"The darkest of regimes for
families in Western Europe"

(Michael Donnelly, director of international relations for the
HSLDA - Home Schooling Legal Defence Association)

The 6 Central Theses of This Politics Website

1. DEMOCRACY WITHOUT LIBERTY (FREEDOM) ALWAYS LEADS TO TOTALITARIANISM - and in particular, to SOCIAL FASCISM - in small though ever widening steps;

2. Sweden is a prime example of this process in action and has reached a political crossroads and social crisis - Sweden has already substantially crossed the line into totalitarianism, exposing the claimed 'Social Upotia' as pure Marxist propaganda;

3. Sweden must now choose LIBERTY by establishing a Constitution for the all the Swedish People guaranteeing all human rights (including homeschooling) including the devolution of education, or develop further into a fully-fledged totalitarian state - this must also include a major reform of the Social Services that includes severe limitations of their powers, reform of the notorious LVU laws, accountability to the public through open courts using juries, an end to child-trafficking and the speedy restoration of state-abducted children to their families;

4. The effective banning of homeschooling and the removal of all choice from education (forcing the same monolithic state-controlled Marxist curriculum on everyone), the forced social-engineering of vulnerable children, the fining and imprisonment of homeschoolers and the state-kidnapping of their children (see Domenic Johansson) is a vile and rotten fruit of this ugly and oppressive totalitarian mentality that has more in common with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and violates not only EU Law but also clear UN directives that say that all parents have the right to take their children out of state schools and home educate them without interference in the way they feel is best for them;

5. As it stands Sweden is not a Western Liberal Democracy but more like the multi-party system of the former Communist East Germany (DDR) as is proven by the adoption of East German educational methods by successive Swedish governments ('left' and 'right') and the deliberate suppression by the current Reinfeldt government of the released STASI files that would clearly show the extent of communist infiltration of, and increasing direct involvement in, the Swedish establishment;

6. Finally, homeschoolers will not lay back and die by submitting to totalitarianism and will fight whether at home or abroad as political refugees until they are given their liberty and are this time fully emancipated. We are demanding the kinds of freedom enjoyed by millions of academically successful and socially well-adjusted homeschoolers in the USA, United Kingdom and elsewhere. Indeed our final word to the Swedish government and other politicians who make the ridiculous assertion homeschooling is impossible, and that only the state schooling system can give children what they need, is this Chinese proverb:

"The person who says it cannot be done
should not interrupt the person doing it"

"Demokrati handlar inte om majoritetens diktatur. Sann demokrati handlar istället om majoritetens ansvar att tillgodose minoriteters behov och särskilda önskningar. I Sverige har endast ca 100 barn hemskolats årligen. Nog borde det finnas utrymme i skolpliktslagen att ge dessa barn och föräldrar möjlighet til fortsatta hemstudier, istället för att tvinga dem i landsflykt
Democracy is not about dictatorship of the majority. True democracy is rather about the responsibility of the majority to see to [for the best of] ............. the minority's needs and special...... wishes. Only ca 100 children have been homeschooled yearly in Sweden. There should, for sure, be place in the law of schoolplight to give these children and parents the possibility to continue homestudies, instead of forcing them to leave the country. "

(Thomas Ander om Hemskolning, chefredaktör Nyhetstidningen, Newsmill.se)

"The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality. That is the aim...whatever the pretense of politicians, pedagogues and other such mountbacks, and that is the aim everywhere else" (H.L.Mencken)

4 Questions for Swedish Politicians on Homeschooling

4 frågor till svenska politikkare om hemundervisning

Det finns många självutnämnda experter på detta område i Sverige som i själva verket inte vet någonting alls. Kanske kan de skollagen, men de förstår inte innebörden i vad den beskriver visavi hemundervisning.

Varje "expert" som uttalar sig i frågan bör testas genom följande frågor?

1. Nämn några studier på hemundervisningens akademiska resultat som du läst. Vilka var slutsatserna?

2. Vem gjorde den omtalade jämförande studien på hemundervisade barn och skolbarn visavi social förmåga? Vilken var slutsatsen?

3. Kan du förklara de psykologiska mekanismerna bakom hemundervisade barns goda sociala utveckling?

4. Vad säger FN:s särskilde Rapportör för Rätten till Utbildning om hemundervisning.

Kan ni inte svara på detta som en politikker >> ROHUS & FreeSweden.net

There are many self-appointed experts in the area of homeschooling in Sweden who in reality don't know anything at all. They may know the School Law but they don't understand the contents concerning what is written about homeschooling.

Each "expert" who gives voice to this question needs to be tested on the following questions:

1. Name some studies you have read on the academic results on homeschooling. What were the conclusions?

2. Who did the comparitive studies on homeschooled children and school children vis-a-vis socialisation skills? What were the conclusions?

