Swedish Nightmare

The Social Services Department,

Long Arm of the Social Dictatorship

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

I cannot begin to understand her sorrow. Yes, I have had glimpses through my own experiences, but to have your child wrongfully removed from you aged 10 and then die in state custody while only 15, the agony of that I cannot begin to imagine. It's a wound that is hard to heal. Memories linger, life stops under the enormous weight of a grieving that will not go away.

I am speaking of one of the many victims of Swedish Social Services or Socialtjänst (Child Protection Services or CPS in the USA) whom I have come to know, grieve with and love. Some I know well, some only a little, and others I only know of through others. I want to especially acknowledge them and their suffering today, and to speak out on their behalf. They need more active spokesmen and women to shout for them so that they can be heard and can expose the very real corruption and child trafficking going on this country. We need influential spokespeople like Jack Frost in the United Kingdom whose important book (1) unveils the web of evil that is appearing everywhere. I recommend you get it because the British system is similar to the Swedish one.

They say that when your parents die, your past dies. When a spouse dies, your present dies. But when a child dies, your future dies. Fatal accidents occur, fatal diseases occur, but when a life is snuffed out by another human being, and in the name of a government agency that is supposed to be protecting you, then the pain is only multiplied. For if you cannot trust your 'guardians', who can you trust? Those whom you pay though taxes to watch out for your interests then become your oppressors.

These are not isolated experiences but commonplace today, especially in Sweden where it is happening on a scale hard to fathom. Most people don't want to know because they do not want their 'Happiness Zones' disturbed. They'd rather not see the suffering of others because to see is to be irrevocably changed. And to be thus changed means that you have either got to live by an outraged conscience thatr demands you become an activist for justice or it means you have to go into even deeper denial and pretend it does not exist...all for your imagined 'happiness'. The trouble with the latter, is that denial never led to happiness. Denial simply numbs the soul and robs you of that very essence of humanity that certain elements in our society want to snuff out. Why? Because they want power. They want to rule you and me not because they care about us but because they only care about themselves.

I probably should have written this long ago but circumstances conspired, one way or another, to make this very personal view of the sufferings of my fellow Swedes and other immigrants like myself difficult to get down on paper. I have had my own struggles to work through in this community of suffering. I will share more of that with you in a minute.

Two things combined to provoke this current article published on the day millions have falsely come to believe, because of a Mayan prophecy poorly understood, that the world would come to an end. Yes, it's 21 December 2012. I never believed it would because for one thing the pundits have got the year all wrong - the Mesoamerican Doomsday Scenario actually played out last year, in December of 2011. The doomsdayers are a year late! Personally, I am more concerned about the inner worlds that come to an apocalyptic end because of human rights abuses by both ignorant and sometimes highly dangerous psychopaths working for the state appartus.

The first thing that inspired today's offering was actually a French film, La tête en friche ('My Afternoons with Margueritte') made a couple of years ago. Grady Harp describes it in this way:

    "[It] is a beautiful little French film based on the book by Marie-Sabine Roger and adapted for the screen by Jean-Loup Dabadie and director Jean Becker. A tale of an unexpected life change that occurs when an incidental meeting on a park bench brings together an illiterate lonely man with an elderly woman whose best friends are her books in the isolation of old age, this is truly a story of transformation and a definition of pure love.

    "Germain Chazes (Gérard Depardieu) grew up in an unwanted home, the brunt of teachers and classmates because they considered him illiterate, and now he is forced to lead a hand to mouth existence in a house trailer close to his now elderly, crass, alcoholic mother who still loathes him. He supports himself with odd jobs and by selling the vegetables he grows in his small garden. One day he visits his lunch spot - a park bench where he has named the 19 pigeons as his only real friends - and there he meets a very properly dressed elderly woman named Margueritte (two t 's because her father didn't know how to spell!) played by Gisèle Casadesus, who spends her days reading Camus, Proust, and other French classics aloud. They bond - Germain shares his pigeons' names and Margueritte introduces him in the most gentle manner to the joy of reading. Every day thereafter the two meet and Margueritte reads to Germain to the extent that Germain decides to learn to read despite his advanced years. Margueritte's influence changes Germain's outlook and response to the world and the ending, while sad on one level, is uplifting." (2)

When Margueritte's relatives are no longer able to afford to keep her in the comfortable old people's home that enables her to get about and meet with Germain, they whisk her away to Belgium into a state institution where she becomes a mere statistic and where all that is human slowly dies because of neglect. Germain is horrfied when he hears of her fate and without hesitation, jumps into his van and heads off to Belgium to fetch her back...to his own home to take care of her at his own expense as he had his own mother before she passed on.

