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The Liberal Party's Lotta Edholm

Wants the Swedish State to Abduct

ALL Homeschooled Children

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

If I ever I thought I was too harsh in judging the Swedish Liberal Party as having abandoned its anti-fascist and anti-communist roots and moved in the direction of totalitarianism, a recent article by Lotta Edholm in her blog, and the manner of her response to criticism, has now totally vindicated my original attitude and the diagram I created in the introduction to my website:

The fact that the face spouting these words is a beautiful and charming ones makes it triply dangerous. You would have thought that abuse against, and the agony of, the Johansson Family whose son Domenic was abducted by armed police on a plane taking the family to their new home, was enough. But no, this evil régime, it seems, wants blood. They want to do it again...and again...and again. And since Major Björklund has not censured his liberal prodigé one can only assume he is in complete agreement with her: "Let's change the law so that Social Services can abduct ALL children being homeschooled as an automatic RIGHT!" That's about the substance of Ms.Edholm's proposal: "Let's crush all the homeschooling bastards and be done once and for all!"

I hasten to add that these are my own satirical words. However, they are not an unreasonable extrapolation of what Ms.Edholm actually meant in her politicospeak:

    "The law should be amended so that social services are able to intervene when children are kept away from school by their parents.”

Predictably, Ms.Edholm had no concrete evidence of any kind to suggest that somehow homeschooling is such a threat to the welfare of children that they absolutely must be wrenched from their parents and put into forster care, traumatising both parents and children. She was vague enough to cover her bases and leave herself a way to wriggle out of any potentially embarrassing aftermath should this whole business explode - as it must eventually - right in the face of her Liberal Party and the supporting parties of the misnamed 'Right-Centre' Coalition Government of Rheinfelt et al. A very good article against her 'proposal' to allow the SS (Social Services) to "intervene" in families where parents keeping their children from the obligatory State Paradise Schools, in order to homeschool their children, written by the Homeschooling Legal Defence Association, was totally ignored. In her so-called 'response' she devoted a diatribe to one of the comments to her article by a pro-homeschooler who understandably lost his cool and accused her of being a communist...and one or two other things to boot - an easy enough strawman to demolish and so take the attention away from the main article. But she never addressed any of the issues raised by other homeschoolers, pretended to have data (uncited) saying that homeschooling was invalid (the politicians never cite evidence - let alone unbiased reports) when challenged to do so, which is why at the top of my webpage I challenge these people still living in the dinosaur age of education to do the following:

    1. Name some studies you have read on the academic results on homeschooling. What were the conclusions?

    2. Who did the comparitive studies on homeschooled children and school children vis-a-vis socialisation skills? What were the conclusions?

    3. Can you explain the psychological mechanism behind the good social development of homeschooled children?

    4. What does the United Nation's Rapporteur say about the Right to Education and homeschooling?

None has ever answered for the very simple reason they can't - were they to answer honestly they would be forced to agree that homeschooling is not in some way anti-education or anti-social but positively beneficial to children. And that would destroy their secret pro-Marxist doctrinaire platform. So, as another blogger has observed, they are forced to lie

We have, sadly, come to expect politicians to lie to us, especially when they are trying to save their own necks and the bankrupt policies of their parties. And whatever the Swedish Liberal Party is now, it "ain't liberal no more". The authentic Swedish liberals today (whether you agree with them or not) are the Liberal Democrats. At least the 'Liberal Party' were right to adopt Folkpartiet - the 'Peoples' Party' as their name - if they ever come to power all on their own, they could depose the King and rename the Kingdom of Sweden in their own image: People's Republic of Sweden and hold hands with all the other Marxist states using the same name. If only they were more like their forebearers between the wars - bless their cotton socks - (see poster above-right) whose campaign motto was: Away with every tendency toward dictatorial striving!

In reading Lotta Edholm's blog I could see that debating with her would be pointless - she is committed to totalitarianism in education. And as that's the official party line, as well as the Coalition's, they will per force maintain their selective deafness and defend themselves by making ad hominem attacks on individuals like that poster who unwisely shot his mouth off.

One thing is certain - these politicians are, as Nigel Farage once said of the EU autocrats, "very dangerous people". They possess a mindset which, to borrow the words of a friend of mine who is a clinical psychologist:

    " actually a psychological impairment masquerading as normal and healthy...this...mentation is...a subtly disturbing cognitive disorder, stemming from a prematurely consolidated ego-structure, making the resulting personality ungenerous, weak, small-minded and timorous, overly self-involved and preoccupied with oneself, becoming increasingly more self-absorbed, egocentric, and unabashedly narcissistic, mishappening and distorting their perceptions until they no longer view reality correctly or accurately. [Their] mindsets continually reject, distract, and attenuate any challenging stimulation to their reality, grossly disfiguring any understanding that may be gleaned thereafter to one that only fits their own self-reference, while being continually paranoid and fearful of the world around them".

In other words, this mindset toward reality (whether it be the proven viability of homeschooling, or anything else for that matter) is a actually a gross cognitive and personality dysfunction needing reality therapy!

Homeschoolers in Sweden have never asked for anything more than a SCIENTIFIC debate on the subject based on authentic research. Philosophy and religion aren't even a part of the equation for validating the practice in their minds because they are from all sorts of backgrounds. Any mindset which refuses to acknowledge reality is ipso facto living in a world of delusion. Let the government and the politicians have their precious state schools but it is high time they stopped repeating the fascist/communist fiasco of the 20th century which sought to control and force everyone to think in one way.

Major Björklund, the leader of the Swedish Liberal Party, so apparently fond of "scientific facts" when they suit him, must, to be honest, yield to the scientific facts in education also. But as I have shown in other articles elsewhere, Mr.Björklund, Ms.Edholm and the rest of the political circus act are not so much interested in scientific facts as they are in doctrinaire Marxist Utopianism, an experiment that has so completely and murderously failed in the past as to excite with wonderment this question: why are they trying to make something work that has proven to be a monumental failure? They say that such repetitive behaviour, in the face of all the contrary evidence, is a sign of madness, don't they?

And it is. It's madness because the only answer these people have to truth and scientific data is smashing and traumatising families - "send in the Social Services! Break down their door! Seize their children! Break their hearts!" - a bit like smashing your friend's toys when he wins an argument and you have no answers left. Attacking the family is the 'anti-semitism' of our time. In three words, this behaviour is cowardly, cruel and vengeful. It's sympomatic of a personality disorder. And how ugly is that.

I challenge Ms.Edholm et al to totally immerse themselves in the Domenic Johansson travesty of justice, put themselves in that family's position, do what is right and see that justice is done. Set that boy free to go home! They need to be reforming Social Services, not feeding them more victims from the altar of their own blind Marxist religiosity. Perhaps, if they have any heart for people left, and can force themselves away from their political utopias for just a moment, they may have a human rebirth and purge their beings of this callous treatment of other people's lives. Because if they don't, they will simply become the instruments of more unnecessary suffering in a world that already has more than enough of it already.


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