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The Swedish Nightmare Continues

by C.C.M.Warren, M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Sweden might not seem very important to most of you in the English-speaking world but to those of us who live here it is home...or ought to be. Home is where you can be safe and loved. Home is where you know you can relax and unwind without having to constantly look over your shoulder. Home is where big government and their Gestapo agents ought to end and instead occupy itself with the real needs to society and not with vendettas against those who don't agree with their attempts to make a uniform, regimented, programmed, collectivist totalitarian state to whom every citizen is dedicated at birth to serving it unconditionally. In short, there ought to be personal liberty. And if you have been following international trends, it should be obvious that tyranny is spreading where it ought not to - in the democratic, liberty-loving West.

Home for nearly every homeschooler in the Swedish Utopia has brutally come to and end. Yet another homeschooling family - or at least part of it - is about to flee for the safety of my land, England, where homeschooling is legal and protected. Abandoning your homeland because of tyranny is not an easy thing, especially if it means dividing your family up because of work. Not every Swedish parent is able to easily find work abroad, especially in this time of global economic recession. At least Sweden can be grateful that it did not join the €urozone which is on the verge of complete collapse. We can be grateful that we have not gone the way of Greece and Ireland, and soon perhaps Italy, Spain and Portual. Swedes can be grateful they have kept their own currency. I know at least one homeschooling family where the father is having to remain in Sweden because of his job while the mother and children go abroad, and another where the father has gone abroad with his children. That shouldn't have to happen to any family. But that has been forced on families here determined not to allow yet another human right be taken away from them - the right to homeschool.

But there is worse and it's not been made public yet. The world doesn't yet know that a second Swedish homeschooling child has been abducted by the Swedish Utopian State for homeschooling. And the only reason the world doesn't know about it is because the parents have, for now, requested to keep the matter under wraps and to stay anonymous, for reasons best known to them, perhaps for fear of a repeat of the disgraceful Domenic Johansson criminal saga. Not that I think their keeping quiet will necessarily help them, if that is their reason, for the simple reason that in this particular tyranny, the state, as Daniel Hammarberg has reminded us, is always tough on the weak, and weak on the tough. In my view, the only hope for liberty is that abused citizens get noisy and verbally aggressive. Totalitarian systems do not fare well when there is a concerted outcry, and an outcry there absolutely most be until justice is done and individuals can live in peace and safety in their own homes. For that reason I am delighted that another voice - and they are increasing in number and volume all the time - has entered the arena in defence of the Johansson family. (See Miscarriage of Justice Continues in Johansson Case).

The choice for every Swede and Swedish institution - especially local ones on the kommun or municipal level - is whether it wants to be a clone of Big Government or truly free. One thing that has become very clear in this homeschooling crisis is that different kommuns have different perceptions of liberty. In a truly free society, there will be considerable autonomy locally so that even if the central government is corrupt, local government and local communities in general will resist the tendency to be corrupted too.

There is a psychological phenomenon, which Mike Adams has identified and labelled called "trickle-down tyranny" that we need to be aware of. Commenting on the situation in his own homeland, Adams notes:

    "Just as children mimic the actions of their parents, the childish minds of the insecure (and fear-pummeled) mainstream masses also mimic the actions of their parental role models. To many Americans -- and especially those of a more liberal mindset -- government takes on the role of their parents. The government is supposed to tell you what to eat, what to buy, what to believe and of course how to express your patriotism when needed to justify the latest war launched by the Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning warmonger. Government is the 'authority' and the problem solver in the lives of these people. So naturally, in their childish mindset they seek to replicate the behaviors their parental role models are openly exhibiting" (Mike Adams, Trickle-Down Tyranny: Why ordinary People in Positions of Local Power are Adopting Tactics of Tyrants

What is happening in America has been happening a lot longer in Sweden. Tyranny trickled down to Social Services organisations throughout the country and to kommuns in general in the beginning but has now become a flood, and now when it comes to homeschooling and the state abduction of children in one of the biggest child-trafficking rackets in the world. That is why the victims of abuse must speak out, and speak out loudly. If the state is allowed to get away with the Domenic Johansson abduction, then it will spread, and no family will be safe any longer. And that is no doubt why another kommun has felt it alright to seize yet a second homeschooled child. After all, if Gotland Social Services thinks it's ok, and if the system supports these criminals up to the hilt, then why shouldn't other Social Service departments mimick them too? That's probably what the Government is counting on.

Sweden has been under the Big brother mentality for at least forty years now (some would argue longer), ever since Olaf Palme's social reforms started the tyranny in the 1970's. Tyrants are masters of behavioural psychology - they know how things become 'normal' and 'acceptable' to society over time if unchecked. However, this psychology heavily depends on Big Brother being perceived as trustworthy so the more incidents of abuse of families are reported, and the more enraged people shout and cry out for justice, the less the public will trust in the Marxist social engineers and start demading justice and freedom. And that is what all dictatorships fear the most. And that is the only way trickle-down tyranny can be halted and pressure applied for social reform at the top.

If the state gets away with abducting two homeschooled children, then I can guarantee others will follow amongst the homeschoolers who have remained to challange the system, particulary those who are being fined. It is good and right that we engage ourselves with national politicians to change perceptions, a process that takes time. It is good and right that we make our appeals through the legal system, even though we know the legal system here in Sweden is totally state-controlled and has pretty much (though with a few exceptions) carried out the wishes of their political masters in Stockholm to date. And it is good and right that we take homeschooling and the Domenic Johansson Case to the European Court of Human Rights for justice. However, it has to be recognised that the EU is massively corrupt and inept and that it has done nothing so far about the Domenic Case because, many of us suspect, of strings being pulled by Swedish bureaucrats in Strasbourg. The Domenic Johansson case is being suppressed as best as the government bosses know how. Besides, the EU is in crisis right now so the powers-that-be have plenty of distractions and excuses.

