Parental Love Forbidden

Family Affection Inappropriate

in the Swedish Social Paradise

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

It hardly seems believable, and I refused to believe it was true until I came across more and more examples of it, but I'm afraid to say that the Orwellian '1984' Nightmare has already come to Sweden. It wasn't noticed by the population because it was introduced to the public in small increments and not by sudden (and sometimes violent) change. But it's a fact. It's official. Public displays of affection by parents and children to one another is "INAPPROPRIATE". Welcome back to the Marxist Gulag.

I first came across this official stance in the Domenic Johansson case. This very warm and loving family heaped affection on their only son, like the vast majority of normal human beings. And when young Domenic first attended state school he shared his love and affection with his classmates who were unaccustomed to such warmth and generosity of spirit. This "deviant behaviour" was subsequently used against the Johansson Family by the infamous Gotland Social Security Department, who decided they didn't like the Johansson's way of life (that included legally homeschooling and legally abstaining from state kindergarten and legally abstaining from vaccinations) and so abducted him and placed him in foster care. This very tightly-knit family was treated as though it was some kind of inferior or dangerous social mutation. So vicious was the hate of the Social Services that they recently forbade any further contact between parents and child, thus increasing the agony of this already traumatised family.

At first I thought this was just the result of some very immature and psychopathic Social Services workers involved in the case but when the entire political and legal system upheld the case, I began to wonder. It then occurred to me that I very rarely ever saw public displays of affection between parents and their children, and indeed very little physical contact at all. But then parents and children have very little social contact at all in the Swedish Utopia because the system pressurises mothers to have full-time work and children to become daytime wards of state from as young as 18 months. The close and intimate times between mothers and children especially effectively end at 1˝ years of age. With about 95% of all women socially and economically pressed into the workforce, there are hadly any mothers at home any more to take care of their children. The mums are at work and the children are in day care being looked after by overworked and hyper-stressed day care workers - most of them women seeking for the natural fulfilment of their motherly instincts denied them by the Marxist State...and all in the name of "equality".

The result of this misguided government social policy has been a total degradation of the Swedish family. Family life, as traditionally understood by the world, is fast disappearing in Sweden. Stockholm is the world's capital for single people. And with this failed family policy has come a tsunami of psychological problems and suicides. Sweden is a country out of balance and out of harmomny with itself. It is in denial against nature itself-

Domenic Johansson is not the only family that has been publically condemned for its displays of affection. So has the Grüninger family from Germany who came to Sweden in search of freedom from the anti-homeschooling Hitlerite laws in their homeland. Their children were terrorised and bullied at Swedish state school for being Christian but the biggest "sin" of this family was being affectionate. Reporter Alex Newman related:

Parental love inappropriate? Quite apart from the fact that this was, at best, cultural prejudice and discrimination on the part of the state, the state's protest is itself psychopathic and itself unnatural. Who are these people who govern us? Don't they know what family love is? In a nutshell, the Swedish Government wishes parental affection to be suppressed. And that is why the Grüningers decided to homeschool, a decision which got them into even more trouble even though it was legal at the time.

What possible system would want to suppress parental and filial love? I could enter into a long discourse here but since this subject is treated elsewhere on, I will simply explain it in a single word: MARXISM, the religion of hate. Marxism is anti-family, anti-love, anti-innocence, and this is the deadly toxin that has infected Swedish society owing to the misguided ideas of closet communists in high places working to turn Sweden into a new version of the defunct and discredited Soviet Union. And no wonder there is such a huge child-trafficing racket here in Sweden - in Maoist China it was once considered a noble thing to sell your children to raise money for the revolutionary struggle!

They say that a sign of madness is the intransigent insistance of trying old ways again and again when they have been proven not to work. Communism has proven itself to be a failure. Marxist economics are such a disaster that communist countries have been forced to turn to capitalism. The hope is to bribe and distract the people with economic wealth (thanks to capitalism) so that they will not protest too much against the Marxist penchant for social control and absolute power.

Any system which insists that parental affection is "inappropriate" and then penalises loving behaviour, is a sick one. And the evidence of this sickness is all the psychological illness in Sweden today. Sweden's anti-family social policy is an abysmal failure because it is trying to forcibly create something that is unnatural to man. It's trying to turn him into a blind, grey, conformist machine where every individual is a mere batch number for society.

I am not, I hasten to add, a supporter of monopoly capitalism or of the so-called 'right' either. I'm a centrist and I believe in libertarianism, the right for individuals and families to live the kind of life they want to live. I believe in free choice. Marxism does not. It believes in control and the exercise of brutal power to maintain it. The Johanssons, Grüningers, and the homeschooling community in general, along with other normal people, are simply the victims of totalitarianism.

As a friend of mine in Communist China remarked to me recently:

    "Homeschooling is a profound freedeom movement and for police states like China, homeschooling is an urgent need".

The problem in Sweden is not a lack of democracy, as I have said before, but a lack of freedom. Even totalitariamn states can be democratic - the problem is the system in which the democracy is embedded. And Swedish democracy is embedded in a Marxist matrix, just as totalitarian East German Communist 'democracy' was - yes, it was a multi-party state. People need to be free to homeschool, people need to be free to display family affection, people need to be free to live the lifestyles they want to without the big hand of government interfering and penalising them. People need to be free to be normal.

The good news is that abnormal systems eventually collapse. However, in the meantime, tens of thousands must suffer to please the misguided utopian whims of a few crazy Marxists whose system has already been not only proven to be murderous but also an abysmal failure. They have had a century to prove themselves, and have created hell on earth everywhere they have been. How come Sweden thinks it can tame this monster? What Sweden needs is libertarianism, educational emancipation and support for the family. Anything else will just destroy the nation.

Wake up Sweden!

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Last updated on 10 September 2011