU Gulag (Gerald Warner)

3a. Sweden (EU) - Homeschooling (also see Germany below)

Brottslig skola (Neo) (Swedish)
Förbjud ger inget gott samhälle - Prohibition Does Not Make for a Good Society (Mattias Svensson) (Swedish & English)
Sweden Bans Home-schooling, Religious Instruction (Alex Newman)
Björklund's Bill: The New Law is a Step Backwards - Nya skollagen ett steg tillbaka (J.Whiteford) (English & Swedish)
Continued Battle for Homeschooling - Fortsatt strid om hemundervisning (Johanna Palmström) (English & Swedish)
A Fundamental Difference: Home Education in Sweden and Finland (Mischa Hammarnejd)
Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked (Alex Newman)
Young Swedes Want to Know the Truth (Swedish & English)
Jan Björklunds skola borde inte vara facit - Jan Björklund's School Shouldn't Be So Test-Oriented (Eva Cooper) (Swedish & English)
Letter to the Swedish Government from the German Homeschooling Association (Jörg Großelümern)
Swedish Hate Crime (Touchstone)
De flyr den nya skollagen - They are Fleeing the New School Law (Samuel Teglund) (Swedish)
Barn lär sig om livet i skolan - Children Learn About Life at School (CCMW et al) (Swedish & English)
Leaving Home: New Law Forces Home-Schoolers to Fight or Flee (Alex Newman)
The Legal Kidnapping of a Child - 4 August 2011 (Toni Mascaró)
Hemundervisning måste vara tillåten - Homeschooling Must Be Permitted (Alfred Askeljung, Benjamin Juhlin & Caspian Rehbinder) (Swedish & English)
The Dark Side of Government Schooling in Sweden (Pat Farenga)
"Vi är de enda i Sverige" - "We are the Only Ones in Sweden" (Vávra Suk) (Swedish)
De har den enda hemskolan i Sverige - The Only Homeschoolers in Sweden (Vávra Suk) (Swedish)
Swedish Politician to Social Services Minister: Take Homeschooled Kids! (HSLDA)
Hemmet bättre än skolan - Home is Better Than School (Jonschimms, Hall & Fjellström)
Var fjärde hemundervisare flyr Sverige för utlandet - A Quarter of all Homeschoolers Fleeing Abroad From Sweden (Samuel Teglund)
Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution (Alex Newman)
Hemundervisning: den bästa gåva du kan ge ditt barn - Home Education: The Best Gift You Can Give Your Child (Berit USA)
Borgarna har gått längre i socialism än (S) - The Conservatives Have Gone Further in the Direction of Socialism than the Social Democrats (Tomas Ander)
Swedish Court Corrects National Law, Supports Religious Freedom, Human Rights (Baila Olidort)

3b. Sweden (EU) - State Education & Social

Sweden: Parental Inquisition (P.Kamakawiwoole)
Deliberate Witchhunt Against Christianity in Schools - Medveten klappjakt på kristendomen i skolan (R.Agnarsson) (in English & Swedish)
Tvåspråkiga barn halkar efter - Bilingual Children Fall Behind
Hemspråk ger elever bättre betyg - Home Language Gives Students a Better Grade (Annika Hamruden) - the bias in the state school system against those whose mother tongue is not Swedish (in English & Swedish)

External Links

Swedish Supreme Court's Criticism of the New Education Act (in Swedish)

4. United Kingdom (EU) - An Excellent Rôle Model

The Keir Watson Memorandum on the Badman Report - a superb evaluation of state schooling and homeschooling by a British state school teacher
German Homeschoolers' Political Asylum in America Exposes the EU Gulag (Gerald Warner)
Down Wiv School: Children are Best Educated at Home (The Times Newspaper & Irdial)
Institutionalization is Bad for Socialization (Rowan Fortune-Wood)

External Links 1 - Articles

Teacher Abuse of Pupils (Mike Fortune-Wood)
A Kind of Treason...? (Roland Meighan)

External Links 2 - Websites

PowerWood UK - Balance Skills and Better the World - specialist social and emotional care for children who are intelligent, intense, sensitive and teenagers with uneven development and over-excitabilities; special workshops for parents too

