Why is the Swedish State

So Cruel and Heartless?

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Arvika, 10 February 2011

Those of us who have been closely following the Domenic Johansson state-kidnapping case and the devastating effect the callousnessness of the Swedish State has had on this destroyed family, and have not been brainwashed by all the lies and propaganda emanating from the Swedish Government and its agencies, have been left stupified and with the burning question, WHY? Was this a terrible one-off series of accidents and misjudgments or was this a part of a greater, unseen, and unreported systematic holocaust against anything and anyone who does not conform to the Swedish Utopia that has only come to the public forefont because of foreign sympathisers and a small Swedish homeschooling community who saw what it could possibly mean for them if they didn't do something about it?

What perverse philosophy makes the Swedish State so indifferent to the human suffering and misery that their agencies have caused? What is it that so numbs the sensitivities of these people toward the suffering of families that they themselves have been instrumental in destroying? Do they hate families? Do they hate love? Are they even qualified to be dealing with human beings at all, let alone having such absolute power over them? Are they brainwashed? Are they emotional retards? Do they have any conscience, any sense of guilt for what they have done? What exactly are they and what has happened to their humanity?

Not until I was forced to probe deep into the political philosophy of this country which seems to be embraced by all the mainstream political parties (just as the political parties of the former German Democratic Republic were forced to embrace a communist social framework) did I begin to find the answers. It has taken me some time but what I have dug up greatly alarms me because Sweden is pursuing a social illusion that can only end up hurting more and more ordinary citizens who have been persuaded to so implicitly trust their government to see them right in everything.

In fact it is truly astonishing just how much the Swedish people trust their government and how truly shocked they will be when they find out what is really going on behind the scenes. They have no idea that thay have been gradually hijacked by a wicked, undemocratic political system that was exposed in the 20th century as having been responsible for untold misery and the deaths of more people than in all the other centuries of world history combined. And it's the same system which lies behind the European Union today to which Sweden belongs and has perhaps even helped shape.

As far as child-abduction and homeschooling are concerned, the main players in this battle are the National Government in Stockholm, local municipal government (the kommuns), Social Services (Socialtjänst) and the Psychiatric profession which is linked, of course, to Big Pharma. Politicians on the national level, who have no direct one-to-one connection with such tragedies as Domenic Johansson I can understand up to a certain degree. It is hard to connect to something that is relatively 'far away'. However, this is not to excuse national politicians - they have ultimate responsibility for everything that goes on in this country so they must be held accountable for what their agencies do and to take appropriate disciplinary action when their agencies violate fundamental human rights as they absolutely and unquestionably have done in the Domenic Johansson case, the loopholes in Swedish Law notwithstanding.

I am seeking to ask some very subjective questions today about human nature and the state's attitude to it. I want to know if the government actually cares about individual people and families or whether we are just abstract statistics to them. In public they say they do (as Gustaf Hoffstedt, who presided over the Domenic Johansson case, has done) but in practice we are left to seriously wonder if this isn't just media hype. It is easy to 'talk the talk' but a lot harder to 'walk the walk'. With the exception of a tiny handful of MPs in the Swedish Parliament, the vast majority have been silent for they probably know that to speak out will not only rock their own boats but risk capsizing them too.

I can, of course, understand how we, as human beings, can become desensitised to things especially if they are bad things that happen often or far away. Living as we do in a relatively peaceful society without much civil unrest (with maybe the exception of ghettos and no-go areas in Malmö and a few other larger cities in Sweden), it is hard to imagine what it is like, for example, in Dharfur (Sudan), Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Congo, and other war-zones unless you've actually been there.

I remember growing up in England during the Northern Ireland troubles. At first we were shocked but as more attrocities were committed and the more we saw images of bombs and death on TV, the more desensitised we became. Only when the terrorists brought their bombs to the mainland did we start waking up, the nearest to my own home being the Guildford Pub Bombings in 1974 in which innocent pub-goers were murdered and innocent Irishmen were framed and convicted to long terms of imprisonment by the British Government. There is so much bloodshed in the world with so much media coverage of it that we learn, in time, to put up psychological walls.

