The Inhumane Land

Part 1

Another State Kidnapping

in the Swedish Utopia

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

    Do not visit or vaccation in Sweden if you have children, you value their safety, and you want to keep your family intact. People are often surprised when I tell them this because they have heard the fable that socialist Sweden is a veritable paradise, the social Utopia that Marxists of all stripes have long dreamed about. Not so. Indeed, this has led family rights lawyer and director of international relations for the American-based Home Schooling Legal Defence Association, Michael Donnelly, to declare Sweden to be "the darkest of regimes for families in Western Europe". Similar abuses are advancing in other Western nations of the European Union, North America and Australasia, but the disease is more virulent in Sweden than anywhere else.

    Reading the propaganda in the media generously sponsored by a State more intereteded in perpetuating itself, financially providing for its employees, limitlessly expanding its power, and telling the world what a ripping success it has been, you would never know that between 2007 and 2008 alone the murder rate in the Swedish Utopia rose by 49% (according to Eurostat's crime database) and that Sweden has been singled out by the European Union as having by far the highest rate of sexual assault crimes in Europe (1). Even the United Nations has noticed that only 3 per cent of all hate crimes ever lead to any kind of police investigation (2), as if these were anyway the most urgent and pressing crimes needing investigation in a country where state-kidnapping of innocent children for the most ridiculous of reasons has reached epidemic proportions.

    So it should come as no surprise to learn that the vast state industry of child trafficking is almost never reported at all, and that when it is, the facts are always twisted to demonise innocent families. And why not - it means lucrative business for the state appartus from social service workers to handsomly paid foster parents who receive 1,200 €uros ($184) per day, per child. And then we must not forget the 'perks' received by some of the employees at various state institutions where allegedly pedophile networks are serviced by the child victims. Sexual abuse and violence against children is rampant in Swedish state institutions.

    I never dreamed that such a vile industry was so strongly in place until I got drawn into the case of fellow homeschoolers, Christer and Annie Johansson, whose son Domenic was kidnapped by the state, handed over to a well-paid foster-carer (who swore never to return the boy to his parents even before legal custody was awarded to her) and parenthood denied them completely so that now they do not see their child at all. And what were they guilty of? Legally homeschooling their son. Over the years I discovered that homeschoolers are not the only ones being targeted (it has since been made virtually illegal) but critics of the state and especially those whom government employees who feel slighted want to get revenge against. Sweden is now socially a totalitarian state pretending to be a democracy. Though unlike the former Soviet Union it hasn't collectivised agriculture and industry, it has collectivised education and regards all children as essentially the state's own and not the parents'.

    The State Corporate Maffia have struck once again, this time against a harmless Dutch family on vaccation in Munkfors, Värmland, because allegedly they would not sell their holiday villa to the state transport company, Värmlandstraffik and allegedly because they were illegally tapping municipal electricity. A dispute subsequently arose over their parking lot, and though they claim they were able to properly document that they were legally in the right, the state responded in a typically high-handed, anti-democratic and authoritarian manner, sent in police and social workers, ransacked their villa, and seized her four youngest children aged 7,10,13 and 16. Finding a sex toy amongst the belongings of her eldest 19 year-old daughter (a writer) during the ransacking, they confiscated her poems too and then, on the basis of her 'toy', decided to charge her for selling her servives as a prostitute! The social workers, the liars that they have proved themselves to be over and over again, calmed the parents down and assured them that the whole matter would be resolved over the weekend and that the children would be returned. It never happened - indeed, it almost never does.

    For those who have had any experience with these traders of child flesh - and they are many - you soon learn the following things that these social predators and family-destroyers, who call themselves 'social workers', are never to be trusted - ever.

    The authorities engineered their own story and this was dutifully rolled off the state-controlled press to ensure, as always in 99.99 per cent of all child abduction cases, that the state is seen to be professionally in the right (3). The victims' side of the story was entirely ignored. You see, in Marxist Sweden the state is nearly always right and the citizen is nearly always wrong. They don't execute you or put you in a Gulag here for deviating from the 'party line' but they do psychologically traumatise you and your children by sending in the local SS (Social Services) with a friendly smile on their faces and soothing words to smash up your family and make sure you never question their authority again. Gone is the barrel-of-the-gun method of the NKVD (though the police who come with the SS are armed) but its it's place has come the court order and, sometimes, the hypodermic syringe and parmaceutical drugs with known dangerous side-effects. Gone is the physical torture, suffering and dying of the Gulags and in their place a much more insiduous form of torture: mental and emotional. Fascism and communism have become refined for the 21st century, the subtle though no less deadly creatures of the new age.