3. Can you explain the psychological mechanism behind the good social development of homeschooled children?

4. What does the United Nation's Rapporteur say about the Right to Education and homeschooling?

If you as a politician can't answer these, >> ROHUS & FreeSweden.net

A Final Word to Politicians in This Segment

"You're entitled to your own opinions
but you're not entitled to your own facts"

(Daniel Patrick Moyniham)

Make sure you properly research homeschooling
before making public pronouncements on it because
homeschoolers absolutely do know the scientific facts

We are only a "problem" to those for whom
logic is an enemy and the truth a menace

"When tyrants cannot prevail by craft they burst forth into open rage"
(John Calvin)


Welcome to the Politics section of FreeSweden.net in which we lay out the political history and contemporary movements that have come to define social and educational policy as it relates to homeschooling in Sweden.

Sweden is very different from other Western countries (like the USA, Canada, Britain, Italy and France) and as this section argues, really isn't a Western democracy in the traditionally understood sense at all (although its political oligarchs try to make it out to be), but something completely different.

As we will see, something critical is "missing" that ought to be there - personal liberty - and something else is "present" that ought not to be - Marxism - because the two are mutually antagonistic and irreconcilable.

These two forces are at war in modern Sweden and Marxism is without doubt now the dominant socio-political force no matter what government is in power, 'left', 'right', or 'centre'. Like the former East Germany in many ways, Sweden is a multi-party, 'democratic' Soviet-style state.

"Homeschooling is a profound freedeom movement and for police states like China, homeschooling is an urgent need"
(Anonymous Homeschooler and Entreprenneur, People's Republic of China)

What is Sweden? This will become apparent as you study the articles here. Our purpose is to show the world what Sweden is, and to show Swedes what they have become, for the cause of the emancipation of the oppressed minority of homeschoolers struggling to survive under the full impact of a now barely-concealed Marxist onslaught against the remnants of personal liberty.

The author represents no political party and is only interested in politics inasmuch as it impacts his family's personal liberty to educate his children the way that their parents feel is best for them as guaranteed by international human rights and by the EU and UN Charters.

As home educators we demand an end to the social fascism that is rampant here and for reform in the thinking of all the mainstream political parties as advocated by the new Liberal Democratic Party - the Liberal Demokratene.

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"Few sometimes may know, when thousands err"
(John Milton)

"In the West journalism has long been considered
'the second oldest profession'"
(Sergey Balmasov, Journalist)

"Sweden is the only country in the history of the world that has forbidden homeschooling under democratic rule"

Before Sweden only COMMUNIST and FASCIST countries ever banned homeschooling in Europe

"Sverige är det enda land i världshistorien som förbujdit hemundervisning under demokratiskt styre"

(Jonas Himmelstrand, President i Rohus)

"I would rather be exposed to the inconvenience attending too much liberty than to those attending to too small a degree of it"
(Thomas Jefferson)

Swedes are aware of the creeping totalitarianism entering into national and local government. This prominently displayed sign in a local shop reads:


"The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue" (Antisthenes, 444-371 BC)

"In denying the citizens choice, it also spares [the functionaries, the doctrinaire, the natural apparatchiks] problems of conscience or individual taste. It wraps him in down, croons lullabies with subsections and tells him not to bother his pretty little head about anything. So long as he abides by the rules, he is in the right. Hence genocides and gulags" (Nigel Farage, MEP)

A. Introductory Articles

Introduction Part 1: Libertarianism (CCMW)
Introduction Part 2: The Swedish Political System (CCMW)
Introduction Part 3: The Second Battle of Poltava (CCMW)
Introduction Part 4: Sweden - A Society Without a Goal (CCMW)
Introduction Part 5: Waking Sweden's Sleeping Beauty (CCMW)

"This is, in theory still a free country, but our politically-correct, censorious times are such that many of us tremble to give vent to perfectly acceptable views for fear of condemnation. Freedom of speech is thereby imperiled, big questions go undebated, and great lies become accepted uniquivocally as great truths" (Simon Heffer)

"Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth"
(John F. Kennedy)

B. Politics, Homeschooling & Family Life

B1. Articles on FreeSweden.net

Why Homeschooling Was Really Banned in Sweden (CCMW)
Why is the Swedish State So Cruel and Heartless? (CCMW)
The Conformist Mindset: Origins of Swedish State Control (CCMW)
Sweden Bans Home-schooling, Religious Instruction (Alex Newman)
Motion 2009/10:Ub273 Rätten till hemundervisning (M.Jakobsson & K.Nilsson) (Swedish)
From Democracy to Dictatorship Using Democracy (CCMW)
1 July 2011: Sweden's Day of Infamy? (CCMW)
Swedish Hate Crime (Touchstone)
Hemundervisning måste vara tillåten - Homeschooling Must Be Permitted (Alfred Askeljung, Benjamin Juhlin & Caspian Rehbinder) (Swedish & English)
Barbaric, Cowardly and Corrupt: Welcome to the Swedish Socio-Fascist State (CCMW)
Swedish Perceptions: The Mass Psychology of Utopia (CCMW)
The Swedish Model Reassessed: Affluence Despite the Welfare State (Nima Sanandaji)
Wang Shi-wei: A Warning Voice from China's Past (CCMW)
The Coburg Factor: Between People and Nations (CCMW)
The Soviet Union and Swedish Family Rights (CCMW)
State Piracy Inc. - The Liberal Party's Lotta Edholm Wants the Swedish State to Abduct ALL Homeschooled Children (CCMW)
Hemundervisande föräldrar lämnar Sverige - skandal! Homeschooling Parents Leave Sweden - Scandal! (Annelie Enochson)
Internationellt upprop för Sveriges hemundervisare - International Protest Over Sweden's Homeschoolers (Josefin Lilja)
Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution (Alex Newman)
Fascist Régime in Stockholm Forces Homeschooling Leader into Exile (CCMW)
Joint Statement on Swedish Human Rights (CCMW & Christer Johansson)
Swedish Court Corrects National Law, Supports Religious Freedom, Human Rights (Baila Olidort)
Gothenburg Breakout: The Consequences of a Recent Court Ruling for Homeschoolers in Sweden (CCMW)
In Berlin, Global Homeschooling Leaders Unveil Historic Declaration (Alex Newman)
Parents Shed Tears over Homeschool-Crackdown Horrors - Conference aims to unite community to fight fines, jail, loss of custody (Alex Newman)
Homeschoolers Flee Persecution in Germany and Sweden (Alex Newman)
Swedish Nightmare: The Social Services Department, Long Arm of the Social Dictatorship (CCMW)
Fascist Twins: Germany & Sweden Perfect the Art of State Kidnapping in the EU (CCMW)
SWEDEN, The Inhumane Land, Part 1 - Another State Kidnapping in the Swedish Utopia (CCMW)