I have little doubt the same thing has happened in Sweden with the family holocaust that is taking place here - the tens of thousands of state child abductions, the racket in government-encouraged child trafficking, the broken hearts and crushed lives of parents and children alike inflicted by Social Services in collusion with psychiatrists and politicians - all of this must, to some extent, have desensitised these people to reality until they no longer care. They become totally indifferent to the horrendous suffering they cause.

When the first SS Death Squads were organised in Nazi Germany, ordinary decent family men were recruited into their ranks, who believed the lies and propaganda that they were serving a noble cause to rid Europe of a subhuman pest. After the first massacres these men reacted as you would expect any decent person to - with shock, horror, guilt and nausea. All of these barometers of conscience they eventually learned to override - the more killing they did until they murdered without feeling anything whatsoever.

This is common psychological knowledge. You can kill a soul off inside by repeatedly exposing it to horror until it is so numbed that it is no longer able to feel emotions of sympathy or care. There can be no doubt that this well known psychological process must be in operation amongst the more 'seasoned' politicians, Social Workers and Psychiatrists (the very people who should be protecting civillians). But how could they possibly believe what they were doing was right, and, as they repeatedly claim, "in the best interest of the child"?

Those of us like myself raised outside this system, who have been brought up to cultivate sensitivities and feelings towards human beings and their plights, are amazed and aghast. How come the Swedish population seem to be totally indifferent to these abuses against parents and children when most of the rest of the West is appalled? There are many answers but one of them I am going to give you now: Sweden is governed by a different social ethic to the rest of us in the West. Indeed, Sweden is not a Western democracy at all - it only appears to be one on the surface. So what exactly is it?

I have described how sensitivities can be deadened by repetitive trauma - it's how people cope with scenes of horror and pain. They just shut the real world out. Many politicians and social workers are doubtless desensitised in this way and no longer operate with living consciences because they too have been forced to survive under pressure from their peers and superiors to follow the social engineering script of their respective bosses. In case you hadn't realised, this is a symptom of totalitarianism.

It is a hard thing watching suffering day in and day out. I have a good friend, a doctor of psychology, who eventually quit his profession as a councellor because it just bled his heart dry. He could not cope with all the daily exposure to the suffering of his patients. He was not causing pain himself, but was simply exposed to it. But what of those causing pain, by abducting children and destroying families? How do they cope (as they must)? They not only have to survive themselves but they must surely believe in what they are doing, just as the SS men did in rounding up and killing Jews, just as the NKVD (early KGB) did in rounding up and killing the imagined or real enemies - the 'reactionaries' and 'anti-revolutionists' - of Stalin's Soviet Union or Mao's Red China. Whether Nazi, Bolshevik or Maoist, they were driven by a conviction of and dedication to a semi-religious political philosophy - a belief system that overrode their basic human instincts to treat people decently.

What I am going to say now is not going to be liked by a lot of Swedes who have been brainwashed by the system they live in, but it has to be said for their suffering and traumatised fellows. Swedes long ago gave away much of their freedom (assuming they ever really had it) in return for a promised Utopia that has materialised in the economic sphere...up to a point and apparently in the social sphere...up to a point. They surrendered their freedoms for the promise of security and prosperity. Once you are hooked to a utopian ideal, and abuses begin, it's not long before you become desensitised to the very real terrorism of the system. Nigel Farage, leader of the libertarian
UK Independence Party and member of the European Parliament, once remarked:

    "In denying the citizens choice, it also spares [the functionaries, the doctrinaire, the natural apparatchiks] problems of conscience or individual taste. It wraps him in down, croons lullabies with subsections and tells him not to bother his pretty little head about anything. So long as he abides by the rules, he is in the right. Hence genocides and gulags"

Homeschoolers begged the Education Minister and leader of the Liberal Party, Jan Björklund, to meet with them to discuss the new Education Act which would later be passed and which banned homeschooling but he refused to speak with us, saying he was "too busy". Of course he was. We were too few of be of any political importance as far as the Reinfeldt Alliance Government was concerned, and since individuals don't matter in Soviet Sweden, we were dismissed as irrelevant.