It struck me - not for the first time, but much harder than before - that what we need in this world is not soulless Marxist-inspired state institutions taking care of people (young or old) but the homes of those who really care. It's a family affair, or ought to be, or the affair of those like Germain who care even without blood ties. The trouble with Marxism is that the state was designed to replace the family and the very kinship that gives us life and meaning. The village, instead of being a voluntary association of families, is now to assume the familial rôle...by force of law. And love has become a government department.

Society itself is in part responsible for the abuses of the many people I know and the tens of thousands I do not. It has allowed itself to be nannied by the state and never learned what it is to be an adult, mature man or woman. It has never grown up because it does not want responsibility. It has unconditionally surrendered to blind conformism. The Marxist system that runs Sweden - and has done so for several generations now - gradually set this up, of course, under a utopian banner and it has only survived because, unlike fascism, it has never been properly exposed by defeat in war. And it's the same system Obama, as an undeniable crypto-communist, is trying to set up in America.

So, yes, the people have been fooled and some are starting to wake up. The problem, as Søren Kirkegaard noted, is that "there are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true". Those of us battling to get a reformation of the system whether in Sweden or in our own countries soon discover how accurate Kirkegaard was. Waking up a Swedish Sleeping Beauty isn't easy precisely because of the malady Kirkegaard pointed out. Yet it has to be done.

But how? I meet so many activists who are frustrated at the apparent lack of public interest in trying to get injustice righted and people to wake up. The problem is systematic brainwashing in the media and in the educational system. How do we reach the Swedish people who seem totally oblivious to the suffering all around them and continue to believe they are living in paradise when there are so many stolen children which for them, and their parents, is a living hell? How do you make them responsible seekers-after-truth? René Descartes understood the problem and the solution:

    "If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."

And how many people do you know who have the courage to do that? It's always a tiny minority who must first break the mould and that minority must first be riddiculed and then persecuted before the truths they publish are finally accepted as self-evident. That's what we in the Swedish homeschooling community are currently facing. And it just hsppens that the major arm of persecution is Social Services which is how I come to be involved in exposing it - not by design or by choice, but of necessity. Had it not been for the Social Services abuses suffered by the Johansson homeschooling family I might never have discovered what was really going on.

When you see suffering, and if you are human with a heart, you cannot ignore it. Those who do have additionally to deal with the horrid revelation that something is wrong with them - they have to be resensitised to their humanity and stop viewing themselves, as they have been taught in school, as mere batchnumbers for society.

Which brings me to the second reason I am writing this article. A video. A short video about a Swedish girl called Donia who died alone in foster care, aged 15, after being removed unjustly by Social Services from her mother when she was only 10 years old.

In watching it, I couldn't help but connect to her mother's grief. So this article is partly for her - Annina Karlsson - but also for the other mothers who have had their hearts speared by these monstrous people and their lives ruined. Their children are, for the most part, still alive (some aren't) but whose minds and hearts have been poisoned against their own parents by the system: Anne Edner, Christer & Annie Johansson, Mariyka Tomova-Kallmyr, Thomas Kallmyr, Natalya Petrovna, and many, many others (3). This article is for them, but it's also for Swedish society as a whole and for the world because this vile business of child-trading is global.

Not everyone will listen and the totalitarian élite won't, of course, listen until they are deposed. The only hope that this élite has of surviving is to either convert as many as they can to their way of thinking (essenitally, Marxism, or its fascist twin) or make them dependent on jobs in their state-created and -funded bureaucracies.

The system that creates, permits, legalises, funds and encourages the abuses of its citizens is akin to drug-addiction. It creates a psychological appetite and addiction in its human functionaries (such as Social Services officers) that can never be satiated - once they start operating in the system trafficking children for profit they can't stop themselves because it also gives them a power kick, that sadistic pleasure of controlling and inflicting pain on others without any sort of real accountability, except to others locked in the same addiction for the same reason. The addiction is so narcotic that it's end, if pursued, is self-destruction. As in all unregulated addiction scenarios, there is this constant urge in them to see how far they can go, what new abuses they can get away with like a miscreant child testing the borders, and to basically keep going. They are not unlike the heroin addict together with the stalker who is unable to stop stalking his victim until he is brought down and (hopefully) rehabilitated. I do want to stress the need to help the oppressors too providing they're willing to own up like responsible people.

It is a strange system we live under in Sweden which is totalitarian in nature but covered with a ever thinning veneer of liberalism. Any claims to being a liberal democracy have to be viewed within the context of its Marxist foundations; the missiles of authoritarianism keep poking above the surface from their solos to be fired whenever anyone tries to scrape off that veneer.