5. Germany (EU) - the Country Sweden Wrongly Emulates

"Schulzwang ist staatlich missbrauchte Schulpflicht -
Compulsory school attendance is compulsory government abuse"

Battle Against Fascist Conformity (Michael Smith) - the way Sweden is headed is the way Germany has been since the Hitlerite era of education
German Homeschoolers' Political Asylum in America Exposes the EU Gulag (Gerald Warner)
German Homeschooling Family Under Assault (CBN, Irdial et al.)
The German Model Taken to Its Logical Conclusion (Irdial)
Hitler’s Ghost Haunts German Parents (Alexandra Colen)
‘Anachronistic’ Germans told to allow Home Schooling (Irdial)
Strange Goings-On: Sweden, Germany, EU and Home Ed (CCMW)
United Nations Report on Education Abuse in Germany
Letter to the Swedish Government from the German Homeschooling Association (Jörg Großelümern)
Nazi-Style Education Still the Norm in Germany (Brian Farmer)
Persecution of German Home Schoolers (Hilary White)
Plea from a Young State-Kidnapped German Girl (Irdial)
Die Endlösung - The Final Solution to the Homeschooling Problem (Bob Unruh)

6. Finland (EU) - a Country Sweden Ought to Emulate

Four Reasons Finland’s Schools are Better Than Ours (Alan Bibby) - a comparison with US state schools
A Fundamental Difference: Home Education in Sweden and Finland (Mischa Hammarnejd) - the experience of a homeschooling refugee from Sweden in exile in Finland

7. United States - the World Leader in Home Education

Back to Basics Reform - or OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum? (Charlotte T. Iserbyt) - written in 1985 by an official in the U.S. Department of Education, the predictions made in this book have literally been fulfilled in this 21st century (PDF Book)
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - A Chronological Paper Trail (Charlotte T. Iserbyt) - written in 1999 by a former official in the U.S. Department of Education in the Reagan Administration, this book will change forever the way you look at your child's education and give you a clear understanding as to why American education has taken the route it has and how this Marxist blueprint is being implementted in every educational system internationally including Sweden; contains important references to homeschooling - for a complete review, radio interviews and articles on this important book, please see the author's website (PDF Book)
The Death of Free Will (Charlotte T. Iserbyt) - written in 2010 by a former official in the U.S. Department of Education, this study charts the methodology used by modern Marxist educationalists to extingish free will and conscience (PDF file)
The Secret History of Western Education: The Scientific Destruction of Minds (Charlotte T. Iserbyt) - everything you didn't know about the covert Marxification of international education (Movie)
Here I Stand (Erica Goldson) - Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Schooling, Coxsackie-Athens Valedictorian Speech 2010 (Video and Text)
US Education Goal: Dumb & Dumber (Ed Watch)

External Links

Moore Homeschooling (website) - The balance of Academics and Work/Service
The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (Charlotte T. Iserbyt)
American Deception.com - Uncovering the Deceptively Hidden Truth (Education Section)
Education Evolution (website) - The School Sucks Project
Wendy Priesnitz (website) - Rethinking how we live in our families and our communities, and on our planet
John Holt (website) - Founder of Unschooling
John Taylor Gatto - The Odysseys Group (website) - Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling

"What is most important and valuable about the home as a base for children's growth into the world is not that it is a better school than the schools, but that it isn't a school at all" (John Holt)

C. Victims of the Swedish
Schooling & Social Welfare System


For a Complete Overhaul of Swedish Family Policy

Sign the Petition Here!

About 20,000 children - ~1% of the pre-adult population - are taken from their families and put into state-controlled institutions and foster care per year. The vast majority (90%) are perfectly normal and come from normal homes. Teenagers take their lives in Sweden because of state intrusion into family life. In the last couple of years (2009-2011) many teenagers have committed suicide having been taken from their homes against the will of both their families and themselves. The state shows very little respect for family rights as demonstrated recently by its outlawing of homeschooling and kidnapping of Domenic Johansson.

Please see Daniel Hammarberg's site on Swedish Child Welfare for more background information - Daniel is himself a victim and unwilling client of the 'care' system. Also see his book and movies, The Madhouse. Please also see our Swedish Psychiatry and Swedish Politics sections for more background on the 'Swedish Model'.

