Sweden's Social Cancer

and How to Save the Country

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

    I gave a wry smile when I read a leader of the 19 March 2013 edition of Sweden's main national newspaper, Expressen and one from the day before online (1). Having lived through (and seen) the Soviet and East European Communist Era with all its flatulent slogans boasting the great social strides and liberties of the Marxist Paradise, I couldn't help but whince reading the new slogan for the Swedish Liberal Party's program as it tries to shore up its diminishing populariy as a minor partner in the current Reinfeld Coalition Government. With public support at only 6 percent - a drop from 12 percent at the apex of its popularity in 2002 - it may well be going the same way of the British Liberal Democrats who have been made virtually redundant by the emerging libertarian United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) seemingly sweeping it to a long overdue grave. And if there is one thing Sweden needs and by now ought to have, its a Swedish version of UKIP. But that's, as they say, another story.

    Back to reality. Hark to the new Swedish Folkpartiet's Soviet-style fanfare:

    Freedom in the era of globalization!

    "Freedom" - what freedom did Major Björklund have in mind? I remember the last General Election posters of his apology-for-a-party that claims to be 'liberal' but is as totalitarian in its social mindset as Marxism get:

    Framtiden börjar i klassrummet!
    The Future Starts in the Classrom!

    Two years later, having kidnapped Domenic Johansson for homeschooling and then taking away his innocent parents' parental rights away entirely so that they never even see their state-traumatised child anymore, having all but banned homeschooling from the face of the Swedish Social Paradise, and having introduced this 'fantastic' new State School Curriculum and forced it down the throats of everyone, including 'Free Schools' and private schools, what is the result of this amazing Brave New World experiment of educational regimentation and suffocation? Let us heartily congratulate the Education Minister-with-zero-educational-experience (save being schooled in military barracks) by reminding him that one-in-five school children fail their exams (at least in the län or province where I live) where this new utopian system has been implemented.

    In a land where xenophobia and homophobia (a hatred of foreigners and homosexuals, respectively) is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and where xenophiles and homophiles (those who love foreigners and homosexuals, respectively) are lauded as pillars of the Social Paradise, a paradox of sorts exists, because many of these very same pillars suffer from an advanced, virulent and malignant form of OIKOPHOBIA.

    You've not heard of the word, of course, and that's because I just created it to describe a hatred of home and family, from the Greek oikos...which would, of course, include homeschooling, since 'home and family' are real obstacle to the advancement of the Marxist Utopia.

    To me that ought to be a hate crime of the first order. Why? Because it's suicidal, for one thing.

    But wait, there's more. It is one of those great ironies of history that what the state (which invented them) calls a "school" comes from the Greek word skolia which literally means "free time" because the Greeks thought that skolia or free time was the time for learning. And how right those inventers of democracy were! Indeed, the unschoolers are truer to the original philosophical thought behind skolia, which is that the child should be allowed to explore and learn for him- or herself (or itself in the new gender-neutral insanity that is the liberal-flavoured Marxism of the Swedish social madhouse). What a contrast to the militaristic state educationist mentality of today.

    Where has this oikophobia come from in Sweden? From the extremist Marxist Social Utopians who believe that the family structure is inherently exploitative, of course. Karl Heinrich Marx's solution was that children should be raised by the state, marriage and inheritance should be eliminated, and noncommital sex be the only form of relationship. Projecting his own dysfunctional view of society Marx insisted:

      "Bourgeois marriage is, in reality, a system of wives in common and thus, at the most, what the Communists might possibly be reproached with is that they desire to introduce, in substitution for a hypocritically concealed, an openly legalized system of free love."

    Raw communism, with its propensity for violence and murder, did not, however, fare well in the popularity stakes in the minds and hearts of those who were forced to live under it. It was responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people in the 20th century and as a result became thoroughly discredited and loathed. The only way that its ideological proponents stood any chance of succeeding in their dream was to reintroduce it by stealth and by degrees by strapping it on the back of unsuspecting liberalism blinded by Marxism's false promises and lies.