    Israeli whistlebower Roi Tov summarises how the New West (which I believe essentially to be based on the post 1960's Swedish Model), whilst retaining the language of the old classical liberals, now acts with the same ruthlessness of the Old Communist East:

      "Point out to really free and truly democratic Western countries their own violence and illegitimate laws and you will become the next target of their violence."

    And violent child-kidnapping is, arguably, the most despicable kind. Whilst the state kidnapping, incarceration, and torturing of adults was, and is, bad enough, extending this to vulnerable children surely represents the depths of barbarity and dehumanisation. How has this ghastly state of affairs come to be in what were once happy and free Western nations? And there is no doubt in my mind, from all that I have studied and heard, that before these closet Marxists got their hands on the state apparatus in the 1970's, Sweden was an amazing, progressive, prosperous, free and happy country. That is the Sweden I thought I was emmigrating to at the end of the last century and it is still the Sweden I hope can be won back one day.

    The problem is the people have been so cleverly and effectively programmed by totalitarian-minded politicians pretending to be classical liberals - men and women who are so steeped in behaviourism and Marxist-type propaganda - that they not only don't recongise their own slavery but are themselves the victims of Stockholm Syndrome and actively defend it!

    But how has this happened? How has this wonderful nation and its warm, gentle and friendly people been so cleverly duped by the social engineers? By inculcating two lies deep into the psyche of the citizenry it has effectively paralysed rational thinking and the compassionate humanity that in free souls would compell them to cry out and protest en masse against all the abuses and injustices being perpetrated in their name and allegedly for their well-being. Speaking of American culture, though in fact representative of the whole mental modus operandi of Western countries, one American public figure succinctly pointed out:

      "Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate" (Rick Warren).

    The victims of many of the current child-kidnappings in Sweden represent lifestyles that the anti-libertarian Marxist state cannot approve of, and in the matter of the the cases I mostly report, homeschooling. Home education is a threat to the ambitions of statists who, though pluralistic in name, are in reality committed to a uniform society where everyone thinks and acts alike, a state where all the thinking has been done for them, where acquiring one set of ideas and a fixed philosophy is learned uncritically by rote. Yes, 'criticism' is allowed, as it was in the former communist Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, but only a special kind of regulated criticism that does not upset the overall thrust. Even 'democracy' is included within the paradigm, as it was in the Marxists dictatorships, but not genuine liberty or thought and behaviour. Criticise 'too much' and it's not long before you are branded a 'hate' criminal (after having redefined the word 'hate' in its state-disseminated Newspeak).

    I recently criticised the statist view of feminism and compared it to the libertarian feminism of classical liberalism to illustrate this very point (4). Our issue as homeschoolers is not, and never has been, with democratic socialism, liberalism or conservativism, all of which in the 20th century have been proven historically of living capably alongside one another, but with statist 'social democracy', 'liberalism', and 'conservantism' which without exception always evolve into monstrous totalitarian entities whilst retaining the trappings of the genuine libertarian article without actually being it. They "talk the talk but don't walk the walk". And it is these trappings which fool the general public into naïvely believing and supporting the statist counterfeit slowly enslaving them.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: democracy without liberty always leads to totalitarianism and is the most recongisable by the fact that this breed of "peoples' democracy" demands ever more centralisation. This is the totalitarian nightmare called statism.

    The Swedish homeschooling movement in particular has been able to remain politically neutral and united on the basis of the libertarian ideal, its conflict being not with a particular political party but with the whole statist mindset which seeks to suppress, intimidate and destroy them if they protest too much. Most of the Swedish homeschooling community has been driven from this land abroad. One recently had to flee the clutches of the Swedish SS and settle in England to find their peace and freedom away from the social terrorists.

    The problem of bad and abusive foster homes and institutions in Sweden has been in the press of late. The statist government, instead of recognising that the problem is the breaking up of perfectly healthy family units and of overpaid foster parents - which has the unfortunate effect of attracting those more interested in filthy lucre (money) than taking care of genuinely needy children from abusive homes - has decided that the solution is not a reformation of the whole corrupt system but more of the same. Their solution? Pump more taxpayers' money into the child-trafficking industry by creating yet more civil 'servants' to check and control the foster parents!. But the icing on top of the case of this piece of brilliant government strategy is to rename 'foster homes' as 'family homes'! Oh the bitter ironly of it, not only do they want to destroy the very families that are needed for the healthy mental and emotional development of children (and therefore the well-being of society) but now they want to call these unnatural, traumatised 'caring' units "families"! How is this different from an autocrat arresting an innocent person, throwing him in jail, and then renaming the jail "home"?