At first your average Swede will laugh at the suggestion that the system he lives in being compared to "genocides" and "gulags" but that is only because he associates these words with historical abuses he believes have long since been extirpated from Europe. But there is more than one kind of genocide and more than one kind of gulag. You don't have to be physically murdered to be the victim of a genocide - you can be mentally, emotionally and psychologically murdered too. The present Swedish system is expert at that. Not that it is not guilty of murder indirectly because many of these victims of the Swedish Gulag have been driven by desperation to suicide. Research it for yourself and find out. There are links all over this website which will lead you to places where all this is documented carefully by professional lawyers, as in and by the Nordic Committee for Human Rights. I am simply summarising their findings and putting them into the vernacular.

There can be no doubt that today's Swedish government big bosses and ruling class have become isolated from the needs of the individual citizens it claims to be serving. When I look at this bunch of élitists I am reminded of the political doctrine of the late Maoist dictator of Albania, Enver Hoxha, who once said that the goal of the state was:

    "To build a socialist society free of the heresy of individualism, independent thought, or alien (non-government) morality".

Individualism is not encouraged in 21st century Sweden, free thinking is not allowed in 21st century Sweden, and nor are we allowed to challenge government morality. There is plenty of discussion within the state-defined 'box' (which makes it look like a consensus democracy) but anything outside it not only taboo but is violently opposed and persecuted. Paraphrasing Nigel Farage:

    "When a government by its actions proves that it despises the people when all the while it claims to love and serve them, then you know that the government belongs to a totalitarian ruling class for whom people are totally irrelevant"

Sweden is a totalitarian state pretending to be democracy, just as communist East Germany was, whose passing away was not mourned by Swedes. Why? Because the Swedish Élite was in love with Marxist DDR - because Sweden is itself a QUASI-MARXIST STATE, shaped in the image of that self-same Élite. Nigel Farage, speaking of the EU which in so many ways resembles Sweden says:

    "The will of the people and peoples of Europe was irrelevent to [those]...who first conconcted the plan of a European superstate. In common with most idealists and socialists, they believed the people to be servants of the state (and so, implicitly, of the state's senior 'servants') rather than vice versa" (Nigel Farage - the EU copied and applied the lessons learned from the totalitarian Swedish Model)

We know that education in Sweden is Marxist and not neutral as is touted (see my endnote here) to justify the banning of homeschooling and schools with independent curriculums. It follows the classical Marxist model of behaviourism and learning theory and ignores all other models that have proven themselves to be robust, because Swedish state schooling is based on the defunct communist DDR (East Germany) system. Go and read the works of Stellan Arvidson and you will see that this is indesputably so.

I am suggesting here today that the leading contender to explain the behaviour of the Swedish government and its social services in the Domenic Johansson case and others, its total disregard for individuals and families, its uniform monochromistic educational system, its banning of homeschooling, and its callous disregard for human worth and suffering is because Sweden is actually a Marxist State pretending to be a Western Democratic Liberal one. Sound incredible? Then follow along a bit more with me.

Karl Marx, the co-founder of communism (international socialism), once said:

    "The chief mission of all other races and peoples [who don't accept communism], large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust" (Karl Marx, Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol.42, No.1).

Given the record of communism in one century alone, we should not be surprised at such extremist views - indeed, they hold close kinship with nazism. But let's backtrack to the 1930's and listen to the views a leading 'democratic' socialist philosopher. George Bernard Shaw, British Fabian Socialist and admirer of Stalin, said:

    "I don't want to punish anybody, but there are an extraordinary number of people whom I want to kill. I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed board, just as he might come before the income tax commissioners, and say every 5 years or every 7 years, just put them there, and say, Sir or Madam, will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you're not producing as much as you consume, or perhaps a little more, then, clearly, we cannot use the big organisation of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DOES NOT BENEFIT US, and it can't be of very much use to yourself."