B2. Articles on Other Websites

Lessons Learned from Swedish Family Policies (J.Himmelstrand) (external link)

"A recent MORI poll, commissioned by the Campaign for Learning, found that 90% of adults were favourably inclined towards further learning themselves...The bad news is that 75% said they were unhappy and alienated in the school environment and that, therefore, they preferred to learn at home, in the local library, at their workplace - anywhere other than a school-type setting" (Meighan)


Jonas Himmelstrand of Sweden's Mireja Institute
debunks the myth that Sweden is a social utopia based
on its national daycare program (5 May 2011)

"The will of the people and peoples of Europe was irrelevent to [those]...who first conconcted the plan of a European superstate. In common with most idealists and socialists, they believed the people to be servants of the state (and so, implicitly, of the state's senior 'servants') rather than vice versa" (Nigel Farage, MEP - the EU copied and applied the lessons learned from the totalitarian Swedish Model)

C. Swedish and EU 'Third Way' Politics:
The Communist and Fascist Roots of Tyranny

Understanding Sweden: Fascism in Slow Motion (John J. Ray)
Understanding Sweden: Tax Oppression and Understanding Sweden's Dirty Little Secret (John J. Ray)
Modern Leftism as Recycled Fascism (John J. Ray)
Why Doesn't Communism Have as Bad a Name as Nazism? (Dennis Prager)
The Bloody History of Communism (movie)
Svenskarna jublade inte när Berlinmuren föll - Swedes Did Not Rejoice When the Berlin Wall Fell (Swedish & English)
Deliberate Witchhunt Against Christianity in Schools - Medveten klappjakt på kristendomen i skolan (R.Agnarsson) (English & Swedish)
What is Europeism? (Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic)
The Remedy: Direct Democracy (Mike Adams) & Back to the Polls
Totalitarian Sweden & Swedish Democracy in Crisis ('Bodissey' & 'Bogiman')
Fascism and Marxism are the Same Thing (Documentary Movie)
Why all the Swastikas and Hammers-and-Sickles? (CCMW)
Sweden and Zimbabwe: The Totalitarian Love Affair (CCMW)
Karl Marx and the Communist Religion of Hate (CCMW)
Psychology of the Marxist Death Cult (CCMW)
The Slide into Totalitarianism: Sweden Bans Another Human Right & the End of Conscientious Objection (CCMW)
The Ministry of Love (Dennis Cuddy)
Science Inc. - The Politicisation and Corporatisation of Science (CCMW)
Fragrant Intestines: A Taste of the Swedish Utopia (CCMW)
Third Wave Feminism and Swedish Homeschooling (CCMW)
Oikophobia: Sweden's Social Cancer and How to Save the Country (CCMW)

"What you don't see with your eyes, don't invent with your mouth" (Jewish Proverb)

D. Inside the Swedish Socio-Medical-Psychiatric Totalitarian State

The Madhouse - an Exposé of the Swedish Socio-Political System (Daniel Hammarberg)
The Domenic Johansson Homeschool Abduction Case (CCMW)
The Folly of Sweden's State-Controlled Families (Siv Westerberg)
The Edner Case - State Abduction of a British Child in Gothenburg (Ruby Harrold-Claesson)
Sweden to Probe Years of Abuse in Children's Homes (Ruby Harrold-Claesson)
Spectre of Children's Gulag Haunts Sweden (Chris Mosey)
A Family's Flight From the Swedish Welfare State (Young, Westreich & Foote)
18-åring inspärrad på mentalsjukhus för sin kristna tro - 18 Year-Old Locked Up in Mental Hospital for His Christian Faith
En familjepolitik som gör barnen psykiskt sjuka - A Family Policy that Creates Children with Mental Disorders (Annica Dahlström & Christian Sörlie Ekström) (Swedish & English)
Sweden's Big Government 'Utopia' Unmasked (Alex Newman)
Gender Madness - Sweden's Attempt to Emasculate and Defeminise a Nation (CCMW)
Child Welfare in Sweden - An Overview (Sven Hessle & Bo Vinnerljung) (RTF version)
Psychopaths in Our Midst: When Heartless Politicians and Social Workers Rule (CCMW)
Something Rotten in the State of Sweden (CCMW)
Vanvårdsutredningen: Myndigheternas vanvård av barn pågår än i dag (Daniel Hammarberg) (Swedish)
Angels of Antichrist: Social State vs. Kinship (Peter Klevius)

"Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have...The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases" (Thomas Jefferson)

E1. Website Links on Sweden

The Mireja Institute - welfare and development through family - demonstrating the need to restore family life in Sweden (in English)
Blågula frågor (Blue-Gold Questions) - a very useful database of facts about the Swedish scene (in Swedish)
Fria Tider (Free Times) - Swedish libertarian website with many diverse viewpoints (in Swedish)
Motpol.nu - Kulturkamp, folkbildning & Samhällsdebatt - Blogspot to discuss contemporary Swedish issues (in Swedish)
PI Politiskt Inkorrekt (Politically Incorrect) - An examination of politically incorrect issues in Sweden (in Swedish)
Jan Gillberg's DSM: Debatt, Sanningssökande, Mediakritik - Debate, Truth-Seeking & Media Crticism, with sub-site, Free Voice of Sweden (in Swedish)

E2. Pro-HE Political Parties in Sweden

Liberal Demokratene - The Liberal Democrats - the first (and so far only) political party (formed in 2010) to come out in support of homeschooling! (in Swedish)

E2a. Important LD Articles on Homeschooling

E2b. Important LD Articles on Fascism in Swedish Politics

E3. External Articles on Sweden

Sverige - en totalitär demokrati? - Sweden - a Totalitarian Democracy? - with an interesting section on the Swedish State School System in practice (in Swedish)

E4. External Websites & Articles on
Swedish Social Services (Socialtjänsten)
and State Foster Institutions

Samhällets Styvbarn - Society's Stepchildren - Kent Sändh, former state orphanage director, exposing the whole business of state child trafficking (in Swedish)
Varning för Socialtjänsten - Warning Against Swedish Social Services by Kent Sändh, former state orphanage director (in Swedish)
Morgan Alling - author of the book, Kriget är slut - The War is Over, and winner of the 2011 IRIS Prize, tells his story growing up as a foster child in Sweden (in Swedish) - also see his Facebook site
Socialsekretare vill ta bort barn från föräldrana - Social Workers Want to Take Children Away From Parents - the story of how a Social Worker accidentally and unknowingly phoned a parent when she thought she was talking to a fellow co-worker and revealed how they were plotting to take away their child - reveals the anti-family mentality of the system and how they were looking for excuses to state-kidnap an innocent child (in Swedish)

"We must plan for freedom and not only for security, if for no other reason than that only freedom can make security secure" (Karl Popper)

F. Website Links on the European Union

Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) Group in the European Parliament - an exposé of the totalitarian and undemocratic workings of the EU

"Nor is there liberty if the power of judging is not separate from legislative power...If it were joined to legislative power, the power over the life and liberty of the citizens would be arbitrary, for the judge would be legislator" (Montesquieu - something Sweden has yet to learn)

G. Other Website Links

Dr. Jon Jay Ray - one of the most incisive political analysts of our time
Democracy Now: The War and Peace Report - things you won't normally hear on the state-controlled media by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez
Shakedown Socialism - an exposé by Oleg Atbashian who saw the worst of both worlds and lived to tell the tale
The People's Cube - America through the eyes of a former Soviet agitprop artist

"The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant. He cannot righfully be compelled to do or forbear because it will be better for him to do so, because it will make him happier, because, in the opinion of others, to do so would be wise, or even right...The only part of the conduct of anyone, for which he is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part which merely concerns himself, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign" (John Stuart Mill - a vital libertarian truth Sweden has yet to learn)

H. Recommended Books

This list could potentially contain hundreds of good books on politics as it relates - directly and indirectly - to modern day Sweden and the European Union (of which Sweden is a member). This is just a sample collection of FreeSwedeen.net author's personal current favourites and will be expanded in due course.

Jonas Himmelstrand, Att följa sitt hjärta - i jantelagens Sverige - To Follow Your Heart in the Swedish Utopia (Happy Company Publishing, Stockholm: 2010) - an examination into why Sweden's social family policies have failed (in Swedish, abridged English edition coming in late 2011) - order a copy by clicking the image to the right. This is probably the definitive book on the contemporary political, social, family and educational scene in Sweden as it really is. Jonas Himmelstrand is president of the The Swedish Association for Home Education, a much sought-after speaker internationally, a homeschooling parent, and on the Marxist state's hit-list. He has had crippling fines imposed on him by Uppsala kommun (municipality) for homeschooling even when homeschooling was legal in Sweden. This is the best and one of the few balanced accounts of the Swedish system available - highly recommended.

