Wang Shi-wei

A Warning Voice from China's Past

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Josef Stalin, the Soviet dictator and murderer of millions of innocent people during his communist reign of terror, once said:

    "Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it and at whom it is pointed."

He was, of course, referring to state-controlled education, be it public schooling or higher college education. Stalin knew - as all dictators, past and present, know - that if you can control the minds of school children and university students by careful indoctrination and social engineering, you can - within one generation, control the whole of society. Hitler also knew this, Mao Tse-Tung also knew this, and todays Western liberal-fascist élitists know this. And homeschooling, fostering independent thought, is a dictatorship's worst nightmare because it can't be controlled or manipulated.

For some months now I have been brushing up on my communist history and getting immersed, in particular, in the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I believe this is important because anyone with any sort of political and historical sense should be able to tell that China will be the world's leading - and perhaps only - superpower within a generation. Understanding China means understanding communism, and understanding communism means understanding the philosophy and political methodology of the world élites seeking to both enrich themselves and enslave the masses. An exposition of communism, whose dark deeds have been so whitewashed by clever propaganda and whose name has been purposefully mutated into supposedly 'milder' and therefore publically more acceptable forms of socialism, is necessary if the spirit of totalitarianism and utopianism is ever to be finally and totally expunged from the human race. We need to see this monster stripped bare in precisely the same way fascism has. If we don't do that, it will continue to reappear again and again in ever shifting guises to dupe and finally enslave - again - the uninformed public.

Communism in its long and torturous bloody history has often attracted starry-eyed idealists. I have nothing against idealists - the world desperately needs them. One such idealist was a young journalist called Wang Shi-wei who wanted to see China's inequalities and the deprivations of the Chinese people brought to an end. Attracted by the professed egalitarianism of Marxism, he threw in his lot with the CCP at its headquarters in Yenan during the Second World War. At this time the bona fide Nationalist government of Chaing Kai-shek was waging a defensive war against Imperial Japan and though nominally on the Nationalist Government's side by treaty, the Reds did little in the way of pursuing a campaign against the invader and mostly concentrated on consolidating and expanding their own ground at the expence of their Nationalist compatriots.

Sime 40,000 youth in their late teens and early 20's were converted to Communism and made their way to Yenan, to the Red Utopia and Marxist Mecca. Upon arriving one young volunteer described his feelings:

    "We were so excited we wept. We cheered from our truck...We started to sing the 'Internationale' and Russia's Motherland March."

They had no idea, of course, of all the attrocities committed by the Reds against both their own ranks and the Chinese people in general. Most of these terrible events had been covered up, usually by threatening or exterminating those who had any knowledge of them. Of course, there was no equality at all in Yenan or throughout the Red Lands. And since equality was the core of Marxist idealism, finding none really exploded the myth altogether for these young revolutionaries who soon became disillusioned. Inequality and privilege were not only not absent but ubiquitous. The communists had a multi-tier system in food and clothing. Those on the lowest ranks got half as much meat and cooking oil as those in the middle rank, and those in the top - the leaders - lived in luxury. And even though Mao and the other leaders dressed outwardly the same as everyone else, their underwear was made of fine material. The lowest didn't qualify for underwear or socks at all.

The same inequalities existed as far as health-care was concerned too. Children of the leadership were sent to Soviet Russia for special health needs or had private nannies. Wives of senior cadres gave birth in hospitals and had private nannies afterwards. Officials on the next level down could send their children to élite nursuries. But those on the lowest rung - the actual proletariat tended not to have children at all, and struggled if they did. When illness struck, as it often did, only those of the communist élite had access to scarce medicines. No one could get into hospital without permission from their work units. Ironically, when the Nationalists sent a Red Cross team to Yenan, they treated everyone alike, whether non-communist local residents or communists themselves. Mao soon put a stop to that by putting out the rumour that the Red Cross medicines were poisonous and had been deliberately sent by the Nationalists to kill them. Most of the Red Cross workers were driven out and the few who were retained were forced to work exclusively for the Red élite. The only ambulance in the whole territory, sent by sympathisers in America, was requisitioned by Mao and used as his personal limousine. It was never used to transport a single sick or wounded person to a hospital.