He also said:

    "I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly; in short, a gentlemanly gas - deadly by all means, but humane not cruel"

After the gassing of Jews at the hands of Hitlerite National Socialists (Nazis) and the mass murder of political opponents and deliberate starving to death of over 7 million anti-communist Ukrainians by the Stalinist International Socialists (Communists), Shaw's practical ideas would hardly meet a warm response from ordinary people sensitised to the excesses of 20th century totalitarian muderers in a post-war Western liberal environment today. Other methods would have to be found by other "humane not cruel" methods though it is my belief there is no "humane" or "not cruel" way to advance any Marxist agenda - see the movie on this website, Fascism and Marxism are the Same.

Another leading social democrat of the time, looking into the future as he imagined it would be under his kind of socialism, said:

    "Diet, injections and injunctions will combine from a very early age to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable. And any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible" (Bertrand Russel, Socialist Philosopher and Visionary, in The Impact of Science on Society)

In this age of nearly total state control, of which Sweden is one of the most 'advanced', Russel's frightening prediction is coming true. He foresaw a time when bullets, gas chambers, concentration camps and gulags would no longer be needed because of the way science, so-called, would be used to control people's minds. Indeed, is it not becoming 'psychologically impossible' to disagree with the government? Is it not true that the more you disagree with or oppose Social Services abuses, the nastier they get?

When the Johansson family decided it didn't want to send their son to state school but to homeschool, the full weight of the Swedish Marxist State's terror machinery fell on them and crushed them. A loving family was psycho-analysed and found 'unfit' to have their own son because they wanted to do something which Marxists hate - put them through a system of education that would allow their boy to think for himself and - horrors of horrors - perhaps disagree with the Socialist Utopia. The father, Christer, was labelled as 'narcissistic' (because of his suffering) and the mother, Annie, as too 'symbiotic' (i.e. loving) with her son by the psychiatric witchdoctors and socials, and declared to be 'unfit parents'. So their son was shuffled off to a very well paid foster family indeed. In the interests of State Ideology, the family was mercilessly ripped apart and traumatised. Marxism rewards its followers and savagely punishes its opponents.

It is an interesting question as to why homeschooling was allowed for so long - though admittedly under near impossible conditions - to suddenly be banned. Well there is an answer to that question. Homeschooling survived in Nazi Germany in the first five years of the National Socialist régime while it gradually consolidated its power. Not until it felt that it had sufficient domestic support (for remember the nazis came to power by a popular democratic vote, unlike the Russian Communists who seized control by violent revolution) and power did it break down the door of homeschooling in 1938 and force all German children to be indoctrinated in State Schools with a uniform curriculum throughout the Reich - like Björklund's new curriculum - that extolled National Socialism. Clearly the Swedish Government, by 2009, felt it was strong enough and the people sufficiently dumbed down enough, for it to stamp out the few homeschoolers that existed. (You see, Marxists want total power - 99.9999999999% is never good enough for them). They must have been inspired by Germany which has demonstrated it can ignore both EU law guaranteeing homeschooling (because of that government's great power) as well as the Special Rapporteur to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights who said:

    "The respect of parents' freedom to educate their children according to their vision of what education should be has been part of international human rights standards since their very emergence" (8 April 1999)

But the worst of it is that the Swedish Government, though nominally 'Conservative' and 'Liberal' is, in truth, MARXIST like all the other parties in Parliament! They're all inside the 'Swedish Box' which is constantly shifting in the direction of Fascism. They're just right-wing and centrist Marxists. It demonstrates that it is so by its actions no matter what its political manifesto may say.

Illustration of the Swedish Political Box. All parties are leftist (Marxist) because it is not possible to be anything else in the Swedish system, just as it wasn't in Communist multi-party East Germany - see The Swedish Political System Exposed

I defy anyone to explain why the Swedish state has behaved as mercilessly, heartlessly and cruelly as it has towards homeschoolers, families and individuals. I will explain it. It is because it is Marxist, and for Marxists people are but disposable units of labour. Homeschooling is a family affair, and families are 'bad' because (Marxists claim) they only cultivate individualism (even though homeschoolers are amongst the best adjusted and most social people in society that can be found). Why do I maintain that Sweden is Marxist? I will let the International Commission of Inquiry into the 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine explain it for me in its Final Report of 1990:

    "The recurrence of massacres and genocides, when other governments have succumbed to Communist takeovers in years past, may have something to do with features in Marxist philosophy. The attitude to human life, that made the genocide in Ukraine possible, is something deeply ingrained in the Marxist philosophy. Man is reduced to an economic factor, like labour in the abstract, and that implies a similar attitude to human suffering. Compared with the realisation of the Communist ideal, the life and death of the individual is a matter of indifference; why, therefore, trouble about his personal conditions, diseases or sufferings?"