Please also write in and let us know your own stories. Not only the world but ordinary Swedes need to know what's happening in the Swedish Social Paradise in the name of democracy in a system out of control!

Check out the resources below and discover what is really happening in the Swedish Gulag.

Incompetent Social Workers Destroy People's Lives

Support Groups

Familjer som hamnat i händerna på socialtjänsten - Families Who Have Fallen into the Hands of Social Services - Facebook support group for Swedish families who have suffered, and are still suffering, at the hands of Sweden's notorious Social Services (mostly in Swedish - external link)

Individual Stories and Case Histories

Domenic Johansson - FSN's story of state-kidnapped homeschooled Domenic Johansson and his parents, victims of educational and social discrimination (in English)
The Edner Case - a detailed report by the Nordic Committee on Human Rights on FSN showing how the authoritarian Swedish state works; an English woman living in Gothenburg has her daughter taken by Social Services and given to state-sponsored foster parents based on the false accusation of a man whose amorous advances she rejected (in English)
Jonatan Tjoa - another story from the infamous Gotland Social Services, this time of a boy removed from his Chinese-Indonesian mother and given to his millionnaire Swedish father (in English and Swedish - external link)
Natalia Petrova - another story from Swedish Social Services, this time of a Russian mother and journalist who had her twins Natalia and Nelly kidnapped and who hasn't seen them since (in Bulgarian - external link)
Den galna mamman - the Crazy Mum - the story of a Swedish mother who was falsely blamed by the system and her 9 year-old daughter expelled from school for reporting a school that could not stop the bullying of her daughter (in Swedish - external link)
Felicias liv - Felicia's Life - the story of Felicia Petersson, believed by her mother to have been murdered in a Swedish state institution after being forcibly put there by Social Services because she was bullied at state school; whether it was suicide or murder does not, however, diminish the terrible tragedy for which Social Services were responsible - also see video below (in Swedish - external link)

Sophie Lohede - the story of a Swedish girl unnecessarily state-institutionalised by Social Services and her tragic suicide (in Swedish)

In memory of Sophie Lohede


G. Carlo & C. Edwards (editors), The Roots of Goodness: The Fulfillment of Basic Human Needs and the Development of Caring, Helping and Non-aggression, Inclusive Caring, Moral Courage, Active Bystandership, and Altruism Born of Suffering (PDF file) - if this became the standard for social relations in Sweden, there would be a positive revolution in Social Services and in State Schools that would turn around the Marxist horror inflicted on children and families in Sweden today.

Genocide Sweden The horror story of one Bulgarian mother and the totalitarian Swedish state (in Swedish and Bulgarian).

Free Thomas Kallmyr and Return His Sons! (FaceBook Group) (in Swedish and English) and Escargency - the story of how intellectual Thomas Kallmyr had 2 of his 13 children abducted by the Swedish state and how he himself was put into a psychiatric institution for raising sensitive political questions about the murder of Swedish prime Minister Olof Palme (in Swedish).

Return Mimi, Rozita and Romen Kallmyr to Their Mother in Bulgaria! (FaceBook Group) (in Swedish and English)

"School was the unhappiest time of my life and the worst trick it ever played on me was to pretend that it was the world in miniature. For it hindered me from discovering how lovely and delightful and kind the world can be, and how much of it is intelligible" (E.M.Forster)

Become a Rich Child-Trafficker in Sweden!

Want to make a fortune without going to a top MBA school?

Set up a FOSTER HOME INSTITUTION in Sweden! You will get Kr. 4,000:- per state-kidnapped child per day or Kr.1.5 million per state-kidnapped child per year. The profit margin is more than double and you get the money from the trusting, ripped-off tax-payers.

Guaranteed annual supply of around 10,000 to 20,000 children from state-destroyed families, including the occasional sweet-natured homeschooler! So NO WORRIES!

Imagine if you could get 10-20 children - you could become a multi-millionnaire in no time at all!!

The Swedish Utopia - land of opportunities!

Smash families and make a handsome PROFIT!

