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by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

If you ever wanted an example of the totalitarian, anti-liberty and anti-democratic mindset in today's Swedish government, and the lack of tolerance for anything different in the Marxist-Fascist Corporation known as 'Sweden', now you have a prime example. Aware that he was only a hair's breadth away from having his seven year-old son snatched from him for homeschooling, Jonas Himmelstrand, leader of the Swedish Association for Home Education (Rohus), was forced to secretly flee with his family to the safe haven of the Ĺland Islands in neighbouring Finland. Had he not done so, the Swedish SS (Social Services) in Uppsala would have seized his child just as they did Domenic Johansson in Gotland.

Himmelstrand is, moreover, not your average run-of-the-mill person but an accredited professional. As Alex Newman writes in his latest comprehensive article, Homeschool Leader Flees Swedish Persecution, the leader of the Swedish homeschoolers is a high-callibre academic and experienced researcher:

    "In addition to leading ROHUS, Himmelstrand has been at the forefront of drawing international scrutiny to the situation in Sweden. He has spoken about the issues at conferences around the world, also serving as the founder of the family-policy oriented think tank, Mireja Institute, and working as the family research expert for the Swedish pro-family organization Haro. He is the chairman of the committee organizing the world's first global home education conference, too."

Himmelstrand knows about children and he knows about education. With a combination of determination, passion and skill, he and his wife Tamara overcame enormous difficulties with their first son whom it was initially believed suffered from autism. You can read about their experience with the 'Son-Rise' method in a very moving article, Our Journey with Our Son Jakob.

Author of Following Your Heart in the Swedish Utopia, an English edition of which is shortly to be published, Himmelstrand demonstrates that the Utiopian Marxist Social vision in which the family is taken over by the state, first implemented in the 1970's and which every single Swedish régime has clung onto since - both 'left' and 'right' - has led to unmitigated social disaster. Sweden is not a happy country. But the doctrinaire socialists who run his country basically don't want to know the scientific facts.

Like all Marxist régimes, past and present, a 'devil-may-care' attitude is taken toward their subjects. Traditional concepts of conscience, long banished from the Swedish SS and left-wing educational savvies, play no part in the welfare of ordinary human beings any more. The much touted 'best interests of the child' slogan by Sweden's brainwashed polititicans is as hollow as an empty water barrel in a desert, and is really just Newspeak for 'in the best interests of the totalitarian state'.

Mao Tse-Tung, the Chinese communist leader responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of his own people, understood the barrier that the conscience was to his Marxist Utopia. Liang-xin, or the traditional concept of Chinese conscience, was an obstacle to the socialist revolution. Thus Mao would unashamedly and unabashedly declare:

    "You'd better have less conscience. Some of our comrades have too much mercy, not enough brutality, which means they are not so Marxist" (1).

Western Marxists do not, of course, engage in mass murder because they know that the public, highly sensitised and softened to Christian ethics over the centuries, would never tolerate overt bloodshed. Their brutality and lack of conscience has, however, never changed, but has been channelled elsewhere, into mass psychological abuse and traumatisation of parents and children by smashing up families. Mao would have been impressed.

Do not be deceived - the Marxist mindset has not mutated into something softer - its brutal methods have simply changed, but not its goals. And it is this social fascism, so rampant now in Sweden, which is spreading elsewhere in the Western world under the false mask of liberalism and democracy, with its state-approved annual cull of 20,000 or so state-abducted children, that is simply a Marxist adaptation to Western sensibilities.

Himmelstrand is a mild and gentile family man. Though I have not met him face-to-face, I have had numerous conversations with him by telephone and shared correspondences. He has a heart for people and for family, a sensibility which has no place in the cold hearts of the Swedish élite who are rabid statists through and through. For them, the state is everything, and the individual means nothing, even if they may say otherwise for political propaganda purposes. They demonstrate this is so time and time again because of their callous disregard for the feelings and welfare of individuals and families. We are but batch numbers for society, units of labour. For statists, people are to be controlled, no matter the cost, so that they can achieve their unrealisable utopian dreams.

Himmelstrand is the very opposite of what is wanted in the Swedish police state with its roving social police, the SS or Social Services, whose arbitrary destruction of families creates the same kind of terror that enabled Stalin, Mao and Hitler to hold onto power. It's a ferocious weapon and one that Himmelstrand, along with many others in slowly awakening Sweden, is opposed to. Of course, he is a family man, as all homeschooling parents are who really do seek after the best interests of their children. The Social Services department, which is but an arm of the state and the statists who control it, have little interest in family welfare. That's not to label all social service personel as 'bad' - of course not - there are undoubedly good and admirable ones who are locked into a system they have no control over.

I don't know about you, but I am, in addition to being a family man, also a dog-lover. I have my preferences for certain breeds, of course, and one of the breeds I am less favourably disposed towards are rottweilers, perhaps because of their fierce reputation as guard dogs. They have been known to attack children on occasion. I'm sure many would agree with me. But as a friend of mine said to me yesterday:

    "What's the difference between the Social Service system and a rottweiler? You can at least get your children back from a rottweiler".