Jamie Glazov, United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror - Praising someone for being “politically incorrect” has, alas, become a tiresome cliché. That’s a shame, because we need eloquent critics of that pernicious worldview now more than ever. Yet we toss the phrase “politically incorrect” around as easily as a Nerf ball, and thereby render it about as effective...United in Hate will remind many of Paul Johnson’s seminal Intellectuals. Reading that 1988 book has been an eye-opening experience for many budding conservatives. A month ago, a young man I’d just met excitedly shared his latest used-bookstore discovery: Intellectuals, that anti-hagiography of modernity’s liberal heroes, the ones that same young man had been taught to revere by his professors. You could see the glow of intellectual liberation in his eyes. His eagerness to discover and share even more “unspeakable” truths was palpable. “What’s important about Intellectuals,” observed “libertarian bookworm” Timothy Sandefur, “is that it reveals the extent to which the ideological ‘leaders’ of modern culture have been willing to lie, cheat, and steal — literally — in the pursuit of anti-rational modern ideologies like socialism, communism, and the regulatory welfare state.” Johnson also revealed — some would say reveled in — the sexual and moral deviancy and hypocrisy of the likes of Sartre, James Baldwin, and other leftist demigods. In Intellectuals, he created a conservative Hollywood Babylon, but with bigger words and without those gruesome crime scene photos worthy of Weegee. Alas, Johnson himself — a very public traditional Catholic moralist — was later revealed to be an adulterer with a very British penchant for B&D. For a man of renown and high social station who enjoyed private humiliation, this more public variety surely must have stung more than any cane to the bottom. Hypocrisy being the most serious sin in the liberal establishment catechism, Johnson’s reputation, and that of his most famous book, suffered enormously and never recovered. And a generation or two later, facts that Johnson rightly considered shocking — Rousseau’s and Gauguin’s blithe abandonment of their children in search of “personal fulfillment,” for example — may not seem so troubling to today’s morally unmoored youth. After all, some of today’s children’s parents abandoned them, and who are they to judge? Which is where United in Hate comes in. Besides the usual celebrity suspects — Susan Sontag, Che Guevara, Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Mary McCarthy, Oliver Stone — Jamie Glazov sets his sights on an enemy Johnson couldn’t have imagined twenty years ago: radical Islam. Glazov is unsparing in his critique of both left-wing Western intellectuals and their new and highly unlikely anti-intellectual, anti-feminist allies — violent Muslim belligerents — and that makes United in Hate a timely sequel of sorts to Johnson’s original potboiler. Glazov’s thesis is that Western leftists and Muslim terrorists share a pathology, a morbid mental defect. Glazov is not a professional psychiatrist, so some readers will look askance at his conclusions, which he calls “the believer’s diagnosis.” In an interview with Pajamas Media, Glazov explained his conclusions and his rejection of the overly generous contention, put about by liberals and conservatives alike in the wake of the Spanish Civil War and Stalin’s purge, that leftists were and are merely confused, well-intentioned “do-gooders.” “The typical leftist,” Glazov explained, actually “wants to shed himself of his unwanted self and melt into a totalitarian blur. He wants to fit in. And he wants to create a disinfected earth where he doesn’t have to face the challenges that come with freedom. That disinfection demands destruction. It demands Ground Zero, so that the earthly paradise can be built on its ashes. Radical Muslims perpetrate the destruction against free societies that the leftist is dreaming of and supports. Both sides want to create paradise on earth and they cannot accept man for who and what he is. Because of that, every time they try to create heaven, they engender hell. And there is nothing baffling about this alliance. It makes total logical sense.” Glazov writes with the blunt passion of a convert, but he’s never been a leftist. He comes by his brutal candor honestly. Glazov’s parents were Soviet dissidents: Yuri Glazov was one of the signatories of the 1968 Letter of Twelve denouncing Soviet human rights abuses; his mother, Marina, circulated Samizdat. Fortunately, detente made it possible for the Glazovs to escape to America in 1972. Jamie Glazov was five years old. In United in Hate, he writes: “While we were cherishing our newfound freedom, we encountered a strange species: intellectuals in the universities who hated my parents for the story they had to tell. … Thus, when I am confronted with the Left’s current romance with militant Islam, I see something very familiar. During the Cold War”, says Glazov, the Left masked its sinister motivations “through the pretense of being on the side of ‘social justice’ and ‘equality.” But on September 11, 2001, the Left “tore off its own mask.” That day, he told me, “I braced myself for what I expected would happen: my leftist acquaintances and leftists on the international stage began rubbing their hands with glee.” People like Ward Churchill, Michael Moore, and Noam Chomsky, not to mention some in Glazov’s own circle, “couldn’t even disguise their celebration and feelings of kinship with the terrorists that carried out that crime against humanity.” Glazov became determined to get to the bottom of the Left’s, and radical Islam’s, self-hatred and arrogance, their “romance with tyranny and terror.” The key, if Glazov’s theory is correct, is a fascination with death and destruction. It’s a fascination we often observe in misfit teenagers enamored of self-destructive idols like Sylvia Plath and James Dean. However, this fascination becomes downright pathological when it carries on into adulthood and becomes justified as a coherent intellectual, philosophical worldview — a worldview one dare not mock or question without being branded a bigot or a troglodyte. Luckily, Glazov isn’t swayed by this new “etiquette.” In United in Hate, he writes about Michel Foucault, for decades one of the academy’s most revered and influential intellectual theorists. In doing so, he — in the tradition of Paul Johnson — describes Foucault’s ugly (and in many “respectable” liberal circles, unspeakable) demise. Glazov writes: “For a person who had always been fascinated by death and its interconnections with sex, Foucault’s life came to an eerie ending when he died of AIDS in 1984,” having “embraced” the San Francisco bath house scene when its dangers were well known, and its inherent immorality — even before the AIDS era — should have been, in any case, self-evident. As we shall see later in this chapter,” Glazov continues, “many leftist homosexuals would follow this pattern of self-hate and a craving for death. This pathological behavior mirrors that of other leftist intellectuals supporting tyrannies that murder intellectuals” — Foucault, for instance, was a vocal admirer of Iran’s Khomeini. Sadly one doubts that Glazov will be getting many invitations to speak on that topic at Berkeley in the near future. It is Glazov’s chapters on radical Islam that many will find the most difficult to read, what with their uncensored descriptions of frankly bizarre psychosexual activities that are, if the experts Glazov cites are to be believed, fairly commonplace in the Muslim world. Acknowledging that he doesn’t “know any simple answers to this,” Glazov speculated to Pajamas Media that the “Muslim religion’s misogyny and fear and hatred of female sexuality leads to a hell of a lot of pathology. And this pathology, in turn, plays a monumental role in engendering terror. The hate of the female, and the impulse to stifle her desire and to also stifle the desire for her, is very much at the root of Islamic terror. Wherever you find a misogynist culture, you will find suicidal impulses in that culture.” Asked what aspect of his research findings particularly troubled him — and make no mistake, United in Hate is an overwhelmingly troubling read — Glazov replied: “After living a life of hearing and reading about what the communists perpetrated against their own people, there is nothing really shocking for me. Depressing, yes. Things that crack my soul and traumatize me, yes. I think perhaps I didn’t know how much radical Muslims actually venerate actual human blood. In one scene, a Muslim terrorist actually laps the blood off the floor of his dead victim. It makes sense, of course, since the craving for the pure and sterilized earthly paradise is ultimately an outgrowth of the hatred of human beings and, therefore, the thirst for their blood. That’s why socialists and Islamists have their hands soaked in it.” (Review by Pyjamas Media)