(Adapted from an idea by Alex Tjoa)

Does this sound utterly ridiculous?
If you think it does, click the image below:

Think Your Children Are Safe? = Child Stealing By The State Full
This scorge is worldwide and is an epidemic here in Sweden

Exposing State Child-Trafficking in Sweden

Available at Amazon in Kindle format
Amazon-USA or Amazon-UK
(also available in Swedish as regular book)

"Next to the right to life itself, the most fundamental of all human rights is the right to control our own minds and thoughts. That means, the right to decide for ourselves how we will explore the world around us, think about our own and other persons' experiences, and find and make the meaning of our own lives. Whoever takes that right away from us, as the educators do, attacks the very center of our being and does us a most profound and lasting injury. He tells us, in effect, that we cannot be trusted even to think, that for all our lives we must depend on others to tell us the meaning of our world and our lives, and that any meaning we may make for ourselves, out of our own experience, has no value"
(John Holt)

D. General Education-Related Links

The Odysseus Group - Challenging the Myths of Modern Schooling (John Taylor Gatto)
Altruists International - Education
Strategies to Learn and Grow (J.Himmelstrand)

"Since we can't know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned" (John Holt)

E. Links to Home Education Courses

1. On-Line Courses & Resources for Homeschoolers

Khan Adademy - a non-profit organisation with free world-class education online - vast video library (>2,100), practical exercises, and assessments - all you need is a computer and an internet connection! Useful for both students, home-ed parents and teachers. One of the best free resourses online - a perfect illustration of how modern 21 century education is not dependent on any school system.

Wolfram Alpha - Computational Knowledge Engine (not a Search Engine) - do maths instantly, get facts, calculators, unit conversions, real-time quantitative data and statistics, create plots and visualisations and access vast scientific, technical, chemical, medical, health, business, financial, weather, geographic, dictionary, calendar, reference, and general knowledge - and more. Click here for a quick tour...

Ludwig von Mises Institute - This site offers many thousands of hours of audio and video, thousands of free books in the literature section along with the full run of rare and wonderful journals, biographies and bibliographies of great economists, an active bookstore with outstanding titles as well as ties and shirts, and a full community with forums, chat, user blogs, and more. It is a city unto itself, and it is growing every day.

2. United Kingdom

NEC - National Extension College - pay-based system of study which you can do at home and then take examinations at specially designated centres - for those who want standard UK certificates of education.

3. United States

K¹² Online Public Schools - This schooling differs from traditional schools in that classes do not take place in a building, but rather at home, on the road, or wherever an Internet connection can be found. Students take courses online with support from their teacher via phone, online Web meetings, and sometimes even face to face. The parent (or "Learning Coach") keeps the student on track in line with the provided lessons plans. While courses are delivered online, the schools provide plenty of opportunities to connect online and offline with a vibrant school community for both parents and students.

Insight Schools - Now part of the K¹² family of online schools, Insight Schools is part of the nation’s leading network of online public high schools offering a rigorous full-time curriculum, experienced state-certified teachers that know how to inspire, and a diploma recognized by colleges and universities nationwide.

"We are students of words; we are shut up in schools, and colleges, and recitation rooms, for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bag of wind, a memory of words, and do not know a thing" (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

F. Links to Home Education Websites/Blogs

1. Research on Home Education - Know the Facts, Silence the Sceptics

National Home Education Research Institute - statistics, facts, and findings on home-based education or homeschooling - vital information for those who want to know the academic truth about the proven validity of homeschooling
HomeSchool Legal Defence Association - one of the largest and most comprehensive websites on homeschooling in the world
National Center for Educational Statistics - US Department of Education & Institute of Education Sciences

2. Homeschooling International - Which countries is it legal in? What are the difficulties? Where should I homeschool?

HSLDA International - Skilled lawyers analyse homeschooling in different countries around the world

3. United Kingdom

Home Education - UK
AHEd - Action for Home Education
Education Otherwise
Schoolhouse - Supporting Home Education in Scotland
Home Education Forums - an information portal and networking community for home educators who mean business and to encourage entrepreneurship and preferential trading between members to benefit the home education community and economy in the UK

4. United States

Learning Without Schooling - PatFarenga.com
Ultimate Homeschool Expo - 10 weeks of Preview Seminars, Over 50 speakers, new Homeschool Topics, etc.
Homeschooling: Freedom and Fun For Your Family - a website about educational freedom

5. Denmark

Hjemmeundervisning - Når barnet skal være i centrum (Danish)

