Joint Statement on

Swedish Human Rights

by Christer Johansson, Father of State-Kidnapped Domenic Johansson
& C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

1. I am a free person. I was born a free person. My liberties are not granted by others or by a state but are a natural condition.

2. Life presents us with many problems which we must solve in order to get along together. But if you approach a problem with the wrong intent, you will not be able to solve it.

3. It is not legal in any way or form in a liberal, democratic society committed to individual liberty, to own another human being. If you believe that an individual, or a group of individuals (whether it be a gang or the State) owns someone, then these people are slavers. They are claiming the right to enslave you.

4. The choices I make are my own. They are what make me an individual. They are what make my life and my future as a human being. Thatís my natural right. It is the right of every individual because we are all born free.

5. When I grew up, no one said I was state property. It isnít written in any law that I am owned by the state. And yet somewhere along the line, the State - that is, a group of people - started making laws removing our choices without spelling out exactly what they were doing. Like the proverbial frog slowly being boiled alive, I suddenly discovered I didnít own my life any more. Someone else was making my choices for me.

6. When you are controlled by those who remain hidden, by those you cannot see, and who donít want to be seen, then itís like being managed by ghosts. And since you canít get a handle on a ghost, theyíll never own up if they abuse you and theyíll never make themselves accountable.

7. Itís time for a paradigm shift. Itís time we had an iron-clad Constitution guaranteeing liberty - our inviolable rights to make our own individual and family choices. Without it, our country will become a prison.

8. No matter what our religion or culture, we are all human beings who have rights from birth. That is the only thing that all human beings can agree on, namely, everybodyís rights and freedoms. We own these rights because we exist and not because someone chooses to give or deny them to us. And since we own them, they are not for sale. In fact, we have already paid for them tenfold.

9. I therefore demand that my rights be respected on every level of society; at the same time, I promise that I will respect other peopleís rights as well.

10. This must be the Golden Rule upon which every civilised, liberal, democratic and libertarian society is based. Without it, all the future holds for the human race is slavery and misery.

Sweden, 25 February 2012

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