    What has resulted was not at all what the Marxist designers had intended. This forced cross-breeding of two incompatible animals has resulted in a bureaucratic behomothic beast combining corrupt croney corporate capitalism with Marxist social tyrrany. The beast, this political chimera, this abnormal and grotesque political shotgun marriage, moreover, is sterile, and is simply causing the country to drift into anarchy, into the worsening madness that is the illusiory Swedish Paradise. The land, with its oikophobic political masters trapped in, and by, Third Wave Feminism, and its nightmarish social service agents, is drifting like a boat without a captain, in the grip of this Marxist undercurrent, heading toward a giant waterfall and social catastrophe.

    What must Sweden do to save itself?

    It's actually very simple but it will require will power and a public educational revolution to do it, which is why education is of the prime essence. With Marxists in control of the media and the educational system, it is in the area of a genuinely free press and in the free exercise of alternative forms of education, that the battle to revitalise Sweden will begin. Let the people choose for themselves.

    Needless to say, the crypto-communists who run the political, bureaucratic and judicial system will not yield their positions of power voluntarily. Communists never do, and certainly not its core leadership. In the words of the creator of the Star Wars movies, "you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and vilainy", committed as these oikophobes are to the destruction of the family, the brainwashing of society, the smashing of families and trading of children, and (hypocritically) self-enrichment through the manipulation of croney capitalism.

    The problem which requires addressing quickly is that this unlikely grotesque marriage between liberalism and communism has to come to an end and the country be restored to authentic, classical liberal democracy - to libertarianism. Politicians from across the political spectrum are needed who will passionately fight for family and individual rights, a genuinely free press and for freedom in education. These THREE FREEDOMS will not be achieved by passive dialogue alone but also, when confronting the bully-boys and bully-girls, by verbally determined, non-violent, honest confrontational politics because without this, government will continue to grow, become more authoritarian and distant, and remain unresponsive to the people. The sleeping Swedish beauty will need to be shaken by passionate argument, not just enticed by gentle kissing, to be awakened.

    The very thought of such action terrifies most for whom placid acceptance of all authority has become a way of life. If the extreme left (and right, for that matter - there is little to distinguish them) death cult which has hijacked this country is not confronted in this way, using its own tough "in your face" methods, then Sweden will continue to head over the metaphorical cliff and all that was once wonderful about this nation and people will be lost forever. It will become, in the end, a social wasteland.

    Politics is about power and people, what former American senator H.L.Richardson called "two of the most complicated and explosive paints on earth" (2). There is a curious equilibrium between the two - the more power you give to politicians, the less the people have to determine their own lives, and this results - in the end - in corruption and tyranny.

    And isn't it ironic that the dictators of the left describe their feudal domains as 'democracies', 'republics' and - the obscenest one of them all - "dictatorship of the people", or a segment of the population like the "proletariat"? Yet in Soviet Russia no more than 1 percent of the population were ever communists and even they did not "dictate" anything because dictums always come from the centre in any centralised state. In that respect Sweden, which is highly statist, is no different. Though everything is done in the name of "democracy" it is never done in the name of "liberty", and that's because the latter is highly rationed or abolished altogether in all statist systems. They have taken Lenin's double-speak seriously - "Freedom is so precious it must be rationed".

    The only way to give authentic power to the people is by decentralisation and local democracy. By devolving power from the centre to the municipality you give the people a real say. Where there is proper scrutiny by the people, the organised deceit of the power centres must yield to honest appraisal of factual data in and by the local community. The only reason homeschooling has been successfully demonised by the centre is through this organised deceit which refused to either dialogue or allow the facts to speak for themselves, as we homeschoolers found out when we asked to speak to Jan Björklund but were repeatedly turned down because he was "too busy", i.e. not interested. Though it always appeals to "science" and "facts", the centre rarely yields to either, or manipulates them. It rather wants and prefers us to respond like Pavlov's dog to its own crafty conditioning.