Sweden is a strange hybrid of capitalism and communism not unlike a more moderate version of Communist China, though in reverse - China started as communist and then added capitalism, whereas Sweden started capitalist and then added communism. Per Albin Hansson, Olof Palme and other Swedish Socialist idealists thought they could tame communism by combining it with a limited form of capitalism and make it serve democracy. But the fatal weakness of the Swedish System is that it has not fully tamed the Marxist view of the individual (I maintain it is totally untamable), for it demands conformity and seeks to destroy everything that does not conform to their ideals.

The Swedish Model is therefore fatally flawed and it has demonstrated this most clearly in its cruel and merciless attitude to families such as the Johanssons. Who will be next? What will they do with the homeschoolers who remain and refuse to have their human right stolen from them? Will they try to do the same to us? Will Sweden swing towards its noble side of liberalism or to its evil Marxist bed-partner? If Sweden is to survive as an authentic democracy it has to divorce itself from Marxism and become a genuine libertarian state freed of communist dogma and cruelty to individuals and families. Nigel Farage hits the nail on the proverbial head in his book, Fighting Bull:

    "The most dangerous politicians depend on the Great Lie. Once the Great Lie has been ingested, it readily and rapidly grows into doctrine. Then a political preference becomes a religion, its champion a demigod and any aberration heresy. The politician excuses himself for abominations because he has seen the way clear to that shining city upon a hill. He has a duty to follow that path and to shepherd or lash others onto it for their own good. The Great Lie is just this: one day, time will stop...for Marxists, [it is] the Worker State, for romancers, the Happy Ever After, for buyers of cosmetics, Eternal Youth, for childish idealism, John Lennon's Magic Roundabout Elysium where there are no countries, no religions (and hence, presumably, no customs or loyalties) and all the people live (half-)life in peace...It is, of course, irresponsible gibberish. It serves only to make life's rich and only occasionally disgusting stew...appear unsatisfactory and affords nearly infinite power to the man with the hastily scrawled treasure map...The leaps of faith whereby these were turned into the Great Lie, however, initiated centuries of totalitarianism and intolerance...As for Lennon's brutal nightmare world, by what grotesque means is its survival for more than a split second to be assured? Brutal regimentation and compulsory unisexing, I assume" (Nigel Farage, Fighting Bull, pp.232-233).

Sweden must abandon its impossible Marxist utopian dreams before it is swallowed up into a dark hole of ever worsening totalitarianism and repeats the same errors of Communist Russia and East Germany. Marxism and classical liberalism are totally incompatible. You are seeing with your own eyes what it is doing to families such as the Johanssons. You have seen how it has tried to exterminate homeschooling (as Hitler did) in order to indoctrinate all Swedes into only one line of thought by channelling their children through their school factories. Well, we don't want cookie-cut kids. We want freedom.

    "Next to the right to life itself, the most fundamental of all human rights is the right to control our own minds and thoughts. That means, the right to decide for ourselves how we will explore the world around us, think about our own and other persons' experiences, and find and make the meaning of our own lives. Whoever takes that right away from us, as the educators do, attacks the very center of our being and does us a most profound and lasting injury. He tells us, in effect, that we cannot be trusted even to think, that for all our lives we must depend on others to tell us the meaning of our world and our lives, and that any meaning we may make for ourselves, out of our own experience, has no value" (John Holt).

The Swedish government wants to do these very things because it is Marxist. It wants all of us to be like all of them but without the power or money. We are simply the slave class.

