System Failure

The Future of Swedish

Education & Family Rights

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Arvika, 25 November 2012

Continued from Part 1

As I write this continuing examination of the Swedish System, the parents of Domenic Johansson are fighting in one of the highest courts of the land to prevent their state-kidnapped son being forcibly adopted (at the insistence of Social Services) to a foster parent after three years of incarceration and closed appelate courts. For a good summary of their story and the Swedish scene, please see my article published in several papers and magazines, From Sweden Without Love: Domenic Johansson, Homeschooling, Mother India and the Swedish Gulag.

At issue, according to the reports I have read, is the claim by the state that parents are not capable of giving their children the kind of education and socialisation that is given by schools and that therefore those parents (like the Johanssons) who decide to homeschool are not only denying children their 'rights' but are sufficiently harming them to justify the Social Services (SS) to abduct their children and hand them to foster parents or to state institutions.

In my previous article, I highlighted the abysmal failure of this SS system, the abysmal ignorance and incompetence of many of the people who make this life-changing (and frequently traumatising) decision to remove children from loving home environments, and the fact that these psychopaths are in many cases displaying Dunning–Kruger Effect behaviour, otherwise known as 'motivated reasoning' or the 'backfire effect'. In a word, these people have "a cognitive bias in which unskilled individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly rating their ability much higher than average. This bias is attributed to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their mistakes".

Even though the state abduction of Domenic Johansson is demonstrably without any kind of rational warranty, and even though it has been scientifically demonstrated that homeschooling delivers as good as, if not better, education that state schooling, the SS are refusing to recant or admit they were wrong and are exploiting legal loopholes in the system that keeps all of this evidence out of the public gaze. As I covered in my article, Hoffstedt's Dark Secret, the only reason Domenic Johansson has not already been reunited with his family is because the state is keeping everything "SECRET".

Annie & Christer Johansson -
Desperate Parents, victims of state child abduction

At issue here, and fundementally so, and in more than just Sweden, is a lack of proper transparency and a lack of human rights. Both the current Swedish Rheinfeld régime, the American Obama régime, and the British Cameron régime made as part of their electioneering platform the promise of more government "openness" to then do the very opposite when they came to power. It was all lies. You will recall that Gustav Hoffstedt, the man originally in charge of the Domenic Johansson case in Gotland, had previously stated in public that he was fully behind the policy of his Moderate (pseudo-Conservative) Party for "a free and open Sweden". Well, we still don't have that, and some of the proceedings of the current Johansson case have been behind closed doors even though the parents have demanded complete public transparency. They have nothing to hide but the authorities do. One thing is very clear to anyone with any knowledge of the facts is that had all of this been open and free in the way Hoffsted claims he believes, Domenic would have been returned to his parents years ago. None of this nightmare would ever have happened.

Domenic Johansson is one of hundreds of thousands of Swedish children who have been abducted by the state. According to the research I have done, 90-95% of these children came from perfectly normal, loving and safe homes. The Johansson home was beyond question one of these and psychiatrists have said as much. Only a tiny percentage of these children (5-10%) have been taken out of genuinely life-threatening situations where the parents, for example, are violent or have drug abuse problems and are incapable of looking after children.

Domenic Johansson - Victim of Social Services Abuse of Power
A professor of psychiatry couldn't believe it was the same boy

The system as it stands is corrupt. Worse, it is dangerously corrupt, because the way it is set up it encourages child trafficking. Why does it do this? Because there are huge financial incentives to remove children from their families. And when such activity is conducted behind closed doors, it acts as a magnet for the underground world of the predatory pedophile.

The following documentary is about an identical problem in my country of Great Britain, and the only difference between Britain and Sweden is the scale - it is far worse in Sweden where it has been estimated that between 100,000 to 200,000 chidlren 'disappear' into state 'care' every year.

Think Your Children Are Safe? = Child Stealing By The State Full

This data, in the Swedish situation, can only be interpreted in one of two ways:

    - 1. Sweden suffers from mental sickness to a level far higher than any other country in the world - the Kinder Gulag as one German periodical called it because of the vast number of children abducted - and that the Swedish Social Experiment is a total disaster, with the social services doing a marvelous job trying to rescue innocent children from a state system that is a complete failure; or

    - 2. Swedes are normal people like anyone else but the governmental system has either been corrupted by incompetent social service officials lacking the proper skills to do the job or by a whole range of operators in the system who have seen an opportunity to financially exploit state child abduction that has in turn been a magnate for pedophiles who are able because of the system to operate in the dark.

Take your pick. However you choose to look at the system, you have to choose one or two of these alternatives (or a combination of them). It can't been an economic problem, as Marxists are wont to justify the failure of capitalism, because Sweden is one of the wealthiest countries in the world - they've done a really good job in that area! You could say that economically Swedes have 'never had it so good', and it would be true. Or can you blame 'inadequate education', which is the current excuse - they're now saying, it seems to me, that the real problem is poor teaching.