Christopher Hitchens stated that totalitarianism is a cliché, that is, an expression or an idea that has been so overused to the point that it has lost its original meaning or effect. Hearing Education Minister Jan Björklund, Stockholm School Chief Lotta Edolm and their ilk continually repeating the "children-have-the right-to-go-to-school" mantra is typical, words that have absolutely no meaning whatsoever (because they exclude the right not to go to school and be education in some other way) but which accurately reflect the clichéd thinking of dictators who are long past their sell-by date. But no one has yet dared to come up with the next dangerous Marxist notion that it's a child's right to be taken from its parents and to be put into a foster home or a state institution "for its own good" ....as if any sane child would exercise the 'choice' to do that (not that it in reality has a negative right to say 'No!'and choose to remain at home) and the public would rise up in revolt.

Sweden is not at all unlike the Islamic Republic of Iran in one important respect: in Iran, everyone is considered to be a child with a parental authority vested in the Guardian Council with the 'Supreme Leader' as every Iranian's child's "father" and therefore "natural authority". This father-figure will, moreoever, never go away nor stop 'caring' for them. Substitute the Guardian Council for the Swedish Government and the Prime Minister, Mr. Rheinfeld as the 'Supreme Leader' (at least in title), and you have a situation in Sweden not at all unlike Iran in practice. We're all regarded as helpless children, families are out-of-date, and only the state can take care of us. In two words, you have a fascist dictatorship. And don't forget...they have 'democratic' elections in Iran just like they do in Sweden. But as I have said time and time again: democracy without liberty always leads to fascism.

What frankly amazes me is that Swedes have actually put up with so much. However - and the élite knows this because they are well tutored in behavioural psychology - there are limits and breaking points. A revolutionary situation arises when the old order cannot continue in the old way and where those whom it rules (the people) have no further desire to be ruled in the old way...these are Lenin's own words. To put it another way, this is what might be termed "the crisis of totalitarianism" and the nightmare of the dictators. It simply cannot be avoided and only the cleverest and shrewdest of dictators are able to prolong it long enough to meet their needs (i.e. whilst they're still alive). When Stalin and Mao both died, the pressure to reform in the Soviet Union (4) and China (5) was strong. It was the USSR's undoing in the end after a 70 year nightmare for the Russian people. China is soon approaching that magical '70 years' and the leadership doubtless know it which is why the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has sudcdenly (in the last few days) come down hard on the oppulent and corrupt red-carpet lifestyle of its leaders and officials as they sense the growing groundswell of popular revolt.

Sweden has outdone both Russia and China - it's been in the Marxist business now for nearly 90 years. How has it achieved what must surely be a record in dictatorial systems? By combining Marxism with capitalism from the beginning and making change slowly by gradual increments. However - and the Swedish élite chiefs need to make note of this - there is no system that can guarantee, control and know everything and everybody well enough to maintain absolute rule, even by stealth or even anonymously in the background behind the politicians. The worldwide exposé of the élite has been underway now on a massive scale for the last decade and even though the Swedish élite have managed to keep fairly well hidden even up to now, along with the activities of their Social Service police arm, they are beginning to be flushed out. The system has been cracking for a while and those cracks are going to get bigger, until the aghast public will one day see it all and revolt. Furthermore, the more stupid a régime becomes the more intelligent (and humourous, I am happy to say) the dumbed-down people become. People are getting educated (another reason these élites want to control the Internet).

Look at what has happened as activists in the homeschooling and family movements have published what is going on in the Swedish Gulag. The politically and educationally comatose leadership can do no better than resort to clichés! Their response to every question about homeschooling is the tediously boring and idiotic "children have the right to go to school" statement - they are that moronic and people are beginning to see it, even the usually docile and conformist media. And though it's never been spoken (though Lotta Edholm has hinted at it) - the equally insane cliché, implied but never articulated, that "children have the right to be seized from their parents and put into state care" will, when it is properly understood, cause a mass outcry in the country. This is a line that even the Soviet Union didn't dare cross which Sweden, to its great shame (along with other Western countries like the USA and UK now) has - China's solution was, of course, at least in Mao's days, to murder all dissidents along with their families and relatives!

The Swedish Gulag is unbelievable to those who have fallen for the propaganda but the more the truth is published the more believable it will become. It is the social and moral responsibility of every citizen to publish and spread this material again and again and again until the whole of Sweden and the whole of the world knows of it, can digest it, and respond as decent human beings. And hopefully in time this will save the United States from plummetting into the same kind of nightmare. It's already well advanced in the Obamanation and CPS have already acquired a well-deserved reputation as a pariah every bit as evil as the Swedish Social Services.