The young idealists who arrived in Yenan soon had their idealism burned out of them by all they saw, and being they were mostly from the educated class, posed a serious threat to Mao's Red Empire. You can guess where they were immediately put upon arrival: into communist 'schools' and 'institutes' to be indoctrinated. Though they entertained ideas of leaving they soon discovered that trying to do so was treated as desertion and to risk execution. Only army men on the borders had any chance of escape - there desertion was common and a problem for the Red Army. Mao knew that the only way he could retain this youth, on whom he was depending (after socially enginerring them) to run the Chinese bureaucracy after final victory, was to strike down their champion, Wang Shi-wei.

Wang was not only a brilliant writer but loved by his comrades. He had something the leadership, numbed by decades of premeditated brutality, torture and murder, did not - humanity. He actually cared for his fellow youth. Speaking of hierarchy, Wang once said:

    "They don't even have elementary human sympathy!"

Wang wanted people to think for themselves and his arguments in the Liberation Daily newspaper were reasonable and eloquent. They struck at the heart of the darkness in the CCP. He had written:

    "Are you scared of telling the 'big shots' what's on your mind? Or are you the kind that is good at persecuting the 'little men' with trumped-up crimes?

Mao, whose love was only for personal power and privilege, and who did not care for people, including his own wives and children, was of course unable to confront Wang's points head on, since they were true. Instead Wang was denounced as a Trotskyist for having once criticised Stalin as "an unloveable person" and for creating untold evil in the purges. And, of course, being a Trotskyist was not only rank heresy but fatal in those days, Stalin eventually having his chief opponent in the communist movement hacked to death during his exile in Mexico.

Wang would receive a similar fate at the hands of Mao. He was imprisoned for the duration of the war and when the communists evacuated Yenan in 1947 he was taken along and executed en route - hacked to death and thrown into the bottom of a dry well.

Fast forward 74 years to 2011 and switch from China to Sweden and you find some alarming parallels. Today's political heresy is to be remotely 'conservative', 'libertarian' or 'pro-family' - and if you are, and acquire some public prominence or - horror of horrors (from the point-of-view of the establishment) win some popular support and secure some seats in parliament - and you will be denounced as "fascist". You may not be physically hacked to death today (though you might get roughed up by some lefty mob) but will surely be so mentally, verbally and psychologically, as the mildly conservative (though actually non-esyablishment Social Democrat) Sweden Democrats have discovered to their horror.

Today's élites are no different from any other élite, communist, fascist, socialist or liberal from the past. They are remote from the people they purport to represent, all public statements and appearances are just political theatre - propaganda for the masses - and the truth is hard to find. They care only about money and power. Journalists who are against the establishment are denounced and 'purged' from the main media-organs that are themselves owned by the élite, who hire and fire based on whether their employees tow the official party line or not. The élites are wealthy, detatched and lacking in human empathy or feelings. To them Domenic Johansson and his family - and all the other state-kidnapped children, are just impersonal statistics, their agony no more relevent to them than the death of a cockroach. They care only about control, and people exist only to serve their selfish and - given enough time - murderous agendas. In the meantime, they are indifferent to the terror they cause, and pay no attention until trouble drops on their own doorsteps. Arrogant in victory and craven in defeat, these leaches on society remain hidden for only as long as their lies are believed.

Sweden - and the world as a whole - is engaged in an information war, a giant propaganda exercise to sugar-coat evil and make it appear to be good. The Swedish Utopia is just another form of totalitarianism, differing only from the horrors of communist and fascist régimes in that it has become more sophisticated in its use of a combination of fear and economic incentives for those willing to be employed by the cabal to cajoal the masses into compliance.

We are at a critical time in the history of the West. With the Obama Soviet all but suspending the American Constitution, and the European Union masters feverishly trying to whip its slave member states into even closer fiscal and political union, even as the €uro collapses, conditions are ripening for extremist, totalitarian government everywhere. The thing is, will the masses believe the lies this time - the same lies used by Stalin, Hitler and Mao? Will freedom prevail or will we all go the way of Wang Shi-wei?

We will know in the months ahead.


Jung Chang & Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story (Vintage Books, London: 2007)

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