The Coburg Factor

Between People and Nations

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Coburg is a small Franconian town on the state border between Bavaria (Bayern) and Thuringia (Thüringen) rich in history and cultural tradition. When, following the First World War, Imperial Germany became a Republic on 1 July 1920, Coburg as an independent Duchy came to an end when its ruling prince, Karl Eduard, abdicated.

The people faced a choice. Should they, a tiny city state, retain their old connections with Gotha, or should they become a part of Bavaria? They voted for Bavaria and without knowing it guaranteed their liberty as part of the future West Germany when the German Reich was partitioned following the defeat of the Second World War. For if they had decided to stay with Thuringia, the town would have passed to Communist East Germany.

Indeed, Coburg was to play a noble rôle helping absorb so many refugees streaming from the Oder-Neisse territories (conquered and absorbed by Poland and Russia) and through the Soviet Zone of Germany (the future 'East Germany') in their bid for freedom from communist tyranny. 15,000 expellees from the East swelled the extant population of 30,000, forever altering the character of the town. By flooding West Germany with millions of refugees forced from their homes in the seized eastern Territories, the communist dictator, Stalin, hoped to start a civil war and in the confusion create the conditions for further revolution and thus extend the borders of communism even further westwards. He failed, and cities, towns, and villages like Coburg played their rôle in winning the first round of the Cold War.

When in 1920 the citizens of Coburg were called upon for the first time in 900 years to govern their own affairs and decide whether they wanted to be Thuringians or Bavarians, they exercised a right that God and nature confer on all human beings: to decide their own fate. They were to lose this freedom briefly during the Third Reich but after the passing of that evil empire, and the reacquisition of their liberty, and confronted with the arrival of another evil empire - this time a Red one - the Coburgers exercised their liberty to voluntarily welcome all those Eastern German refugees and generously include them in their inheritance. This they did of their own choice and in consequence the two peoples mutually benefitted from each others. A combination of compassion for those suffering the loss of their homes, and free enterprise, ensured the successful integration of the refugees as new Coburgers that gave both peoples a broader outlook on life.

Today I want to ask serious and hard questions about identity - about people, states and supra-states in a world that has undoubtedly lost its way. In Europe, an unnatural state called the 'European Union' is being formed by an unelected élite whose ambition is, first, a 'United States of Europe' and then a 'United States of the World'. Unlike organic societies that slowly form over time through the consent of the people, every imposed system, be it a marriage or a state like Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Austria-Hungary, Poland-Lithuania, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Communist China, or the European Union, will eventually spontaneously combust and crumble into its constituent parts. Austria-Hungary dissolved after the First World War, with Czechoslovakia, Yuogslavia and the Soviet Union falling apart more recently - and Belgium is is on the brink as its French Waloons and Dutch Flems want to go their separate ways. Others, like China (which is occupying Tibet and other non-Han territories like Muslim Eastern Turkestan or Sinkiang) and the Russian Federation (which is a patchwork of different countries, some wanting independence, like Chechenya) will follow later. You can't force people together against their will. Even Great Britain, with its four constituent nations, is experiencing strains in Scotland where the nationalists there are demanding a referendum.

Over the course of history, nations have come and gone. Some have gone and reappeared, like the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece and Switzerland. Some, like Prussia, Tannu Tuva and Assyria, seem to have vanished forever, and others are waiting their chance for nationhood for the first time like Kurdistan and Palestine.

The élite-inspired 'trend' has been away from nation states and towards supra-national states like the EU. However, the élites are not allowing this to happen spontaneously but are forcing states together against their will. They're trying it everywhere, including America, in trying to force together - usually secretly - countries with disparate economies and traditions like Mexico, the USA and Canada. Because this 'forcing' is unnatural, the élites have sought to speed up these unnatural national marriages by attacking the foundations of the states they are trying to phase out, namely, the family. This, too, is unnatural, and is having its dire consequences on the mental and emotional health of nations.

Enlightened people all recognise that in order to abolish war and hunger there has to be cooperation and a degree of inter-dependence between nations. Where people disagree is the nature of the components and how to accomplish this. Whether we like it or not, our world, when allowed to develop naturally and without the use of imposed external force, always crystalises in a single consistant and predictable pattern:

The happiest, securist and most productive societies have all recognised the importance of individual liberty followed by the integrity of the family unit. Tamper with either of these and what you end up with is something unnatural and unsatisfactory. The last century saw disasterous political social experiments that attacked this foundation in the form of International Socialism (Communism/Marxism) and its offshoot, National Socialism (Fascism/Nazism). The state - in truth, a group of self-seeking individuals - replaced the individual and the family and created hell on earth. Remove the individual and the family from the centre, and life itself imposes its own resistance, eventually breaking out, sometimes violently as in communist Romania.