Finally, I am going to make another comparison even more outrageous than the one I made earlier between Sweden and Iran. I am going to compare an aspect of North Korea to Sweden. And, I know, Sweden is far off the nightmare that is the Korean incarnation of George Orwell's 1984 but North Korea and Sweden are at least similar in the fact that the population of both populations believe all the state-generated propaganda in spite of the oppression. And like the North Korean secret police and army who will continue serving their communist lords and masters after all else has failed and the country collapses into the ashes (as it will if it doesn't start to reform like China), so the Swedish Social Services system and its adjuncts in the judiciary and the psychiatric business along with their service industries (not to mention the equally corrupt EU Court of Human Rights) will keep on going until the rest collapses. That's my prediction unless enough courageous politicians, social workers, judges and psychiatrists in power take the bull by the horns and loudly protest and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If I may be permitted to use a biblical allegory, the system in place in Sweden, the European Union, and indeed throughout the Western world, is not unlike a mixture or iron and clay that is predicted will characterise the end-time political system before the Messianic Era begins (7). It is neither the pure iron-type dictatorships we saw in the 20th century like Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Communist Russia, China, Korea, Kampuchea (Cambodia) and elsewhere, nor is it purely clay like the soft underbelly of a shark. It's a mixture of both. For that reason, it takes wisdom to know when to sidestep the iron and when to the plunge the dagger of truth into the soft clay underbelly. In the present system you have to be a bit like Luke Skywalker dodging the asteroids while being fired at. This means you need to know what you're doing, how to dodge rocks and missiles alike, and know the moment to strike and with what force. For the enemy will respect the strong, knowing his own soft underbelly could be his undoing, whilst hitting the weak hard like the callous predatory animal that he is. And the wise rely on a Higher Power (6) for their shield and guidance, one that dictators have to tread warily with too, for I do most solemly assure you you that they are very religious people indeed!

We are now entering the final appeal of the well-documented but largely media-ignored Domenic Johansson Case, one of the greatest travesties of Swedish Justice and a large stain on the corrupt and colluding judicial, social and psychiatric institutions. Their failure to weigh the evidence impartially and render a just verdict, returning the boy home where he belongs, and representing as he does all government-oppressed families and homeschoolers everywhere, does not bode well for either Sweden's, Europe's or the West's future as purported liberty-loving democracies. It means that the West will have lost all credibility as a force for morality in the world and little wonder that the dictatorships they are waging war on in the Middle East and elsewhere are calling them dictatorships too. Which they are - Domenic proves it as do all the tens of thousands of other state-abducted children.

This short article was supposed to have been a book which I have been researching for for a long time now. However, for reasons that I will speak of another time that involve powers that do not wish such a book to see the light of day, that has not been possible - yet. Meanwhile, every reader who loves liberty and justice, whether you are religious or irreligious, has a commission to spread this information as far and wide as possible. A final battle is about to be fought in the Domenic Johansson scandal and we must broadcast the truth loudly. I am trusting you to join with me in that battle.


(1) Jack Frost, The Gulag of the Family Courts: Guilty Even When Innocent, the Greatest UK Judicial Scandal Ever! (Gulag Publications, P.O.Box 9819, Braintree, Essex CM7 0BU): 2007 - An exposé of the horrors and tragedies visited on innocent and vulnerable parents and children by United Kingdom 'public officials' hiding behind claims of spurious 'secrecy'.

(2) My Afternoons with Margueritte

(3) There are too many to list, and too many whose stories are yet to be heard.

(4) Orlando Figes, A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 (Pimlico, London: 1996)

(5) Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2005 - probably the most important and objective book on communism.

(6) Major Jan Björklund, Sweden's Education Minister, who insists that only that for which there is object scientific proof should be taught in the classroom, must (if his acumen is up to the task) concede that the existence of a Higher Power and an afterlife has now been conclusively proved scientifically by eminent American neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander in Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife (Piatkus, London: 2012). His book is necessary reading for those who insist on a materialistic Marxist world-view and that this be imposed on our children in education to the exclusion of all else. At the very least equal time should be conceeded to materialistic and spiritual schools of thought, the highly biased humanistic version forced on children in state schools not withstanding.

(7) Daniel 2:33-34

Readers' Comments

(1) "This is your best piece yet!! My favorite line is 'And though it's never been spoken (though Lotta Edholm has hinted at it) — the equally insane cliché, implied but never articulated, that 'children have the right to be seized from their parents and put into state care' will, when it is properly understood, cause a mass outcry in the country'" (PMB, USA, 21 December 2012)

(2) "Love the phrase 'Social Dictatorship'. It is so fitting considering what the social democrats have done to Sweden" (AB, Sweden, 21 December 2012)

(3) "Very excellently expressed. A frightening and somber reality that needs to be faced up to and dealt with. It seems people only care about something when it happens to them -- this ought not to be so" (LYHA, USA, 23 December 2012)

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