6. Sweden

Riksorganisationen för Hemundervisning i Sverige - The Swedish Association for Home Education (Swedish & English)
Hemundervisning Blog (Swedish)
Hemundervisning (Swedish)
Skolans vara...eller inte vara (Swedish & English)
Ellinor Petersen - a homeschooling mother's website (Swedish)

7. Norway

NHUF - Norsk Hjemmeundervisningsforbund (Norwegian)
Opplysningstjenesten for hjemmeundervisning (Norwegian & English)

8. Finland

Suomen kotiopettajat - Finlands hjemundervisare (Finnish & Swedish)

9. Irish Republic

HEN Home Education Network

10. Germany

Educating Germany (English & German)
Netzwerk Bildungsfreiheit (German)
Homeschooling in Deutschland (German)

11. South Africa

South African Association of Homescooling (English & Afrikaans)
Pestalozzi Trust - Legal Defence Fund for Home Education in South Africa (English & Afrikaans)

12. China

China Homeschooling Association (Han Chinese)

"I believe that school makes complete fools of our young men, because they see and hear nothing of ordinary life there" (Petronius, Satyricon)

G. Recommended Books

Ken Robinson, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything (Penguin, London: 2009)

"Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream" (Hugh Hefner)

H. Online Homeschooling English
Curriculae and Resources

The following compilation is not exhaustive but will hopefully provide a stimulus for further research by homeschooling parents.

A. In English

Whole Curriculum:
Ambleside Online Ambleside Online
Old Fashioned Education An Old-Fashioned Education
(Preschool and some elementary) Brightly Beaming Resources
Puritan Homeschool Curriculum. Contains many subjects but is religious. THE PURITANS’ HOME SCHOOL CURRICULUM
Core Knowledge. Teacher jargon outline is at the beginning of each lesson. Scroll past this to get to the actual activity pages of the lesson. Core Knowledge Lesson Plans

Ray's Arithmetic Ray's Arithmetic - Google Book Search
CSMP Materials. Grades k-6. CSMP Materials
First Lessons in Arithmetic Math
NC Public Schools DPI Instructional Services: Mathematics: Grades K-2 Resources (2003 SCS)
Centre for Innovation (UK) Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching - Mathematics Enhancement Programme
Living Math History (Lesson Plans on Right side of Page) C1 Outline and Booklists
Math Worksheets Land Over 4,000 PDF files that total over 12,000 printable pages

Mathematics Drill:
(Online) Math Magician Oswego City School District Math Games
Printable Math Sheets Free Math Worksheets
(online) Math U See Math·U·See Drill Page
Math Worksheets to create and print http://themathworksheetsite.com/

Word Mastery http://donpotter.net/PDF/Word%20Mastery%20-%20Typed.pdf
(online) Starfall Learn to Read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics
Blend Phonics Blend Phonics

Literature/Reading Guides and Units:
Novel Study Guides Novel Study Guides for the Classroom Teacher
Reading Units by Gay Miller. Awesome resource. Book Units
Garden Of Praise Reading Units. Many popular 2nd and 3rd grade reading level titles. Literature Based Reading Lessons
Glencoe Literature Guides. Lots of popular titles. Glencoe Literature: Literature Library
Literature Activity Guides by Nancy Polette. These are samples, but are in depth enough to test if your child understood the story. Literature Guides
SCORE Cyberguides. California Schools. http://www.sdcoe.k12.ca.us/SCORE/cyberguide.html

Free Books:
Classical Education Library Classical Education Library
Kids 4 Classics. Read Free Classical Literature Online at Kids4Classics
Project Gutenberg Online Book Catalog - Overview - Project Gutenberg
Online Library of Liberty. You could spend a lot of time on this site. Online Library of Liberty - Groups
Google Books.Tons of books to read for free. Google Book Search
The Baldwin Project. Lots of free Classic books to print or read online.The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project...Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children
Planet ebook Free section. Lots of Classic literature available to print or read online. Free eBooks at Planet eBook - Classic Novels and Literature You're Free to Share

ZB Spelling Connections Spelling Connections - Practice Pages
Splashes from the River Free Spelling Course
Webster’s Spelling http://www.donpotter.net/PDF/Webster...ook%201824.pdf
(online) Spelling City Online Spelling Program*-*SpellingCity.com
Merriam-Webster. Daily Buzz Word. Merriam-Webster's Word Central

