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I have been asked a number of times (mostly by Swedes) why there are fascist and communist symbols on this webpage. It isn't because I am a nazi or a communist - I'm an anti-fascist, anti-communist libertarian and my politics are slightly right-of-centre. It's because I maintain that Swedish democracy, so-called, is just a mutation of Marxism and Fascism, and that this is the reason homeschoolers have had such a rough ride in Swedish society. And until these Marxist and fascist roots are dug up and exposed, and then removed, Sweden will always be a totalitarian state. These potent symbols are on this website to remind everyone what we are really dealing with - it isn't 'something else'.

I realise that a lot of people are offended by these symbols, and for different reasons. Some think communism is 'ok' when, as I show on this politics page, it is as evil as nazism. Communism in Sweden has not yet been recognised for what it is which is why it has survived so long as part of the system. Others just have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that revolts them but don't want to see that the system that keeps them as dumbed-down prisoners is precisely Marxism/Fascism - they are in denial, in a deep sleep and need waking up. If the provocative symbols will help do that, then they will have served their purpose. Others are simply afraid to rock the boat and would rather everything was left as it is and that everyone simply conform and employ Marxist dialectics to get change - they would rather not stick their necks out for authentic democracy. Such methods do not work with autocrats. In history decent people chose to stay in the system and try to change it from within in both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia - all that changed was their life status - they were murdered.

I knew from the outset that I wouldn't be able to please everyone. You never can. Even some fellow homeschoolers think I am 'too strong' in places - I guess they are not used to Anglo-Saxon ways. We have had to fight for our liberty in two world wars while Sweden managed to stay neutral in both. We know the price that has to be paid for liberty. Some think I am just 'angry' with the system (as they are) and that I am just 'venting'. I am not. I am way past that initial stage. You will find me a very calm person though focussed and determined. I believe I know what needs to be done and history teaches us that those who don't speak loudly are never heard. Licking the boots of those who are oppressing you never achieved anything. I guess I have been infected with Churchillism:

    "In war, resolution. In defeat, defiance. In victory, magnanimity. In peace, good will" (Winston Churchill).

That pretty much sums up my attitude to this whole homeschooling business. Love me or hate me for plastering this website with swastikas and hammers-and-sickles but understand that I am not against Sweden, Swedes or Swedish government. I am against some very, very bad political doctrines that have turned what could be a social paradise into a prison and a nightmare. I don't denigrate the huge achievement of politicians like Per Albin Hansson and Olof Palme in terms of the economic equality they achieved for ordinary Swedes (and a magnificent accomplishment it was too), even if I don't necessarily agree with the methods they employed. What I hate is the anti-family social engineering that's been going on for the last 40 years and the gulag this country has become because of it. Swedes are the victims of a Marxist/Fascist beast that needs dispatching switfly and Domenic Johansson is the symbolic victim of it. What happened to that poor boy and his parents could happen to you and me unless we resolutely say: No more! If you can't see that Domenic Johansson is a symptom of a very deep political rot, then you are either blind or heartless and have become like your oppressors.

And I am not saying that only Sweden is under this system - the rest of the West is gradually coming under it too. Only those in the East who remember Soviet and Nazi times will probably understand what I am talking about. The Czech President certainly does - he's worth listening to.

Just as the First World War did not 'end all wars' so the Second did not end totalitarianism. It's right here in our very midst and unless something is done about it we will end up with a new European Dictatorship and quite likely a Third World War.

I believe homeschooling is a key element in stopping all of this which is probably why the régime wants it crushed. We need to teach our children to think for themselves and see through the lies of fascism and communism. Dartwill Aquilla said that "children are born with an inclination to question, experiment and learn. By the time they leave school they have learned to avoid this childish behaviour" (in Sacred Bull). Totalitarianism and brainwashing takes that from them. Returning it will be the basis of a free and genuinely libertarian and democratic Sweden.

So the symbols of fascism and communism remain lest we forget and try to brush the ugly truth under the carpet only to have it spring out again later and bite us hard. Out of respect for the sensibilities of some of my fellow homeschoolers in this country I have reduced them in number as well as removed them from the main logo. But if I end up a refugee from Sweden, along with the 50% or so who have already fled, then I will both return and emblazon them over this website and make three times as much noise. Homeschooling may be totally suppressed in Sweden and homeschooling parents fined to hell or imprisoned and their children taken from them, but the truth will never die. It will live on until the people awaken and take action.

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