United in Hate analyzes the Left's contemporary romance with militant Islam as a continuation of the Left's love affair with communist totalitarianism in the twentieth century. Just as the Left was drawn to the communist killing machines of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro, so too it is now attracted to radical Islam. Both the radical Left and radical Islam possess a profound hatred for Western culture, for a capitalist economic structure that recognizes individual achievement, and for the Judeo-Christian heritage of the United States. Both seek to establish a new world order: leftists in the form of a classless communist society, and Islamists in the form of a caliphate ruled by sharia law. To achieve these goals, both are willing to "wipe the slate clean" by means of limitless carnage, with the ultimate goal of erecting their utopia upon the ruins of the system they have destroyed...United in Hate crystallizes the danger that a Barack Obama administration, if tilted too far left, presents to American security and global freedom. As history shows, leftist beliefs have spawned mass carnage and misery. Put into practice, they have caused the deaths of millions. Until now, it has been extremely difficult for rational people who value personal freedom to understand the motivations of those who live in comfort and yet embrace monstrous dictators, ideologies, and policies that leave only death and destruction in their wake. In United in Hate, Dr. Jamie Glazov presents startling new insights into the toxic beliefs and torturously contorted thought processes of the leftists who lust to destroy the very freedoms that allow them to exist. Glazov explains the Left's love for and deification of totalitarian ideologies, from Marxism to radical Islam, with clarity and candor. Why does the leftist believer reach out in solidarity to the most gay-hating, womanhating and minority-hating force on earth? Why does the "progressive" heap adulation upon regimes under which he himself would be annihilated? Why do radical feminists, who supposedly value women's rights, ignore the suffering of millions of women living under Islamic gender apartheid? In this groundbreaking examination, Dr. Glazov at last reveals the vile and morbid forces that impel so-called "progressives" to embrace not just murderous ideologies such as Marxism and radical Islam, but the systematic elimination of all those standing in the way of their new utopia (Amazon Reviews). [The views expressed in these reviews are not necessary those of the author of FreeSweden.net]

Jung Chang & John Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2006) - perhaps the most accurate and authentic history of the Chinese Communist dictator, Mao Tse-Tung - many valuable insights into the Marxist mind. China, like Sweden, pursues economic capitalism with social Marxism - if Sweden continues in its present course, then it will evolve into a European version of communist China with all its horrific social abuses. An essential book to understanding the second most important marxist dictatorship in history and still with us today. "The most powerful, compelling and revealing political biography of modern times..." (George Walden, Daily Mail).

Dominic Raab, The Assault on Liberty: What Went Wrong with Rights (Fourth Estate, London: 2009) - an exposé of the British justice system which has turned Britain's liberal values upside down.