Until 1973, when the communisation of the country got under way in earnest, Sweden was officially known as a union of three tribes - the Swedes, Goths and Wends. When Carl XVI Gustaf, the current king, ascended the throne following the death of his father Gustaf VI Adolf, his official title, Sveriges, Götes och Vendes Konung, dropped the Goths and the Wends, and the traditional tribal distinctions were 'officially' disbanded. From thence forth the Goths and Wends became 'Swedes' whether they liked it or not. I suspect this was done under pressure from the ruling Social Democrats who were at that time launching their grand plan for social reconstruction, better described as social engineering. The standing order then, as now, and as in the European Union, was, and is, homogenisation of culture, in spite of the deceptive claim that it believed in and implemented multiculturalism.

By this time, though, the assault on the family was in full swing and the educational system was churning out a new generation with a new identity for 'Swedes'. However, this was not the same racial 'Swede' as defined by the ruling Social Democrats in the interbellum years who, more like their National Socialist comrades in Nazi Germany, had not evolved a definition of the ideal 'racial type' but were pursuing, through a eugenics program of forced sterilisation of 'un-Swedish'-looking women, a master race.

Whatever régime's modern non-racial, Marxist definition of a 'Swede' may currently be, one thing we can be sure of is that it is only temporary. The new masters in Brussels intend to submerge all concept of nationality or national identity (such as Swedish, German, British, Hungarian, etc.) in order to create a new 'European' identity. And even this is not the final goal. In the Global Utopia envisioned by the modern Marxists, even 'European' is to be temporary. They haven't come up with a word for the Global Citizen yet - assuming they ever get that far - and I doubt if anyone, except the élites and their unpopular but well paid bureaucratic stooges, will ever truly regard themselves as 'European' - the way things are going in the EU, that institution and its artificial identity-manufacturing process is anything but popular and is unlikely to last.

What is this Marxist obsession with obliterating individual, family, tribal and national identity? I have been forced to the conclusion that its purpose is the destruction of the heart of man, to make him into a mere machine, and to eliminate anything that might be construed as 'spiritual'. The goal of the ruling élites in Stockholm, Brussels, and the former Leningrad, whether they wear the now meaningless label of 'conservative', 'liberal', 'social democrat' or 'leftist' (in America, 'Republican' and 'Democrat') is surely the same - it is to create a Marxist Utopia - whether by sudden, violent means (Communism) or by small, almost imperceptible increments (Liberalism/Socialism). The fruits are identical.

The great war being waged in the world, as I see it, is a battle between those who view human beings as mere biological machinery and those who believe people have consciousness and are therefore more than the sum total of their constituent physical parts. Marxists do not believe in individual human rights, even if they have always paid lip-service to them. They don't care about the individual, the family, the clan, the tribe, or the nation, but that fictitious entity called the 'state', i.e. the ruling class. It's really a kind of modern feudalism. Ultimately they don't even believe in artificial supra-nations like the EU, let alone a Word Nation, however much they talk about, and extoll, them. These are but useful concepts, framed in a phoney idealistic setting, whose function are but a stepping-stones to their ultimate destructive goal.

I have been analysing Marxism for four decades now and have come to the conclusion that it is, in reality, no more than a religious death cult with deceptive layers of anti-religious philosophy and politics to deceive the masses. All the political ideology is just a bait for idealists, and a smoke screen for all the rest. The core attracts the psychopaths. As Captain Hsu Chen of the Republican Army testified near the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1948, who witnessed the attrocities of the Maoist Marxists, these people were little more than "heartless and bestial...bandits".

And they haven't changed. Today, in modern Sweden in particular, but elsewhere also, they have taken up residence in the Social Serviecs department where children are the victims of their predations (see the Domenic Johansson case), and elsewhere in the political and social élite.

Of course, few believe the testimony of people like myself until they learn the hard way...through their own personal experiene or viâ the experiences of close friends and family who have suffered. I meet more and more of these every day in Sweden - slowly but surely the nation is waking up, one person and family at a time.

The wonderful Coburg experience may be a thing of the past if we don't do something about it. Individuals, families, clans, villages, towns, districts, tribes, regions and countries all should have their own naturally evolved identities - and even larger things like continents and eventually the whole world. We can, and should, identify with all of these. But the identification must start with the individual and the family, for once you destroy these, as the Marxists have sought to do, and are still doing, you destroy everything that makes us human. You destroy all that is worthwhile in life and living. Then people are mere cogs in a wheel, expendable canon fodder, disposable units in social experimentation, and worth no more than the dead atoms Marxists 'officially' believe they are just made of. Depersonalising individuals, imprisoning, torturing and killing them if they won't comply, becomes no more than demolishing an old building whose 'usefulness' as expired to these apologies of men and women who have lost their own identities, who have little choice but to adopt a 'state' or a 'corporate' identity. Yes, in some countries they want to make corporations legal entities like people!

These people are dangerous psychopaths and they must be opposed vigorously or we will end up with a world of drab, grey nothingness - an array of slate tiles roofing an utopian illusion. This means that you also must be heard. You have your part to play, and now is the time to do it.

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