I'm sorry, but that just isn't acceptable. We have seen Marxist Utopia's in abundance and they are living hells. Let Marxists live their own lives without trying to run ours too. Let them start their own little communes and try to do what Russia, eastern Europe, China, Cuba, Indochina, and numerous African countries have failed to do - consistenly. Let their ideologues preach to themselves and leave the rest of us alone. One thing is for sure - they need to be out of government for everybody's welfare and happiness.

I am not, in saying all this, claiming that all Swedish politicians are Marxists, for that is clearly not the case. The problem is that they operate within a tiny box that forces them to be, even the Christian Democrats and Conservatives. Not that this is a unique phenomenon because I believe this drift has been happening throughout the West. Certainly I see no difference between the major political parties of my own country any more either because of the 'British Box' that has been under construction for many decades. The European Union is just a bigger version of this 'Box' and the prognosis for the future is not good unless we reject it and opt for genuine libertarianism, for only in such a situation can we be free of the oppressive idealists who want to force their vision of Utopia down our throats. Only then can we have a truly free society without the kind of cruelty, callousness and heartlessness that we see manifested in the current Swedish system.

Let people live their own dreams in peace, undisturbed - the homeschoolers as well as anyone else, religious and unreligious. If Marxists want to form authoritarian egalitarian communes, let them do so and invite people to join of their own free will (and leave of their own free will too). The same for religious people. No one should be forced into one all-encompassing lifestyle. And let the psychiatrists stay out of it and form their own communities psychoanalysing one another. For as Nigel Farage remarked:

    "[You cannot] make a crime of a purported character trait. You can refute the charge of a specific act, but not of a conjectured predisposition or sympathy"

If Marxist politicians, social workers and psychiatrists are 'disturbed' by homeschooling, tough on them. I am highly disturbed by them too. We should all have the freedom to be disturbed without forcing someone to ease our disturbance by forcing them to be like us. We just have to be mature enough to get over the feelings we have because of our differences and let one another live. Marxists, who are both infantile and authoritarian, are dangerous people and should not be holding the reigns of power in any society. They and their fascist cousins most certainly have the right to exist but not the right to oppress us. If we have not learned the lessons of the 20th century then we are, as a people, most to be pitied. We can't afford not to learn the lesson of totalitarianism and its barbarity and cruelty!

In many ways the Swedish and European models are far more dangerous than the Leninist and Hitlerite systems of the last centuries. Why? Because unlike communism and nazism they are pretending to be something that they are not. They are hiding behind Western Democracy and and then changing it gradually in small increments from within and turning it into their own image. What we are witnessing is the reconstruction of the Soviet Union and this can never be allowed because we all know what the Soviet terror did to its people.

We want genuine equality and freedom. Equality is about the genuine freedom to choose, or become, different; it is not about us all choosing, or becoming, the same thing. That is the Marxist dream, the Fascist dream, and it is hell.

There are good politicians, social workers and psychiatrists in Sweden who are appalled by what's going on. And I believe that the vast majority of Swedes, if they knew what was really going on, would rise up in angry protest as we have done. I am asking them to step forward into the light and be counted, to raise their voices in protest, and say 'No more!' For as Einstein said, the greatest danger to society is not the evil people in it but those who remain quiet and do nothing about them.

Break the Marxist taboo and refuse to be intimidated! It is time to stand up and protest loudly! Be Social Democratic, Conservative or Liberal, but first become Libertarian! Come on Swedes, wake up! Demand the restoration of the Johansson family and all the other families cruelly separated by the Government. And defend our right to homeschool, please!

    "Life is too short to be living somebody else's dream" (Hugh Hefner)


"They have state-napped my kids too. In Kristianstad are they going under by their laws" (KLG, Sweden, 5 August 2012).

"A century of the same ideology is well rooted in people's minds and thaughts. All you have to do is put your trust in Father State. Which is rather hillarious since it kind of implies some kind of "believing" and any implication of such is against their politics. So, like you said, it's a "state"-religion. Thou shall not have other gods beside Father State! That's why people don't question the system. As long as it doesn't gets to them. I love this article, by the way! And I see exactly what you mean because my brain has not been marxicized :)" (D, Sweden, 1 September 2012).

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