Nigel Farage, Fighting Bull (Biteback, London: 2010) - autobiography by MEP and the leader of the libertarian United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) supported by this website. The hope of freedom surviving (and being restored, when necessary) in the West rests in this kind of libertarian politics. The life story of Nigel Farage is both entertaining reading as well as a beacon of light in our Marxist-soaked and anchorless modern society. This is the kind of man that both Great Britain and Sweden desperately need at the helm of national government.

Marta Andreasen, MEP, Brussels Laid Bare - How the EU Treated Its Chief Accountant When She Refused to Go Along With Its Fraud and Waste (St.Edwards Press, Yelverton, Devon: 2009) - an exposé of the corruption and frightening power of the EU by an insider and (now) libertarian politician from Spain living in the UK. Though rather dry reading, anyone who wants to know why the mainstream Swedish political establishment feels so at home in the EU - from the 'conservatives' pretending to be 'right-wing', to left-wing communists pretending to be 'democrats' - will find many answers in this book. The same mindset (and corruption) that plagues Brussels exists in Stockholm.

Christopher Booker & Richard North, The Great Deception: Can The European Union Survive? (Continuum, London/New York: 2005) - a superb history of the EU and Britain's relationship with it, albeit nearly a decade old. What is particulary interesting is to see how the 'Swedish (Marxist) Model' for a political andf social 'utopia' possibly played a major rôle in the shaping of the EU itself and where we may expect the EU to go in the future, assuming it survives the weakness of the Euro, the bankruptcy of some of its Western constituent members, its corruption and its singular unpopularity.

Orlando Figes, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution: 1891-1924 - Written in a narrative style that captures both the scope and detail of the Russian revolution, Orlando Figes's history is certain to become one of the most important contemporary studies of Russia as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. With an almost cinematic eye, Figes captures the broad movements of war and revolution, never losing sight of the individuals whose lives make up his subject. He makes use of personal papers and personal histories to illustrate the effects the revolution wrought on a human scale, while providing a convincing and detailed understanding of the role of workers, peasants, and soldiers in the revolution. He moves deftly from topics such as the grand social forces and mass movements that made up the revolution to profiles of key personalities and representative characters. Figes's themes of the Russian revolution as a tragedy for the Russian people as a whole and for the millions of individuals who lost their lives to the brutal forces it unleashed make sense of events for a new generation of students of Russian history. Sympathy for the charismatic leaders and ideological theorizing regarding Hegelian dialectics and Marxist economics -- two hallmarks of much earlier writing on the Russian revolution -- are banished from these clear-eyed, fair-minded pages of A People's Tragedy. The author's sympathy is squarely with the Russian people. That commitment, together with the benefit of historical hindsight, provides a standpoint Figes take full advantage of in this masterful history (Amazon Review).

Packed with vivid human detail and incident, British historian Figes's monumental social and political history spans Russia's entire revolutionary period, from the czarist government's floundering during the famine of 1891 to Lenin's death in 1924, by which time all the basic institutions of the Soviet dictatorship?a privileged ruling elite, random terror, secret police, torture, mass executions, concentration camps?were in place. Figes dismantles any number of myths surrounding the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917, a military coup rammed through at Lenin's insistence ("hardly any of the Bolshevik leaders had wanted it to happen until a few hours before it began"). Using diaries, letters, memoirs and archival documents, Cambridge don Figes provides masterful portraits of cynical, power-hungry Lenin, driven by an absolute faith in his mission; Alexander Kerensky, weak-willed, vain democratic leader, the self-styled savior of Russia; writer Maxim Gorky, plagued by the fear and later by the terrible realization that the "people's revolution" was a descent into barbarism; Tolstoyan peasant reformer Sergei Semenov; and dozens of lesser-known figures. In this vibrant magnum opus, Figes illumines the manifold sources of Russia's failure to take a democratic path (Publishers' Weekly).