    The whole system is sick, from the head (that should know better) to the feet of the enslaved working classes who have forgotten how to think and how to repond from the depths of their humanity against state injustice. Of course the problem is they sold their souls on the basis of a lie, the promise by the state that the state would take care of them compassionately from cradle to grave and never do them harm. And when harm is done, who conducts the investigations? The state! The Swedish judiciary mostly defends the interests of the state and not of its citizens. And when the Social Services give testimony, it is assumed that they, as alleged 'professionals', are competent, above suspicion and their testimony always superior to the hapless citizen and therefore the more reliable. It turns out a good many of them are barbaric psychopaths. After all, we have the French Revolutionary Disease here in continental Europe: the accused is always guilty until proven innocent. You can't really have a proper system of justice without habeas corpus and to work on the basis of innocent until proven guilty.

    An illustration of the brainwashing that has happened in Swedish society and the inability of the state school- and media-created social consciousness concerns a furor in Karlstad, the capital of the region of Värmland where I myself live. Farmers are threatening civil disobedience in order to defend their flocks from wolves. Wolves have 'protected status' in EU law and may only be shot in state-sanctioned and -monitored "protective hunts" after the state has determined there really is a danger to livestock (5).

    Commonsense tells you that a farmer should be allowed to defend his livestock and hunting dogs, and guard his business interests, at any and at all times. Instead the farmers are being required to build expensive fences they can ill afford while the wheels of the slow bureaucratic machinery ponderously turn.

    The idea of "civil revolt" is practically unheard of in Sweden because by definition people are "happy" in the socialist paradise and couldn't possibly want to revolt...just as all Malays in Malaysia are born muslims whether they want to be or not. Farmers are threatening to revolt because they see the insanity of the law and instinctively are protecting their animals and livelihood. Yet thousands of innocent children are being kidnapped every year by a vicious, profiteering class of government workers and virtually nobody raises a voice in protest. The state-controlled media is almost totally silent. The public is crying out to protect the wolves whilst ignoring the cries of their own children being emotionally and mentally traumatised as they are ripped from their mothers' bosoms never, in most cases, to ever see them again. What is more important: a wolf or a human being? Where is the outcry and the outrage when profiteering social service and foster care workers deliberately destroy well functioning families because of a perverted statist ideology driven by the greed for money? It's exactly the same system used by the maffia which maintains its cohesion by using threats (bullets) or bribes (money) to get what it wants. Statism is simply a variation on the same criminal theme.

    So why doesn't the public react? As Rabbi Meir Kahane once famously said:

      "There is a natural tendency of people not to see a problem until it appears to them in the form of a knife on their throats."

    Add to this Swedish journalist and author Herman Lindqvist's (6) observation about the dumbed-sown society that is now Utopian Sweden:

      "Swedish people are extremely cowardly, they lack moral courage, the people are extremely afraid of conflict, and few dare to say what they think."

    Herman Lindqvist

    And you begin to appreciate the nature of the problem when you couple these to Rick Warren's comment earlier cited. Lindqvist believes that Swedish statism is the most extreme of all of the Western nations and is one of the few in Sweden who dares to say so openly.

    A statist doesn't care what political party you belong to provided you operate within the framework of the overarching, intrusive and controlling state. For the same reason, it is claimed that Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild once said: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws". That is how communist East Germany managed to function with the same basic set of political parties, left and right, as in liberal West Germany before the collapse of communism and reunification. The difference between the two was the framework in which the respective parties operated. Now today's unified Germany is increasingly beginning to incrementally resemble the communist East German state it annexed with the whole of the European Union moving in the same direction.

    Statism nullifies true libertarian democracy just as money finds a way around a nation's laws through bribery and corruption. We are witnessing the rebirth of the Soviet Union Mark II but with the bureaucratic bourgoisie and their financiers in control rather than the workers and their controllers. A new class of nomenklatura run our lives in such a way, that were we all to actually see what they we were doing, we would never give our permission to them to continue for a moment longer. Welcome to the new synthesis of West and East that looks like the West on the outside but feels like the East on the inside. By the clever application of Hegelian principles coupled to behaviourist psychology we have become what we fought so long to prevent.

    In Part 2 we shall take a close look at the state's latest victims, a Dutch family on vaccation in the Swedish Utopia.

    Continued in Part 2


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