Swedish Government

and Taliban United!

by C.C.M.Warren M.A.(Oxon), Retired Professional Educator

Sahar Adish is from Afghanistan. Today she is a refugee, forced to flee her homeland in the late 1990's because her parents defied the extremist Islamic fundamentalist régime and secretly homeschooled their daughter along with several other neighbourhood children, which was against Taliban Law.

Now it is true that in Afghanistan school itself was banned but in Sweden, since the Reinfeldt régime forced through a new Education Act in 2010, schooling of practically any kind is banned outside state-control.

Now you might think that there is a world of difference between Reinfeldt Sweden and Taliban Afghanistan but really there isn't much when it comes to freedom of education. Why? Because the Taliban, when it was in power, wanted to control what people do and do not learn totally (i.e. only learn the Koran) and that's exactly what Reinfeldt, Björklund et al want to do too: they want us here in Sweden to only learn what the state says our children should learn, and nothing else.

Both states, like Germany's 1938 Hitlerite anti-homeschooling law, which Sweden has decided it wants to imitate, use vicious punitive measures such as child-abduction (see Domenic Johansson), imprisonment and crippling fines to oppress anyone who will not conform to their Marxist utopian vision of education.

The Swedish régime may not be beheading or shooting homeschoolers but I promise you that families like the Johanssons, whose lives have been gutted by this callous government in Stockholm, must sometimes wish they had been in order to be put out of their daily agony.

Sweden and Taliban strange bedfellows? Not really, for they are in bed together as oppressive and brutal oppressors of homeschoolers, their UN- and EU-guaranteed human rights and, ultimately, democracy.

Who will protest and ensure that liberty is restored to homeschoolers in Sweden?

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Last updated on 12 June 2011 2011