    Such "organised deceit" does, of course, in the end, fail. It survives only as long as it does by the amount of noise it makes or by its gun-toting. Repeat a lie often enough and the people will accept it, their behavioural psychologists and social engineers have told them. But since people have a knack of finding out the truth given time (especially with the advent of the Internet...which is why they want to control it, and always in the name of 'security'), the only hope of these psychopaths (for whom power is the goal and not the welfare of the people) is to concentrate power on themselves fast enough so that when push comes to shove, and blame-shifting on those who speak the truth no longer has any credance or affect, they will, so they hope, have the power apparatus to force their will on the awakening masses. They underestimate people who historically - as in East Germany (the DDR) - have always thrown off the oppresser in the end.

    Perhaps that's why Education Minister, Major Jan Björklund, wants to place patriot missiles on Gotland...facing west, of course. How patriotic.

    The silent masses have to be persuaded of the truth in the traditional Swedish way - through patient dialogue and mututal respect - but the demigods in power have to be confronted aggressively so that force is met with force, at least in the realm of debate and rhetoric. This means that the defenders of liberty need, metaphorically, both a mailed fist and a velvet glove, depending on whom they are dealing with. I pull no punches with the tyrants in my writings, be they autocratic politicians or barbaric social workers involved in child trafficking. It's the only way such people can, and must be, met. You don't stop a runaway train by waving a red flag but you get on board and bring the beast to a halt by wrestling with it. That's for courageous politicians and social workers of principle to now do.

    Sweden needs a new political party that is courageously libertarian and non-sectarian, unifying the Swedish people around the common principles of liberty and justice, like UKIP. It has, moreover, to extricate itself from the conditioned, Pavlovian mindset of the extreme left and right so carefully engineered over the last century by the power élite. The restoration of the rights of individuals, parents, family and home, and their autonomy, must be a key plank in its political manifesto. They must stand squarely against the oikophobes (family-haters) and not surrender to their propaganda. Additionally, by recognising that politics is an art rather than a science, they will contribute in a big way to putting things back into perspective.

    In its march towards greater fairness, Sweden has allowed its leaders to go too far in throwing out the baby of traditional Swedish values with the bathwater of things that were unquestionably wrong with the old system. In attacking and marginalising the family, by transferring more and more power to the state as an uncaring, and sometimes abusive, proxy parent, Sweden has shot its own proverbial foot. Besides, the proxy parent, as a legal fiction, is mostly immune to prosecution. As for Swedish Justice - well, it's "Just Us", i.e. "Them".

    So when Education Minister Björklund and his pseudo-liberal hacks talk about "freedom" it has to be recognised for the tongue-in-cheek word game that it is. It's just good old communist propaganda because he and his bandwagon are not true liberals but extreme left-wing feudal autocrats like most of the rest of the political class (with perhaps the exception of the Centre and Christian Democrat parties). So I really hope the Folkpartiet vote drops in the next election beneath the 4 percent needed to have seats in parliament for its abominable treatment of homeschoolers and families, and in keeping education anchored to the metaphorical dinosaur age. Then perhaps that party can either return to its original libertarian roots or the new Liberal Democratic Party can take their place.

    As for me and my family, we do refuse to exist to simply breed, feed and entertain children to be brainwashed by the state and turned into batch numbers for society to man the factories of the croney capitalists. I want my children to be able to think for themselves and get a rounded education in whatever direction they want to go, to do what they enjoy doing as free and independent persons. So do I believe in school? Absolutely...in the sense that the ancient Greeks intended skolia to be: free time (at home if wanted) for learning.

    As for anti-homeschooling Major Björklund, mass child-snatching-wannabe Lotta Edholm, and the rest of the pseudo-liberal Marxist circus, I hear there may be a job waiting for them on Gotland to defend their turf against the family-loving ex-communist Russians.


    (1) Nu spretar det mer och mer Folkpartiet
    (2) H.L.Richardson, Confrontational Politics (GOF, Springfield, Virgina: 2010), p.3

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