The 'solution' is the latest Education Act of 2010. This is what is going to solve all our problems, they say. Indeed, this was the Swedish Liberal Party's main electioneering platform the last time round - look at the placard below:

Please note this well - a central electioneering slogan of the current régime was THE FUTURE BEGINS IN THE CLASSROOM thereby shifting attention away from the main problem, corruption of the very system itself. And the beauty of this 'out' is that you can blame all of society's woes on a failure in education ad infinitum, making the teachers your scape goats. It doesn't matter if the system keeps on failing because you can continually invent 'new ways' to improve it and blame the teachers for doing a bad job each time. Yes, the scapegoat is going to be the teachers (and to a lesser extent the local politicians). What will they do? Keep on re-inventing the same failed system, making the teaching profession impossible so that in the end - as in Britain - teachers will want no more of it leading to a shortage of teachers, as has happened in Britain. Then attention can be shifted to improving teacher conditions and higher pay instead of dealing with the real problem.

I have an enormous respect for the teaching profession because I know how much hard work they have to put into their job. Most of them are highly dedicated people who love children and literally 'go the extra mile'. Like doctors, you have to be dedicated. I know, I worked the equivalent of two teachers for the salary of one and rarely got home until late at night because of all that was expected of me. Only in my last year before retiring was an extra man called in to relieve me of all the equipment maintenance work I was doing in addition to teaching.

State school teachers in Sweden deserve even more recognition because they are 'caught between a hard place and a rock'. They can't critcise the system for fear of losing their jobs as Katharine Birbalsingh found out when she got fired in England:

    "In her presentation to the...conference, Miss Birbalsingh said that teachers failed to speak out about problems in the education system because they were frightened of being fired. Last weekend, she told this newspaper the system was 'fundamentally broken'. Extracts from her online diary exposed how knife crime, violence and bad behaviour were endemic at schools where she had worked." (1)

I have encountered this fear amongst teachers in the Swedish system too. Unlike Britain, which has a large private school sector, there aren't many places Swedish teachers can go if they get kicked out for opposing the system. In Sweden, whose citizens are heavily indoctrinated in the conformist mindset, you either tow the line or you find another profession.

I'm a former school teacher. I know how the present system works. It broke my health in the end because managing this new system took more and more of my time so that I had less time for the quality teaching I had originally been able to give and had to devote more time to endless (and useless) paperwork. It's only got worse in the decade I quit the profession.

The current Johansson court case revolves around homeschooling because if it didn't, then the system would be forced to open itself for scrutiny and the trafickeering, the pedophiles, and the corruption generally would be exposed. That is one of the reasons homeschooling is such an important battle and why none of us can stand down - whether we are homeschooling or not - if we value our liberty. HOMESCHOOLING IS NOW A KEY ISSUE AT THE FRONT LINE OF LIBERTY which is why the régime has so aggressively targeted it, hoping to make the Johanssons an example to frighten off the few homeschoolers left in the country - those who have not fled abroad as political exiles. It's why the Stockholm city education boss Lotta Edholm, who wants all homeschooled children to be handed over to the SS, nearly had a seizure on her blog when a court in Gothenburg (currently being appealed by the municipality) ruled in favour of an Orthodox Jewish family being allowed to continue homeschooling on religious grounds. Lotta has tried to make it all a 'gender issue', the current vogue for making all value judgments, instead of seeing this for what it really is - a question of LIBERTY.

Sweden is in a mess, a rudderless society without an apparent goal, those who know it is are in fundamental denial and the rest are fast asleep. And though this is a malady afflicting all the West, it's in a particularly advanced pathological stage in this eastern Scandinavian realm.

The worst of it is that this isn't what ordinary Swedes are about at all - what we are seeing is a dream, a utopian vision, an ideal of a misguided minority - one which was tried and murderously failed last century - who believe that the ends justify the means even if these ends walk over people's rights and crush families. It's the same dream - 'nightmare' would be a better word - a kind of economic and social imperialism that has so afflicted the commissars of the European Union as they drag nation states like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy into financial ruin, social anarchy and revolution.

Sweden, as one of the rich northern EU lands, isn't worried that what is happening to the Mediterranean countries might happen to them because economically Sweden has been relatively well managed by the current government. Sweden's problem is principally social totalitarianisn with some native Swedish refugees fleeing as far afield as America to escape the current persecution of the homeschooling community. Neither the present nor former governments have had any respect for United Nations conventions and continue to openly ignore their international commitments to freedom in education. They have brought shame to the country and its people in allying themselves to the only other European government that chooses to flagrantly ignore these rights, namely, Germany which rigidly adheres to a 1938 nazi-era law banning homeschooling and enforcing state-only mandated education in blind fascist conformity. They are coming to resemble the former Soviet Union more and more as time passes. Either they have no idea what the rights of men are or they believe they are above all civil and international law.

Swedes have an EU and UN
right to more than only
one educational choice

Do Swedes really want more evidence of their régime's lust for total conformity at earlier and earlier ages? Now they want to introduce testing from the 4th Grade and to make schooling compulsory from the age of 1˝ - from Day Care and Kindergarten onwards, just as it was in the former Soviet Union! They want complete and total control of our children's minds and the excuse will be that they can't improve the results of their chlostrophobic continuous assessment, fixed curriculum, and closed classroom system until they do. But the truth is that no matter how early they manage to net our children the system cannot accommodate the needs of every type of person. Why? Because they have fundamentally failed to understand that human beings are individuals and that the more you regiment them, and try to conform them, the less human and more mechanical they will become.

But then perhaps that's exactly what they want...


(1) Daily Telegraph, Sunday 25 November 2012, Teacher Loses Job After Exposing Failures in Our Schools

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