1 July 2011

Sweden's Day of Infamy?

by C.C.M.Warren M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

On 8 December 1941 at a joint session of Congress, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made a radio broadcasted speech to the nation denouncing the traitorous attack by the Japanese Empire on Pearl Harbour that would drag a reluctant United States of America into the Second World War. He dubbed the date of the attack (which had occurred the day before) as "a date which will live in infamy".

The Swedish Government (and I underline the word 'Government' to make it clear that this is not an act made by the Swedish people) may not have launched a war of aggression against a foreign nation but as of today it launched a new phase of a secretive war against its own people, and in particular, against a helpless minority: homeschoolers. But now the war is in the open: the Swedish Government has now openly declared it is creating a Totalitarian State in officially banning a human right - the right of parents to choose the kind of education that they - not the State - will give to their children. Indeed, this is more than a banning of the right to freely educate, it is a further attack on the family and against parental rights.

The Swedish régime has already publically declared that it believes in social fascism by kidnapping homeschooler Domenic Johansson, briefly imprisoning his father for taking his son on an 'unauthorised' visit to see his Grandparents, imposing crippling fines on parents legally homeschooling their children, and driving numerous other homeschooling families into political exile abroad as refugees because they would not bow down before the new gods in the Swedish Parliament. Today they have granted themselves even more powers of oppression, with the right to arrest at the drop of a hat, without recourse to self-defence, any homeschooling parents who refuses to surrender their human right, and to permanently separate their children from them if the parents continue to homeschool. The question now is: Will they actually do it?

The Homeschooling Community and their allies in Sweden and abroad mobilised a long time ago. We have been wating for this day for some time. We have significantly raised our profile and made a great deal of noise. And now we are using professional lawyers who know how the Swedish and EU systems work. We are getting ready to increase both by orders of magnitude if the State decides to repress and persecute us further. We will not roll over and let social fascism trample us to death.

For us today is not at all unlike 30 January 1933 when the German Reichstag instituted the first of its anti-Jewish decrees. Later, on 25 April 1933, the Nazi régime passed the Law Against the Crowding of German [State] Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning which was a euphemism for getting rid of non-Aryan elements from the classroom. The Swedish Régime in Stockholm, religiously obsessed with failed Marxist Utopian ideas, and seemingly oblivious to the judgment of history, is determined that everyone will think and behave in exactly the same way and means to drive out of the country everyone who will not. The Jews in Nazi Germany got the message pretty early on - tens of thousands of them left the Reich before the butchery started.

Most of the Homeschoolers of Sweden got the Reinfeld Régime's message pretty clearly too and have since fled the land to Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Czech Republic, Britain and as far away as the United States to avoid further persecution.

As far as the Reinfeldt Régime in Stockholm is concerned, decent educationally-minded citizens like the homeschooling community of this country are now 'criminals'. The truth is, it is the Reinfeldt Régime that is criminal, not us, for it is in open defiance of the European and United Nation Conventions.

It is, I am quite sure, vainly and naïvely hoping that it can get away with this act of terrorism against freedom- and human rights-loving people by appealing to a rather controversial case between the homeschooling Konrad Family of Germany and the European Union a few years ago when the latter effectively held up the Nazi German Anti-Homeschooling Law of 1938 by saying the German Government could interpret EU law in whatever way it wanted to. However, that solitary case was not only before the signing of the Lisbon Treaty last December but it concerned an entirely different set of homeschooling issues to the ones which homeschoolers in Sweden adhere to. If Reinfeldt and Björklund try to sail in that leakey boat they will sink.

Though most Swedes haven't yet woken up to the reality, Sweden is effectively no longer a 'sovereign state' in an economic union but a province in a new super-state in a political union. When the Reinfeldt Régime signed the Lisbon Accords it signed away its country's sovereignty and bound itself to political union with Brussels. What this means is that the Constitution of the European Union now supercedes the Constitution of the Kingdom of Sweden (however much you may like or dislike either) which immediately brings the new Swedish Education Act, that effectively bans homeschooling, into direct conflict with European Law which guarantees homeschooling. Every single member state of the EU is now having to align its laws to EU laws, not vice versa. The segment on homeschooling in Björklunds Bill is now illegal even though it supposedly became 'legal' today.

Education Minister Jan Björklund is going to have drop his meaningless "children have the right to go to school" and "this is the Swedish way" vaccuous mantras and wake up to reality. The repeating of vaccuous political chants to put the public into a Marxist trance is over. No, this is not the "Swedish way" - it's the totalitarian way. Swedes are a freedom-loving people, not the brainwashed sheep that the Reinfeldt régime wants to turn them into. And how long does this régime think it can control and manipulate the newspapers and TV? Journalists are already beginning to wake up to what's really going on. The great deception is fraying at the edges and cracking across its entire face because the masses will not be duped forever.

Abusive parents are curse on children but an abusive state, which seeks to be the parent of us all, is even worse. Thank goodness there are lots of decent politicians in both the Reinfeldt Government and the Opposition who want genuine freedom for the Swedish people, and the right to choose life for themselves, whether in the educational or other arenas.

Already this régime wants to make state education compulsory from the age of 1½ years! Don't people see a dangerous trend here? The state wants ansolute control of our minds and hearts. It has to stop and people have to be trusted to do the responsible thing for their children. They don't need to enact libraries of laws to make Swedes conform to ideals that are already natural to them. We don't need a faceless, heartless 'Big Pappa State' - we want to do our own parenting, and that includes the right to educate in the way we feel best for our children.

Swedes don't want to be handcuffed to the state cradle or herded into educational cattle pens any longer - they want to be allowed to grow up they way they want. And that is true of all people of all races of all religions and of all nationalities.

Will 1 July become Sweden's Day of Infamy? Or will the government and country finally wake up to what's really going on and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

As I have written elsewhere, Sweden long ago achieved the economic goals of Per Albin Hansson and other political reformers. It has huge successes to its credit. There are safety nets for the poor and disadvantaged and equal opportunities for all. Then the governments of the 1970's and after made the disasterous mistake of trying to socially engineer Swedes into becoming pliant and conforming little Marxists. The Soviet Union tried that and it was a failure too.

The USSR is gone and if Sweden doesn't wake up and spear this monster in its heart quickly, it too will face catastrophic, and possibly violent, social upheaval in the future which is something none of us want.

Sweden, the land more than any other in Europe which has opened its doors to the oppressed of the world, as America has done, is now driving its own people abroad as exiles. May the plight of the homeschooling community yet become the conscience of a nation, and may that nation rise up in defence of liberty and decency for all. In the meantime, we are sharpening our swords and readying ourselves for combat whether at home or abroad. We will not become anyone's slaves.

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