New Swedish Refugees Seeking

Political Assylum in USA

by C.C.M.Warren M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Continued from Part 1

I know it is hard to believe for those of you who have swallowed all the government hype about how free and enlightened Sweden is but there are now increasing numbers of Swedish homeschooling families who are seeking assylum in a land of far greater liberty and freedom than anything Sweden can boast of. Numerous Swedish families are now making earnest enquiry about the possiblity of being granted sanctuary in the USA from Swedish government tyranny since it outlawed a fundamental human right - the right of parents to educate in the way that they feel is in the best interests of their children - and began persecuting them by imposing crippling fines on families, abducting their children (see Domenic Johansson) and imprisoning desperate parents trying to see their abducted children. That is why decent people who love their children are fleeing Swedish government fascism. And at the rate that homeschooling families are fleeing it looks at though there might not be many left in Sweden by the end of the year. Only today I learned of another family about to flee to Denmark.

When the nazis came to power in Germany in 1933 a similar exodus began, including Albert Einstein who fled to the United States. Those who got out early were lucky before the new anti-semitic laws came into force. Now you may argue that we cannot possibly compare the homeschooler exodus from Sweden with the Jewish exodus from Germany but why not? We may not be a race but we are certainly a social group. We may not be trying to create a parallel society but we are still 'different' because we don't see children as batch numbers for society. And just a European nations and the USA welcomed Jewish refugess from the Hitler menace, so other Euopean countries and the USA are welcoming Swedish homeschooler...that is, with the exception of Germany which still has its 1937 nazi anti-homeschooling in force. Homeschoolers are not welcome there! And no, there may not be tens of thousands of uas fleeing Sweden but we are still people and every indivisual counts...except in a Marxist state, of course. And no, we are not being put in concentration camps or being gassed but some of us are experiencing psychological extermination - just consider poor Domenic Johansson and his parents! The cruelty and heartlessness has just taken a different form by methods perfected in the Soviet Union to silence dissidents.

Sweden does not have to go down this road. The government does not need to tarnish its international reputation further by denying human rights and hurting families. It can put things right and it won't cost them very much. Enough homeschoolers will remain to fight this battle to garner more and more international attention. The EU will also be spotlighted to see how democratic it really is too. And on the academic front we are being heard in Europe too, with a major presentation at the Goethe University of Frankfurt's 25th World Congress of Philosophy and Law and Social Philosophy in August (2011).

The refugees pouring out of Sweden does not mean the fight is over for them - they will be joining the fight with those of us who remain because they want to return home to a safe, family- and homeschooling-friendly country too. May the Swedish government see us all right!

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Last updated on 13 March 2011