ZB Online Zaner-Bloser FontsOnline 0.6.4
Writing Wizard Make Handwriting Worksheets - ESL Writing Wizard
Custom Tracer Pages Custom Tracer Pages
Nice Writing Paper printables Patterned Paper Index Page@2Learn.ca

Grammar and Creative Writing:
Harvey's Grammar Elementary Grammar and Composition - Google Book Search
Young Novelist Workbooks. There is a workbook for elementary, middle and high school. Designed to go with national novel writing month, but can be used any time. Young Novelist Workbooks | NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program
English Banana Elementary Workbook. For individual pages go to: englishbanana.com - Print Your Own: Big Grammar Book > Free Worksheets for English, EFL and ESL Lessons For complete download go to: English Banana.com's Big Grammar Book - Reviews and free English Banana.com's Big Grammar Book downloads at Download.com
Scott Foresman Scott Foresman Reading: Teacher Resources
Kiss Grammar The KISS Grammar Site -- Main Page
Daily Grammar Daily Grammar Lessons Archive - Comprehensive archive of grammar lessons

Scripted People of America History Lessons. Home School Curriculum | Free Home School Lessons for Beginners
Little City Kids. Kindy or 1st grade world history and geography. Little City Kids : Daily Lesson Plans
American Heritage. Uses teacher jargon, but is complete. Curriculum
Mosaic Introduction to World History Free Lesson Plans: Mosaic Introduction to World History Part 1: Myths, Maps, and Marvels
American History American History Curriculum


Countries and Cultures around the world. Elementary age. Countries and Cultures of the World
Sheppard Software Geography (Online) World Maps - geography online games
Discover America State by State. Uses the C is for...... book series. Gale . Discover America Series . Find Out More . Student Activities
Outline Maps Outline Maps

Current Events:
TIME for kids. Time For Kids | Classroom
NY Times Learning Network. Updated daily and many archived lessons. The New York Times Learning Network

Engineering for kids ages 8 and up. Single subject lesson plans. Nicely done and easy to understand. TryEngineering : Lesson Plans
Earth Awareness Curriculum for Middle Schoolers NSTA Source Reduction Curriculum
Life Science Curriculum http://www.eequalsmcq.com/Thank%20yo...%20Science.htm
Otter’s Science Homeschool Science Curriculum
K-12 Science Curriculum MSNucleus

Computer Science:
Blender 3D animation creation. blender.org - Home
Computer Programming Course Alice.org
Computer Training Courses Free Computer Training at GCFLearnFree.org
Computer Animating and Design Scratch | Home | imagine, program, share

Dick Blick Lessons Search ALL Blick Lesson Plans by... - BLICK art materials
Meet the Masters http://www.getinvolvedineducation.co...ram-Manual.pdf
A Lifetime of Color A Lifetime of Color - Lesson Plans By Grade

Dance Mat Typing BBC - Schools - Dance Mat Typing - Home
Touch Typing (Online) online free touch typing program | keyboarding tutor | Free Typing Games
Kiran's Typing Tutor. Free Typing Tutor

Foreign Languages:
BBC Languages BBC - Languages - Homepage
Elementary/Middle School beginning Spanish. The first book listed is a free download. National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center - Iowa: List of Standards-Based Thematic Units
Greek and Latin Textkit - Greek and Latin Learning Tools
FSI Language Courses FSI Language Courses
Live Mocha This is a social site, so you may want to monitor your kids closely on this one. Livemocha: Learn Languages Online - English, Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, å*¦ä¼šè‹±è¯*

Home Economics:
Future Christian Homemakers. FCH Lessons Index

Virtual Field Trips:
Take a field Trip. Take A Field Trip - UEN
Meet Me at the Corner Meet Me At the Corner, Virtual Field Trips for Kids

