Gender Madness

Sweden's Attempt to Emasculate

and Defeminise a Nation

by C.C.M.Warren M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

The Swedish State has lost its marbles and for the first time revealed, through a pilot preschool scheme, that it isn't at all interested in gender equality but in gender elimination altogether.

At the Egalia (= 'egalitarian') tax-funded state preschool (all education is controlled by the state now) in the Södermalm disrict of Stockholm, staff are forbidden from using the words 'he', 'she', 'him', 'her', 'his', 'hers', 'boy', or 'girl'! Instead, childen of both sexes are to be addressed as 'friends', 'children' or 'individuals'.

They have been trying to encourage the adult population to use gender-neutral words here for sometime but without success. People have no interest in surrendering their gender, and why should they? In Scandinavia they have tried to introduce the made-up gender-neutral word, hin (in Sweden) and hen (in Norway) in place of han (he) and hun (she). Since the adults won't comply, the government social engineers have decided - without (of course) democratically asking the adult population what they think - to raise a new generation of children. They want our children to refer to each other as hin or 'it'.

Unfortunately the word hin already exists in the Swedish language, and it means 'the devil' as in hin håle (literally 'devil of the hole/pit') and hin onde (literally 'devil of evil/wickedness'). In Swedish Lutheran theology the devil is often viewed as genderless.

Everything has been meticulously planned, down to the last detail. Gender stereotypes are to be a thing of the past - toys and books will not contain so much as a hint of them. This 'training', 'conditioning', 'indoctrination' or 'social engineering' (call it what you will - personally I think 'brainwashing' would be a better description), one of the teachers at the preschool claims, will give them a "fantastic opportunity to be whoever they want to be" - even, perhaps, a hin or a little devil? Who knows what these people with warped minds are thinking. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that they are undemocratic, extremist and very dangerous people indeed.

This is not, however, a surprise to those of us who live in Sweden, have done a lot of political research, and know how this neo-Marxist system works because systematically breaking down gender rôles is a barely disguised core mission in the National Curriculum and of the Swedish régime. Their chief boast to the world is how enlightened they are with respect to gender issues. They claim that this redefinition of gender rôles is necessary because even in egalitarian Sweden the system as it is still gives boys an advantage. The solution? Eliminate gender rôles altogether, let children decide for themselves what sex they are, and, who knows, perhaps in the distant future when the geneticists can come up with some genetic modification techniques, eliminate gender altogether. Is this to be the final unfolding of the Swedish Utopia?

The brutal facts tell us a different story. The system, which is bent on destroying the family, is actually a complete failure. Women are poorly represented in the leadership positions of the business world only because they are forced into traditional mothering rôles in the state and away from the home. Why are there so many women in the teaching profession? Why are men so poorly represented there, particularly in preschool and the first nine grades of regular primary school? Because teaching small children is a natural female nurturing rôle which women do spontaneously and naturally - it's in their genes. And since the state has driven them out of the home and into the work place by making it virtually impossible for a family to survive on a single income, what have the women done? They - of their own volition - have flooded the schools, preschools and daycare centres where the children are. Just go and poke your head into some of these and you will rarely see a man there anymore.

This is proof that the Swedish government's gender equality policy is a complete failure. If you rob a woman of her family then she will seek to fulfil her instincts as a mother in the only place left where the children are. Deny her the right to be with her family if she wants to, by taxing her to hell if she stays at home to do what is natural to her, and she will seek places of employment where there are children.

The government's own statistics on nationwide psychiatric illness in the various professions confirm this story. Women are suffering far more than men. And the ones who are suffering the most are those who work in daycare centres because they simply can't cope with 10-15 toddlers. This is a victimisation of women, not liberation! This is like forcing a woman to mother 10-15 children on her own in the workplace instead of the one or two which are her own at home.

I am not saying that women should be forced by law to be at home with their children - I am saying that they should have the democratic right to be at home if they want without being financially penalised and socially ostracised. There is huge psychological pressure on women in Sweden to get jobs and 'voluntarily' give their children over to daycare centres and to the overworked and overstressed women workers there who are having more breakdowns and more are taking early retirement than in any other sector of industry. And the statistics show that the children are suffering from the lack of maternal nurture they so desperately need too. 1½ years of state-paid maternity leave is not enough, by a long shot. Please see Jonas Himmelstrand's lecture on this subject here for a broader overview.

One of the main reasons I now believe that homeschooled Domenic Johansson was kidnapped by the state was because his mother refused to yield to the pressure put on her by the local kommun (municipality) and others to get a job and put her son into daycare. She would not bow down to the totalitarian Marxist overlords but chose to exercise her human right to educate her son in the manner her conscience dictated. And for that she and her husband and child were viciously punished by having their child taken away while (then) legally homeschooling him.

The Egalia state preschool is a dire warning of what to expect in the future, not just in Sweden but elsewhere if the doctrinaire Marxist utopians get their way. Now we know better why the Swedish government not only wants private schools to follow the same Marxist National Curriculum and why it banned homeschooling on 1 July 2011. It wants, in true totalitarian colours, everyone thinking the same way using the same Orwellian de-sexed state-sponsored Newspeak through the systematic programming of vulnerable children in compulsory schooling from the age of 1½ - it's compulsory from 7 right now though it has already pressurised over 92% of parents to send their children to daycare where the brainwashing is already underway. These people want total control and they know the best way to do that is by programming them when they are young by forcing all children from 1½ years and above into their indoctrination centres. They have learned well from the 20th century dictators.

Only now the mental health statistics in Sweden are appalling and the government is not addressing the real issue - the need for families.

How are they seeking to get away with this? By making it all look 'democratic' and by pretending it is all 'scientific'.

First, as I have said elsewhere, there is no true 'democracy' without liberty - guaranteed human rights - because then democracy can subtly mutate into dictatorship. A majority vote doesn't make for real democracy otherwise you could vote to kill someone you didn't like them, or destroy them by other means as the Swedish state has done to the Johansson family.

Second whose philosophy of science? Because like it or not, there are multiple ways of looking at science and so-called 'facts'. Do we believe, like physicist Stephen Hawking, that human beings are just biological robots with no consciousness, no free will, no minds and no spirit, and therefore incapable of empathy and love? Do we believe, like Liberal Party Chief and Education Minister Jan Björklund that teachers are simply mental surgeons commissioned to modify their brains to work in the way the government thinks best? Indeed, the lack of recognition of the value of consciousness in living beings is the core principle of evil upon which this kind of 'science' is built. It is the lack of empathy - so overwhelminly proved by the Swedish Government's treatment of the Johansson family - that gives rise to evil governments again and again.

Today Swedish preschools are already hiring their 'gender pedagogues' to help staff identify language and behaviour that 'risk' enforcing (non-Marxist) gender stereotypes. They are systematically shutting down human conscience and turning people into easily programmable robots.

No wonder one Swedish writer and social analyst has called Sweden a madhouse. I recommend you get a copy of his book and see the movies he has put online which are linked on this website.

I have a better solution to the using of gender-neutral language and words like hin: why not just all everyone 'Comrade'?


[1] Jenny Stoffel, No 'Him' or 'Her'; Preschool Fights Gender Bias
[2] Jan Pedersen, Ingen jenter eller gutter lenger - No Girls or Boys Any Longer (Norwegian)

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