I picked up this book by Orlando Figes on a whim. The Russian Revolution is an interesting topic so I figured that one day I'd get around to reading this massive book. I finally read it over Christmas break, and I must say that this is an excellent history book. One of the best I've ever read, actually. It is a real page turner, something very rare for a scholarly book of this size and scope. Figes certainly has the education to pull off this type of history: he was educated at Oxford and has written other works concerning Russia. Figes goes against the grain with this book. In opposition to such scholars as Richard Pipes (author of another huge tome I own but have yet to read), Figes believes that the Russian Revolution was in fact a "bottom up" revolution. Figes proves that the peasantry in Russia were sick to high heaven of a system that degraded them to a status of barely human. To the peasant, the most important thing was land and freedom from the state. All government forms, from the tsarist state to the Bolsheviks, were judged by how much autonomy the peasants earned under them. Figes actually seems to measure the success and failure of each government according to how the peasants received them. Not surprisingly, the tsarist system was a dismal failure. It's easy to be a Monday morning quarterback with history, but the tsarist regime was pathetic. The list of the problems confronting Tsar Nicholas is too numerous to list here, but what is important to note is that this regime failed them all. Land reforms were desperately wanted, but the Tsar denied them. Nationalism in the peripheral states around Russia was not only denied, but a program of Russification was instituted that caused more problems than were necessary. The list could go on and on. The problem was power. The tsarist state refused to give any ground on the autocratic principles that the Russian tsars loved so much. Figes spends a good portion of his book discussing the failures of the tsarist system and shows how that system could have averted problems and maintained the throne (although as a constitutional monarchy akin to England). The other elements of government, the Bolsheviks, the Provisionals and the Whites, failed just as badly. The Provisionals were forced to tread the line between extremists and failed to reconcile both. The White regimes failed because the conservative elements that made up the bulk of the movement refused to budge on principles they enjoyed under the Tsar. Even the Bolsheviks failed, but their failure wasn't as pronounced because they were able to retain at least some semblance to the revolutionary principles that the peasants loved so much. Even here, the Bolsheviks had to make some concessions to retain power. The examination of the Communist regime is probably the most interesting aspect of this book. The Communists are given heavy treatment in this text. Not only do we see how they came to power, we get huge doses of their philosophy. Figes gives a detailed examination of the intellectual currents that gave rise to the Communist movement, as well as their actions once they attained power. What emerges is a bleak picture. Communism is death to all it touches. The Bolsheviks sought to not only rule by dictatorship, but to change the very essence of man into an automaton subservient to the state. Figes shows the reader the Red Terror and some of the other methods the Bolsheviks used to try and bring about this subservience. It is a horrifying picture made worse, of course, under the rule of Stalin. Figes states in his introduction that it took six years to do the research for this book. It is beautifully done and, I should mention, done by Figes himself without research assistants. I am amazed at how much information I have retained from this book, something that can't be said about many history books. I'd love to take a class from this scholar. His insights are fresh and his writing is erudite. Buy this book! (Jeffrey Leach, Omaha, NE USA)

Rarely, one stumbles across a book that is of such surpassing excellence, and whose scholarship is worn so lightly, that you know, reading it, that you will never be able to forget it, and what you learn from it. Figes' A People's Tragedy is this rarity. I have read many books about the Russian Revolution, but no book has the sweep, the clarity, the balance, and the heartbreak of this. I literally had to put it down every so often because the sheer tragedy of what I was reading was more than I could bear. First, Figes briskly deals with all those things you thought you knew about the Russian Revolution, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Kerensky - the liberals, the Bolsheviks, the Tsar. Again and again, I realized I had picked up myths either promoted by those who lost, or those who consolidated, the Revolution. The mythmaking machine was going full tilt from 1917 onwards (particularly during the Stalinist and Cold War Years) and this book would be irreplaceable if only for stripping away so much that you thought you knew - which was wrong. Second, by starting the book in 1891 (with a famine which revealed the incompetence of the Tsarist beaurocracy) and ending with the death of Lenin in 1924, Figes permits himself a sweep of events that makes what actually happened even more dramatic than it was. Again and again, you not only read about, but hear from the survivors of, mistakes, errors, misconceptions - indolence, arrogance, foolishness, well-meaning idiocy - in a way that, as a human being, is more than heartbreaking. Again and again, the Revolution might never have happened, a democracy might have developed, steps taken could have been taken back - but they weren't. Instead, one of the great mass tragedies of history occurred, and you feel like a helpless bystander, watching it happen. This is remarkable history and it is an extraordinary achievement. It is bound to upset those with fixed ideologies on both the left and the right. If you ever read only one book on the Russian Revolution, make it this one (Suzanne Cross, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA).

Orlando Figes, De som viskade: tystnad och terror i Stalins Sovjet - They Who Vanished: Silence and Terror in Stalin's Soviet (Historiska Media, Lund: 2007) - Swedish translation of an English original.

"Diet, injections and injunctions will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible" (Bertrand Russel, Socialist Philosopher and Visionary, in The Impact of Science on Society - his frightening prediction has come true in our day of near total state control)

Jonas Himmelstrand: The Family Crisis in Sweden

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws" (Tacitus)

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"The most dangerous politicians depend on the Great Lie. Once the Great Lie has been ingested, it readily and rapidly grows into doctrine. Then a political preference becomes a religion, its champion a demigod and any aberration heresy. The politician excuses himself for abominations because he has seen the way clear to that shining city upon a hill. He has a duty to follow that path and to shepherd or lash others onto it for their own good. The Great Lie is just this: one day, time will stop...for Marxists, [it is] the Worker State, for romancers, the Happy Ever After, for buyers of cosmetics, Eternal Youth, for childish idealism, John Lennon's Magic Roundabout Elysium where there are no countries, no religions (and hence, presumably, no customs or loyalties) and all the people live (half-)life in peace...It is, of course, irresponsible gibberish. It serves only to make life's rich and only occasionally disgusting stew...appear unsatisfactory and affords nearly infinite power to the man with the hastily scrawled treasure map...The leaps of faith whereby these were turned into the Great Lie, however, initiated centuries of totalitarianism and intolerance...As for Lennon's brutal nightmare world, by what grotesque means is its survival for more than a split second to be assured? Brutal regimentation and compulsory unisexing, I assume" (Nigel Farage, MEP, in Fighting Bull, pp.232-233)

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