It is therefore vitally important that the voice of concerned citziens be heard in any way that is available, and not just through 'official channels'. Who, after all, controlls these 'channels'? We don't. That is why the FreeSweden.net website exists and why we cannot - and will not - rest until justice is done. We must not only be an example here in Sweden but throughout the rest of the world. The campaign for liberty is GLOBAL - it concerns you even if you are not a Swede - because the forces of tyranny originate, by and large, from a global élite that is counting on its manipulation of mass psychology - on the trickling-down 'naturally' of its own tyrannny to sociopaths in office on the lower rungs of society.

As should by now be crystal clear to all whose eyes are opened or are opening, the real battle-ground is the war for family autonomy. The state is not our parent - it can never fulfil that rôle without destroying our humanity - for the very simple reason that it is faceless, distant and loveless, and can never meet the needs of our children. Only the family can do that. Therefore this is a fight first and foremost about the independence and sanctity of families in all the world.

What we are facing today is pure evil and it has to be named as such. However, fearing it is not the solution - fear just makes it stronger. As Mel Brooks once said:

    "The only thing you can do while standing face-to-face with such evil is to laugh: laugh at his ridiculousness; laugh at his moustache; laugh until you cannot see him anymore through the tears; laugh until he loses his meaning; laugh until you can turn around and walk away from him and his nonsense".

Will Swedish parents wait until they have nothing more to lose? Will they wait until their last child has been kidnapped and placed in foster homes to be abused and unloved, or until they have been fined to financial oblivion? Will they try to negociate with the tyrant and his insane, wicked anti-human political and philosophical notions that were discredited in the past century? Don't we already know how vile communism is?

Unfortunately, no, and that's the problem. The fascist beast has been stripped naked and exposed for all its ghastliness but the same has not yet been done to the Marxist one, and certainly not here in Sweden. That is what is lacking. There is no use cutting off the right hand of the tyrant when his left one is still carrying a knife aimed at your throat. And what does the left one do? It tells the world that the lovers of liberty are fascists! We've all heard his lies, we all know his tactics, and now we're telling him loudly that we are not fooled. It is time to LAUGH MARXISM TO SCORN and to stop taking it so seriously. Yes, it is deadly, but it is also absurd. Marxism as a social system is an abysmal failure, just like its fascist twin. Neither work, because they are blood relatives.

I know that some of you reading this have had your hearts cut out by wicked government systems and that you are crying our from the depths of your being, or are so worn out that you are numb. You have lost children. They have been kidnapped by the state and been made wards of people who are well paid by the state who don't know and love them as you do. I know your pain - I know your children want to go home - it has happened to me three times. The first time the system protected my liberties (in England, before the EU crushed our democracy) but the second and third times (in Scandinavia) it did not. So I do not see your agony as a mere, distant observer but as one who has been there - and is still there. And I know, when you are emotionally exhausted and all your energy has been drained, and you have spent your savings fighting biased courts, how you feel when you just want to curl up into a ball and hide. Unfortunately, we cannot do that. We have to stand and fight, no matter the pain. We have to fight because once one liberty is taken away, others will follow. It's not just our own families and children at issue here but everyone's family and children. If you have a family, this is your problem as well. And even if you are single, and have a heart, it's still your issue.

We must not wait until the point where we have lost everything and have nothing left to lose before we will stand up and fight and not care what happens to us. The more the government robs such people, the more opposition they will get. To quote the words of a cowboy in an old Western movie:

    "When you need to shoot, shoot, don't talk!"

There's a time to talk and there's a time to shoot - don't confuse the two. In our situation in Sweden, the time for talking is over, because the government adamantly refuses to talk with us. It is time to shoot - not with six-shooters but with our mouths and with our pens and with our feet and with our passion. And we have to keep on shooting until they are willing to negociate. When negociations get you nowhere, it is because the state intends to give you nothing. Swedes are good at talking but the only talking that interests me is that which yields results. I will negociate until that avenue has been exhausted but after that what is left? To roll over and submit or stay human and wage political war? I'll happily talk but I will keep my metaphorical 'gun' close at hand.

It can be done. We can, must and shall win. And we can even find a way to cooperate with the authorities if they will let us. We are not anti-government. We recognise the need for law and order, for system and structure, but there are limits. Those limits are our fundamental freedoms.

I have to say that I have a very good working relationship with our kommun (municipality) now, and have done for some years now. We have a fantastic School Head, we regularly communicate and consult, showing mutual respect, and we have a Social Democrat-controlled kommun that has so far not allowed itself to be contaminated by the corruption in Stockholm. They have my respect, praise and cooperation until the law can be changed for the emancipation of homeschoolers and I don't have to be on my guard any more.

My strength comes from an Authority greater than the Swedish Government, I am happy to say, ensuring that I have been seen right through every difficulty and challenge. Conditions are far from ideal, but do-able. Though I am one of the few parents left legally homeschooling in Sweden, and grateful for what I have, my conscience cannot rest so long as others in the homeschooling community are still being persecuted with crippling fines, by being forced to flee the country for their own safety, or are still going through the agony of having their children violently taken away from them. That is why I am still here and why I am still vocal. I know this isn't the 'Swedish Way', so called, but then I am an Anglo-Saxon - we're a people who have had to fight to survive. We remember all too well how close we came to fascist and communist rule from 1939 onwards. The right hand of the beast was crushed but the left one has survived and mutated to appear to be something else. But we know a beast when we see one, however clever his camoflage.

There can be no rest for those who love justice until justice is done, and homeschoolers and families have been emancipated from the Marxist terror machine.

Domenic and your fellow sufferers, and your suffering parents, you have not been forgotten!

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