If Himmelstrand had remained in Sweden a day longer than he had, the Swedish SS would have swooped down on his home, seized his young son, and he would never have seen him again. That is why he left the Swedish 'Paradise'. It's why people have fled from all Marxist régimes since the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 once they have seen through the lies and the brutality of the state has awakened them from their political hypnosis.

Individuals and families do not matter to the communist mindset. In Maoist China, intellectuals were branded automatically as 'rightists' (even if they were communists). In order to spare their spouses, they divorced them since an effective weapon of terror in Marxist China was to punish not only targeted dissidents but their families and relatives too, an effective (though barbarian) method of control. As a result numerous families were broken up, causing lifelong tragedy to children and parents alike.

If you think the Swedish left (or right for that matter - there's no difference anymore) - is an individual- or family-friendly bunch of people, think again. The Swedish Marxist beast is a very sweet-talking monster but now its brutality is coming out into the open. And the first politicians, like Annalie Enochson, are also coming out of the closet and are openly declaring that the way homeschoolers are being treated by the system in her country is nothing short of being a "scandal".

Whatever the system is, it is not the traditional Sweden - traditional Swedes are not like this. The system is a vile cult imported surrupticiously into the country and introduced by stealth by communist plants. Had ordinary Swedish people known what they were being served they would never have voted in the people espousing such criminality. And only now are they beiginning to see, with disbelief and horror, what has been imposed upon them by Crypto-Communists posing as Liberals, like Education Minister Jan Björklund and Lotta Edholm who has openly stated she wants all homeschooled children to be abducted by the Swedish SS - which of course means their permanent separation from their parents. And that's the nearest thing you can do short of killing someone, as the Domenic Johansson family know only too well.

Jonas Himmelstrand knew all of this when he fled his homeland to the Finnish fair isles of Ĺland, leaving behind his mother and everyone he knew. He knew that, in addition to all the harrassment he had received, his family would have been destroyed if he hadn't. All of us homeschoolers know that which is why we are determined to expose this monster and demand the government that created it to crush it before it crushes yet more innocent people. You can't reform people who have no conscience any more - you have to hire new ones who do and make sure they are accountable in open courts of law, and hopefully restore some sort of conscience to those who have behaved with such unstinting brutality. Anything less than that would be a betrayal of democracy and liberty and of the hundreds of thousands of abused Swedes destroyed by the system over the last 40 years.

I cannot tell you how happy and relieved I am that the Himmelstrands have escaped the Swedish Gulag. They learned, as the Johanssons learned the hard way, that you cannot trust the Swedish state. Like an artificial life-form that has acquired a separate existence of its own, believing itself to be superior to the masses that sustain and feed it, it is out to subjugate and conquer the masses by becoming a 21st century feudal lord. Like all autocracies its survival depends on keeping people ignorant - but when the cat gets out of the bag, it quickly unravels. And the cat is out and the system will unravel.

I believe that one day - hopefully soon - the Himmelstrand Family will return along with the rest of the exiles. No one should be forced out of their own country under threat of having their family destroyed by crippling fines and permanent child abduction. Such a system is evil and must be replaced. That is the task that lies ahead.

Those running this mediaeval system - they must either reform or be brought to account. Either way, the tens of thousands of state-stolen children have to be freed and homeschoolers have to be emancipated. And I mean really emancipated - we don't want the old system we had here before back again, we want complete educational liberty along the lines of the United States.

The Swedish anti-family policies and 'thought reforms' are simply a Marxist euphemism for brainwashing whose purpose is to get everyone to think and feel alike and uncritically submit to the state in everything, without using the barrel of a gun. Mao said:

    "Some foreigners say our thought reform is brainwashing. I think that's right, it is exactly brainwashing" (2).

At least Mao was honest. Today's Marxists, who know they will never win an election through the ballot box if they share their real feelings and goals, are forced to lie and deceive. Take José Barroso, President of the European Commission, who was an avowed Maoist, being a leader in Portugal's MRPP that would later become the Communuist Party of Portuguese Workers. He has since conveniently, positionally and to his personal advantage mutated into a Social Democrat and is one of the many famously rich unelected autocratic bureaucrats of the European Union, itself an aspiring Marxist State and replacement for the defunct Soviet Union.

It's long been my belief that the Marxist Swedish state was a model for the EU. And if that is so, the rest of the EU nations (before they lose their nationhood), can know what to expect. David has a determined Goliath to fight but armed with truth, he will strike him a death-blow right between the eyes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Himmelstrands and with all the other persecuted families in exile. We're not going away and we are going to win. We are here to stay and fight until justice and truth prevail. History demonstrates that it will because the human spirit cannot tolerate being crushed for long. One way or another, it will break out until it is once again breathing the fresh air of liberty.

Endnotes and Sources

(1) Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2007), p.480
(2) Ibid., p.508

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