Fragrant Intestines

A Taste of the Swedish Utopia

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Having consolidated his power by 1960 through his terror machine that had cost the Chinese people tens of millions of lives through methodically planned murder, torture, suicide, starvation and disease, Mao Tse-Tung decided that it was time to export his version of communism to the world. Knowing, as all realistic Marxists know, that in the absence of military might communism would have to deceive and lie to be accepted by the world, Mao resorted to the strategy of not being too aggressive in order, as he put it, not to be seen to be trying to "export our fragrant intestines".

I am writing today because another homeschooling family in Sweden, whom I personally know, is being threatened by the Swedish SS (Social Services) with child abduction on the basis of the totally trumped up chages of family neglect and abuse by yet another anoymous informant. The jackboots of Swedish 'Liberal' Party boss, Major Jan Björklund (who thinks children are machines), and his cronies like Lotta Edholm in Stockholm (who thinks all homeschooled families should be smashed) et al, are apparently on the march again to the drumbeat of an unrestrained Marxist statism on the rampage.

This family is, as you can imagine, terrified but not cowed. They know only too well what has happened to state-abducted Domenic Johansson and what nearly happened to the President of the Swedish Homeschooling Association, Jonas Himmelstrand, who escaped by the skin of his teeth and is now a political exile in neighbouring Finland but at least with his precious family intact. But they are wise to the lies of the "fragrant intestines" that is the mythical 'Swedish Utopia'.

The only difference between the Swedish Utopia and the Soviet or Red Chinese Marxist Utopias is that its power is not derived from the barrel of a gun - yet. It has, rather, used lies, infiltration and deception to persude the Swedish people to give its leaders power. The difference between today's modern Marxists hiding under the mantle of democracy, liberalism and respectability is that they have exercised far more patience than the first communist doctators who wanted power in a hurry, leaving them only military force and violent revolution as an option with which to achieve their goals.

Mao wanted to project Communist China as a model for the rest of the world but the only way he was able to achieve this was by installing watertight filters on what foreigners could see of his totally closed off and sealed country, achieved solely on the basis of raw terror. When French writer Simone de Beauvoir visited the People's Republic of China in 1955, she was so shielded from the reality of the Red Nightmare and was so convinced of the benevolence of the Maoist State that she wrote in her book, The Long March:

    "...the power Mao exercises is no more dictatorial than, for example, Roosevelt's was. New China's Constitution renders impossible the concentration of authority in one man's hands" (1)

What is truly amazing, in the light of what we know about that ghasty, tyrannical régime and its Mao Personality Cult is that such a whopper of a lie could be so readily believed. Today few societies are as closed off as early Communist China was. Global commerce and media such as the Internet (in spite of censorship) make that kind of isolation almost impossible. Accordingly, the élites have had to refine and change their propaganda methodology to more subtle forms of brainwashing. Thus the Swedish régime has managed to convince the world that Sweden is an example of an "enlightened Western Liberal Democracy". And the West has swallowed it.

A key element of Marxist and fascist brainwashing has always been the use of fear as an effective coercive when dumbing-down has failed, or used in tandem. And fear, which requires the use of terror, poses other problems, because when instruments of terror are placed in the hands of oppressors, there is - because of human nature - a temptation and tendency to 'go over the top'. Unrestrained power quite simply leads to unrestrained oppression - always.

In Marxist Sweden, the instrument of that terror is primarily the state-controlled SS (Social Services) closely allied to the quackery which is that unfortunate alliance between psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. This dangerous triad, wielded by unprincipled politicians and their controllers, is the chief instrument used to prevent a resurgence of liberty in this highly controlled society which has decided to collectivise education and child-rearing instead of the traditional Marxist collectivisation of agriculture and industry (they control these by other methods).

The cost in terms of all Utopian experiments is merely a statistic to Marxists. The trauma caused by the abduction of 20,000 or so children each year in Sweden on the flimsiest of pretexts does not matter to these psychopaths. In Sweden, as in Soviet Russia and Maoist China, there is "a whole world of hidden revolutions" (2) which neither the outside world nor the vast bulk of its citizenry know anything about, for it is not in the nature of totaliarian systems to be transparent. And though the Swedish Revolution was cleverly accomplished without the barrel of a gun, it has not been without bloodshed or psychological trauma. Only now, as this secret Marxist revolution is exposed and the deeds of its crimes published and widely circulated is the "fragrance" dropping from the "intestines". Now we're seeing the Swedish Marxist guts for what they really are - as grotesque as the same murderous guts of Stalinism, Maoism and Hitlerism.

Only a carefully selected élite knows what is really going on and to a lesser extent their employees who depend on this élite for their daily bread. But with the exposure of the élites currently going on in every country all over the world, the Swedish élite must surely now be worried, though given the arrogance and conceit of past Marxist/Fascist dictators, they will probably cling on to the strings of power until they are forced into the open to give account before the masses whom they fear more than anything else. They will remember the fate of the Romanian Stalinist dictator and of the fascist dictator Mussolini.

When a small political and economic aristocracy gains dictatorial control of a country, it is always on the basis of corruption and deceit. So long as they are viewed by the people they control through their propaganda machinery as benevolent, they will remain; but once the propaganda is no longer viewed as facts any longer, then they are in serious trouble. Then the Rheinfeldts, Björklunds, Obamas, Camerons, Sarkozys, Merckels and other employees of the élite will be seen as the closet Marxists/Fascists that they all are and will know their days are numbered.

And they also fear another Power, one that is Cosmic in scope.

Our responsibility is to promulgate the truth to the masses, something the managers of the State Gulags we currently and erroneously call 'independent nations' loathe, which is why there is such a mad rush right now to impose censorship on the Internet. However, as I have said before, the cat is already out of the bag, and not one but tens of thousands of them, and even if they do succeed in imposing yet more censorship using the mythical 'terrorist threat' as an umbrella and excuse, it won't work because too many people now know. And the message will spread like wildfire the more they turn the screws to repress freedom.

The "fragrant intestines" are now reeking with the stench of corruption and wickedness. The Utopian lie is being exposed, yet again. The march of truth cannot be contained. The only problem is whether the people, once awakened and once having been persuaded to throw off the shackes of oppression once more, will again repeat the unlearned lessons of history.

But let's confine ourselves to today. The lovers of liberty must stand up and be heard and counted. More voices must join the symphony of protests until the demons of Marxism and totalitarianism are laid to rest once and for all. Sweden is waking up - slowly and painfully - but fast enough to create a momentum that cannot ultimately be stopped ... except by the barrel of the gun. And once the overlords resort to that, the game will be over for them. They will have lost for sure.

Endnotes and Sources

(1) Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2007), p.560
(2) Orlando Figes, A People's Tragdy: The Russian Revolution 1891-1924 (Pimlico, London: 1996), p.529

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