High School and College age-ish (Online):
HippoCampus Free Courses http://www.hippocampus.org/
Mixed Courses in many subjects Free-Ed.Net
Printable Courses in all subject areas. Not sure who funds this one, but I like how the curriculum is laid out. http://www.pass.leon.k12.fl.us/Speci...t%20Areas.aspx
University of Berkley Courses. Tons of Free Courses available here. webcast.berkeley | UC Berkeley Video and Podcasts for Courses & Events
Yale University Open Courses. Nicely done and easy to access IMO. Online Video Lectures and Course Materials — Open Yale Courses
University of Washington free courses. OpenUW Free Courses
M.I.T. open Courseware. Tons of completely free courses in many subjects. Free Online Course Materials | Courses | MIT OpenCourseWare

Unit Studies/Notebooking:
A Journey Through Learning Inventor unit study and lapbook. Click on Free products. We enjoyed the lapbook. ajourneythroughlearning.com
H.I.P. Pocket Change. Several Lesson Plans revolving around money. H.I.P. Pocket Change™ Web Site - Lesson Plans
Various Unit Studies Free Homeschooling Unit Studies
Oceanography CurrClick - Christian Cottage - Oceanography - try me for FREE!
Various Subjects: S.C.O.R.E. Language Arts CyberGuides
3 Curriculums about Eyes Ophthalmic Heritage & Museum of Vision
Take a Cloud Walk http://www.nostudentleftindoors.com/...alkMar31LO.pdf
Birds Notebooking pages CurrClick -Notebooking Nook.com - Nature Study ~ Birds ~ Notebooking Pages
Canada Unit Study Canada Unit Study

Online Lesson Planner, Scheduler, and Tracker Homeschool Skedtrack - Online Lesson Planner, Scheduler, and Tracker
Super Teacher Worksheets. Lots of well done worksheets for all subject areas. Grade level 1st-4th. Super Teacher Worksheets - Free Printable Math Worksheets, Grammar Worksheets, Word Problems, Creative Writing Prompts, and More!
Donna Young DonnaYoung.org: Printables and Resources for Home, Homeschooling, and Classrooms
Free Forms Free Homeschool Forms & Worksheets by Cindy Downes
Highland Heritage Forms http://highland.hitcho.com.au/Forms.htm

Some Recommended Freebie Sites:
HSLaunchHomeschool Networking and File Sharing
Homeschool Helper Homeschool Helper
Homeschool Freebie of the day. If you Sign-up for the weekly email, you will receive additional free resources. Freebie of the Day
Currclick. They feature a free product once a week to download. It usually changes Monday afternoons. CurrClick - Curriculum in a click! Affordable curriculum, lapbooks, and homeschooling resources
Freely educate. Lots of great links here. Freely Educate
Hoagies Gifted. Tons of Free high school curriculum links. Hoagies' Gifted: (Free) Online High School Courses
Homeschool Share http://www.homeschoolshare.com/
Education World I really like the lesson of the day feature. Check out the Lesson Plans Page. Education World® The Educator's Best Friend
Internet Activities to coordinate with each grade and subject. Avon Maitland District School Board - Getting Students Connected
ScholasticOnline Activities and Interactive Learning for Students in Grades PreK-12 | Scholastic.com
Softschools Free Math Games and Online practice

Compiled and reproduced with thanks from Well Trained Mind Forum and Lizzie's Fabulous Website for All Ages and Stages

B. In Other Languages

Webmatte.se - Mathematics materials geared to the Swedish Curriculum in Swedish (Years 6-9 + Matematik A) with translations into English/Arabic, English, English/Persian, English/Polish, English/Russian, English/Somali, English/Spanish and English/Swedish (Years 6-9)

"The [British] Government's favourite formula for raising education standards has the merit of simplicity. We are now top of the European league table in at least one respect: our children are subjected to more national school exams than those in any other country...Parents may comfort themselves with the thought that, however badly educated their children may be when they leave school, they will at least be able to do exams" (The Independent, Editorial, 7 January 2000)

The Swedish Government's latest Education Act (2010) is following the same well-tried error of more testing in the vain hope this will improve educational standards.

I. Vitally Important Public Issues

Shocking revelations about human rights
abuses in Sweden and Scandinavia

Please read about the cruel government destruction of
this innocent Swedish homeschooling family above

Read the terrible story of British national Anne Edner ...
one of thousands of state-abducted children in Sweden
See our Politics Page to find out what's going on...

"What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge in pursuit of the child" (George Bernard Shaw)

"You can't teach an old dogma new tricks" (Dorothy Parker)

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